Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Future Blog-a-Thons

Here are three upcoming blog-a-thons you should watch for if you like the group action. I do so I'll be there for each.

Feb 14th "Lovesick" hosted by 100 Films. A great wide topic --imagine the tonal variety of the posts

Mar 23rd-25th
1927 hosted by Goatdog. I highly recommend you read this one: it's a fascinating year that changed Hollywood forever

Apr 23rd
William Shakespeare hosted by Peter Nellhaus. No restrictions as long as its Shakespeare related and, since there are well over 500 films of all variety (in both genre and quality) related to his work and thousands of actors who've been connected to them, this should be fascinating

Those three I'll be writing pieces for -- but there's more. It's impossible to participate in all but I'll definitely be reading. I'd also like to host another since I had such fun with Vampires and La Pfeiffer and the crowds for both were enthusiastic and diverse. But I haven't settled on a topic yet. More later...

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andyhorbal said...

Ahoy! Will you e-mail me ( with the details if you do decide to go ahead with a Star Wars 'thon of some sort? Thanks!