Monday, January 22, 2007

Siskel & Ebert Nick & Nathaniel

As many of you know, Nick Davis (of Nicks Flick Picks) and I are friends in real life. Here's a weird thing you might not have noticed if you don't read us both regularly: we don't agree all that often. We both go nutso for 70s Altman, yes. We're both shameless actressexuals, it's true. We have sympatico moviegoing urges (We'll actually walk to movie theaters if we have to. Even if it's miles away. Even if it's uphill in both directions. During a blizzard). But beyond that: not so much in the way of total agreement.

So, if we had our own show we'd be arguing all the time, like Roger Ebert did back when he had a formidable co-chair. For instance, our top ten lists will be diverging considerably this year --his is due within the next week. But he went and gave almost all of my favorites B or B minuses this year which means he's treating my babies like I treated Oscar's favored pups this year (i.e. 'yeah, they're OK -- what else ya got beeyotch?') So when we do agree I feel even more prone to linking. Check out this happy "Block Party 2006" --it's the titles that made moviegoing fun last year. I second all of the recommendations I've seen and I'm adding the ones I haven't to my Netflix queue. Nick's also got his Oscar predictions posted -- can't say I agree there but it's a good funny read.

My final Oscar predictions will be up by approximately 2:30 PM EST


Glenn Dunks said...

I can't wait for Block Party to show up in the next couple of days, hopefully. I've wanted to see it for ages for, if nothing else, The Fugees reteaming.

And I too agree with all the ones I've seen.

I really want Shut Up & Sing to be released here. I've wanted to see that for soooo long. :(

Anonymous said...

I love you dude! I checked your awards and the Back Dahlia score is there... it's great... the best this year. thanks

Anonymous said...

I love you dude! You mentioned the Black Dahlia score in your awards.

Jason Adams said...

The Fugees reunion made me cry.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I don't agree with anything you've said here!! I think my feature stinks!

Just kidding. Thanks so much for the write-up. (And I'm sure you think I'm off my rocker with the whole Pan's Labyrinth explosion, but it kept me entertained.)

Hedwig said...

So, why don't you guys make a show together? Or, maybe a more realistic plan, why don't you guys put dialogues on movies you're very divided on your blog(s)? I listen to the (amazing) podcast "Filmspotting", and the best episodes are the ones with the most disagreement. So, a discussion/fight between you and Nick? I'll definitely be reading! :-D

Anonymous said...

are you telling us that Gretchen Mol is better than Kate Winslet and Laura Dern is better than...
no, I can't comment it.
If you just wanted to surprise everyone, I'm sure you did.


trashbag kid --Nick and Gabriel of ModFab like Pan's Labyrinth even less than I do. so you're not alone.

for the record: I think it's good and i've seen it twice. But the "best movie ever" raves are pure gobsmacking insanity.

Gabriel and Nick are in the thumbsdown range so you're not alone