Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Curio: Bridget Buys

Alexa here. Jose's post on birthday girl Bridget Jones brought back some memories for me. True story: as a 28-year-old singleton I went to see Bridget Jones's Diary, on opening night, all by myself no less. (Insert soundtrack here.) Upon seeing Renée, who had seemingly acquired my identical limp hair and puffiness for the role, I proceeded to sob through the opening credits. Although I'm a smug married now, that didn't stop me from creating this shopping list for the girl I was, inspired by the girl Renée became, way back in 2001.

Step one: the diary. This one seems perfect.

And I'll need some penguin pajamas, of course.

That is, when I'm not wearing my bunny costume...

...which will require a pair of serious knickers.

But no matter what the ensemble, I'll top it off with this necklace.


Alex said...

I love this!

Angel said...

I wanna have Bridget's diary! So cute and her pajamas, too. They're quite fun to wear. :D

filmgeek said...

Wow! I want all of these. Perfect Bridget package