Monday, January 15, 2007

Award Updates

Two quick notes for Globe revellers: ModFab is hosting a live chat starting at 7:45 PM tonight so join in. And for those who've been missing the comic stylings of Joe Reid, he and I will be doing a post-show discussion for your reading pleasure Tuesday. Check out his hilarious Globe predix. Me pal Nick also has his funny Globe thoughts up and he reminds me that Warren Beatty will be onscreen tonight which had somehow totally slipped my mind.

Woo-hoo ~You know what that means!
lots of camera time for The Bening. Wheeeeee. (I love u 2, Warren!)

Meanwhile, the 7th FiLM BiTCH Awards are finally and truly underway. Ten categories announced thus far: Picture, Director, Screenplay, Ensemble, Poster, Sexpot and four new entries just announced: Makeup and Visual Effects and Best Tagline and Adapted/Song Score. At this point Volver leads with five nominations. I'll wrap up the traditional categories before the Oscar nominations. The extras might take a smidgeon longer. Tomorrow the acting categories begin...


adam k. said...

What!? I KNOW you did not just snub Devil Wears Prada in song/combination score.

U2's "City of Blinding Lights"?
Tres Tres Chic?
The run-up-to-Miranda score?


Anonymous said...

With awards season in full swing, this is my first stop for news. You've made it interesting and exciting again.
J- Artifacts

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, as I draw up my own awards lists, how much of Marie Antoinette is actually shot in Versailles... if a lot of it was shot on location, I'd like to free up a spot in my Best Art Direction category for a film that depended more on the individual efforts of a production design.

adam k. said...

Be it shameful or shameless, I am still shocked.

Not even an honorable mention...

Anonymous said...

Has GG started yet?

douglas said...

oh my blunt is stunning!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

See, here's where the FB awards are cool. You can award movies you don't even particularly like!

It makes me physically ill though knowing that Inland Empire will probably never be released here before the end of the decade, unless Lynch decides to distribute outside of North America.

Alongside The Devil Wears Prada, I was surprised to see no mention of Children of Men in Adapted/Song Score. And I wasn't surprised per se, but I would've loved to see Miami Vice in there. Some of those song choices were ace. It had one of the best opening scenes of the year, too.

Anonymous said...

Freaking Babel?!?!

I noticed the spread the wealth among director, picture, and screenplay. It's still anybody's game I would say.

Anonymous said...


Casino Royale
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Superman Returns

The Descent
Marie Antoinette