Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Part 1: Jake Gyllenhaal at "The New Yorker Festival"

I'll share a few more interesting movie-specific quotes I couldn't find room for in this article tomorrow here at the blog. But for now a piece I wrote for Tribeca Film.

He’d be unrecognizable but for those enormous blue eyes. In fact, when Jake Gyllenhaal walked out on stage at the SVA Theater in Chelsea on Saturday night, a full bushy beard covering what seemed like all of his face, film critic David Denby didn’t even introduce him by name. “I don’t know who this guy is,” Denby joked. “He looked a little lost, so we invited him in.”

But who needs a big introduction when they’ve been headlining movies big and small for a full decade? 

Read the rest @ Tribeca Film

...for thoughts on Jake's acting process, his relationship with Maggie Gyllenhaal and a famous actor he would love to emulate.


Volvagia said...

Slightly off topic but: Oscar updates today, right? I'm guessing The Way Back is moving up in some categories because of the qualifying run. Other than that, I don't know how you're going to change things. 1 Question: Could Rooney Mara be getting in if the reaction to The Social Network is really bleeping huge among the actors? In spite of it seeming like it's not their kind of movie.

sp said...

Ted Casablanca from E! online yesterday gave Love And Other Drugs a great review.

Valencia said...

It's too bad his new movie Love & Other Drugs sucks. It's a good thing I saw it for free or I would have probably walked out or asked for my money back.

Penelope said...

@Sp no he didn't, he said he hasn't even seen it yet.

Dear Ted:
What is your scoop on the film Love and Other Drugs (November 2010) starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal? After seeing the rough cut of this film, industry insiders on some of the movie blogs are already predicting another Oscar nomination for Ms. Hathaway. The reports say it is unbelievably sexy (much nudity between Jake and Anne), very romantic, extremely funny and little bit of a tearjerker. They say the chemistry between this duo is incredibly hot. Please, give me some info!

Dear Movie Buff:
Wow, you must be quite the film aficionado, darling! You're right, the movie has been building a lot of buzz for both Jake and Anne, who are apparently amazing according to those who have prescreened the movie. We love Anne and can't wait to see the movie either!
Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b172891_bitch-back_will_justin_cameron_reunite.html#ixzz11W903Aai


well David Denby had seen it before this event and LOVED it. And he isn't really a blurb whore critic. He's one of the smart ones.

he said it's going to be a sensation.

Nate said...

I wonder if they have changed some of the film because it started out with a lot of buzz, but I've been keeping up with it on IMDB, and the user reviews have gotten pretty bad recently from screenings of the movie (if you read the message board). I'm starting to think the people who initially saw it and buzzed about it were plants or that they changed this film significantly from what it was at the beginning of the year when this movie was first screened.


Nate -- well, do you trust IMDb reviews? i certainly don't. There are WAY too many agendas on those boards and in that very particular audience. and those agendas are often anti-female skewing movies.
they are brutal over there.

I'll wait for general critics to weigh in before i worry. From people I KNOW who have seen it (a grand total of 1 - ha ha) and a critic I respect (a grand total of 1) both loved it.

Jason Adams said...

You were there too, Nat? I was there! If only I'd known - I could've used you to distract Denby while I rushed the stage and carried Jake away. Dang it!

Great write-up though. You really captured it.

Lara said...

I googled the e online review and here it is:

The guy loved it.

Sunny D said...

Lara, that link doesn't work.

Lara said...

There seems to be something missing. I'll try it again:

Sunny D said...

Thanks. Interesting, they don't mention Anne at all really. This doesn't seem to have Oscar potential, I wonder if it will do well at the box office - with all the nudity it means an R rating and those haven't done well at all this entire year (Going the Distance for example).

sp said...

Penelope , did you see the review :


I'm just checking.

chia said...

to sunny D
If you wany to hear about Anne, you can check THR.They "only" talk about Anne in LAOD and keep thinking she will win the oscar and don't mention a word about jake.....

aclp said...

I read on Awards Daily and other sites (dont have an IMDB account)diferent people that have seen LAOD claiming the movie is nothing at all special-they said it's all over the place, doesn't know whether it wants to be a comedy or a drama, it tries to be everything all at once, that there's so much unnecessary nudity its embarassing and out of context, that the writing is very bad and I remember one particular woman saying it was insulting to mix lame dick and viagra jokes with parkinson disease.

I've read both leads are ok but not award worthy, and the movie itself- and the poorly resolved script- doesnt help them.

I've read that it could have gone a very interesting way if it had decided to explore the dificulties of dating someone with such a disease or the struggles of facing such a disease at a young age; if it had gone deeper in exploring the pharmaceutical industry or if the movie had decided whether it wanted to be a serious drama or a "laugh out loud" comedy instead of trying to be both.

Get Real said...

Amanda and those that keep harping on the bad "reviews" I agree with Nathaniel, I will see it for myself because I love Jake and Anne and from what I have seen LAOD looks fantastic.

aclp said...

I'm just reporting what I have read. I dont expect much because of Zwick. I have very bad expectations from the guy who made the very very racist, ethnocentric and patronizing "Blood Diamond".

sandra ramsey said...

Everyone believes what they want to believe...{MOI} included ...Believe David Denby...I was at the New Yorker Festival....and David said this movie is going to make Jake Gyllenhaal more famous than he already is...I believe his words were...{YOU ARE FAMOUS , AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO BECOME EVEN MORE FAMOUS} And I believe that !!!

sandra ramsey said...

Everyone believes what they want to believe...{MOI} included ...Believe David Denby...I was at the New Yorker Festival....and David said this movie is going to make Jake Gyllenhaal more famous than he already is...I believe his words were...{YOU ARE FAMOUS , AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO BECOME EVEN MORE FAMOUS} And I believe that !!!