Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sex & The City: The Indie Version

SAMANTHA (Morton) and her cosmos.
.... I couldn't help but wonder: Who ever would play Carrie Bradshaw? Let your mind wander. Cast this imaginary indie version if you dare.


Anonymous said...

I would say Reese Witherspoon.


ryansumera said...

zooey deschanel.

vinci said...

Um . . .

Parker Posey (Carrie)
Lily Taylor (Carlotte)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (Miranda)
Virgina Madsen (Samantha)


vinci -- i love how uber indie that is. and you even kept samantha older. rock on.

Cristhian said...

Melissa Leo (Samantha)
Jane Adams (Charlotte)
Catherine Keener (Miranda)
Emily Watson (Carrie)

The Know Nothing Know It All said...
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The Know Nothing Know It All said...

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Carrie
Melanie Lynskey as Charlotte
Hope Davis as Miranda
and Charlotte Rampling as Samantha

Anonymous said...

zooey deschanel (charlotte)
laura linney(samantha)
parker posey (miranda)
j j leigh (carrie)

eric arvin said...

Joan Allen (Carrie), Stockard Channing (Samantha), Catherine O'Hara (Charlotte), Alfre Woodard (Miranda, just because I loved her as Penelope Miller's lawyer in THE GUN IN BETTY LOU'S HANDBAG).


eric u so crazy!

and that's not just because you mentioned the gun in betty lou's handbag which I have actually seen more than once. heaven help me.

eric arvin said...

What can I say? I'm a fan of the older actresses. Though, now that I think on it, Christine Baranski would make a great Samantha.

Re: BETTY LOU'S HANDBAG. I still go around shouting "Ann Orkin! Attorney at law!"...well, not willy-nilly, but if the situation calls for it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Joan Allen is a registered Republican, ugh!


what? say it ain't so!!!!

vinci said...

it ain't so. Just because she played one doesn't mean she is one in real life. (now what context have we heard THAT before?)

vinci said...

Okay, now, I'm going to let my imagination wander ...

Carrie (Nancy Pelosi)
Charlotte (Sarah Palin)
Miranda (Hillary Clinton)
Samantha (Barbara Bush)

CNO said...

Zooey Deschanel(Carrie)
Samantha Morton (Samantha)
Gretchen Mol (Charlotte)
Cloe Sevigny (Miranda)

John Cameron Mitchel as Carrie
Michael Urie as Charlotte
Jake Gyllenhaal as Miranda
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Samantha!


i want to see ALL of these. Can we just have like an avant garde 7th season where the cast changes every single episode?

N!CK said...

Vicious lies, IT AINT SO!

She's a card-carrying Dem fosho