Friday, October 01, 2010

First and Last, Will They Come Back?

first and last images from motion pictures (excluding opening/closing credits)

First and last lines of dialogue if you need another clue
first ~ "What the hell is that all about?"
last ~ "Oh, they won't be back. I don't think they like me."
Can you guess the movie?

Highlight for the answer to check your work -- It's FIRE IN THE SKY (1993). God, that abduction scene is SO scary.



Sawyer said...

Fire in the Sky.

Pat Mullen said...

I was gonna guess "Mean Creek"?

Bailey said...

Pet Cemetery? lol

Anonymous said...

No Mad Men @ the Movies this week?

bbats said...

why do I want to say the new friday the 13th? I know thats wrong.

Derreck said...

I kind of laughed at the first shot because it reminded me of a similar shot on True Blood.

It's in the first seconds of the season 3 trailer!

this one looks like a horror/thriller, but i have no idea.

Bailey said...

Pet Cemetery 2? Haha, just covering my bases

cal roth said...

Scream 3?


It's actually FIRE IN THE SKY as Sawyer predicted. I believe this was a cable mainstay for awhile. I barely remember it other than that its centerpiece alien abduction scene scared the shit out of me it was so intense.