Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"Bridget Jones already a legend."

Jose here.

Bridget Jones was born on a day like today. She's the chubby, British spinster we all love to watch but fear to become: neurotic, obsessive, insecure and very, very unlucky.
Do you remember how she spent her birthday in 2001?

Oh joy! I am broadcasting genius, celebrating by cooking birthday feast for close friends. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm also something of genius in the kitchen as well!

Coming from a great day at work she decided to cook for her friends. Is it normal for the birthday girl to cook her own party food?

String soup?

Bridget was obviously not as genius as she thought...

But ah, she has the perfect savior in the shape of good ole booze.

That is until the perfect savior comes along in the shape of Mr. Darcy (Gotta love how Colin Firth pulls off those white shirts...)

Judging by the guests' faces the dinner was far from scrumptious.

But still she deserves a toast!

To Bridget who can not cook but who we love just as she is...

And boy how we do!

Ah, can you believe it's been almost ten years since this movie was released? Has Renée Zellweger ever been as lovable again? What would you give Bridget for her birthday?


Andrew R. said...

This movie isn't very good. Zellweger makes it somewhat better, but she didn't deserve an Oscar nod.

Uh...a cup of Ramen? How can you screw that up?


I've definitely screwed up Ramen Noodles. just saying!

happy birthday. where's your 3rd movie to complete the trilogy?!? (just kidding)

Bridget Jones would be 48 today so you know she'd have even more neuroses.

cal roth said...

Oh, Zee, I love you.

Billy said...

There is something about Zellweger's current work that strikes me as very stiff and overly mannered. Bridget was the last time she appeared to be uninhibited within a character.

I remember Oscar night the year she was nom'd for Bridget. There is a great shot of her on the red carpet - she has this huge smile on her face as she is being rushed into the theatre. Haven't seen that smile in nearly 10 yrs. I guess serious Oscar-winning actresses don't smile.

Snapdragon said...

Love this film, love her in it. To think of the uproar when casting was announced... and Helen Fielding rallied, apparently, for Helena Bonham Carter! Not that that would have been the end of the world... but I can't picture anyone else now, particularly not a brunette as she was initially in the columns.

The birthday scene is my favourite, second only to the end scene. ;)

Eva Moos said...

Nothing to say against this fabulous film! Makes me still laugh even after the like 10th time I saw it!

Agree with Sandra with the best scenes^^