Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let There Be Oscar Nominations

I've been grumpy this awards season, I'm the first to admit. So now I will attempt to only say nice things about the Oscar nominations --there'll be plenty of time for bitching later on... wish me luck

Best Picture
The Departed
Letters From Iwo Jima
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen

  • Think, happy thoughts. think happy thoughts... Given that all of these movies opened by October -- except Letters From Iwo Jima which you can count as opening before that (if you get flexible with your thinking) considering it's part one, Flags of Our Fathers, provided a lead-in. Maybe we'll all get to see the prestige pics opening during the fall next year instead of the last week of December *cough --distributors of Children of Men & Pan's Labyrinth --what on earth were you thinking when you had such major films?

Best Actress
Pénelope Cruz, Volver
Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal
Helen Mirren, The Queen
Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada
Kate Winslet, Little Children
  • Think, happy thoughts. think happy thoughts... A very classy line-up. It's so nice to see a list that isn't exclusively young hotties and -- this is the best part I'm almost tearing up -- doesn't rely so heavily on that de-glam gimmick. Yay!

Best Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond
Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson
Peter O'Toole, Venus
Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness
Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland
  • Think, happy thoughts. think happy thoughts... I am so relieved that Ryan Gosling was not denied. I was getting worried there with huge pop culture momentum for both Daniel Craig (whom I love and who gives thrice the action performance that DiCaprio gives in Blood Diamond --happy thoughts. Um... ) and Sacha Baron Cohen (who was good but didn't deserve to unseat Gosling's stellar painful work. I cannot fuc DiCaprio is nominated! Yay! I'm just going to pretend it's not for that.

Best Supporting Actress
Adriana Barraza, Babel
Cate Blanchett, Notes on a Scandal
Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine
Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls
Rinko Kikuchi, Babel
  • Think, happy thoughts. think happy thoughts... The best thing I can say here is that I've been predicting this exact lineup for a long while... even before Breslin started getting attention. So I feel smart. Happy Thoughts screw counting sheep... I can just think of this category and my insomnia: CURED! Thanks AMPAS

Best Supporting Actor
Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine
Jackie Earle Haley, Little Children
Djimon Hounsou, Blood Diamond
Eddie Murphy, Dreamgirls
Mark Wahlberg, The Departed
  • Think, happy thoughts. think happy thoughts... It's kinda fun that they went opposite of the Globes "give me only huge stars!" and I'm quite pleased that it's 80% actual supporting performances too! One day if we're lucky we'll see a supporting list that's 100% supporting again. Also: very pleased that they were discerning enough to choose Wahlberg over Nicholson. Smart move.
There'll be expanded thoughts later today and obviously more obsessing later on as the night at the Kodak looms large. But this morning is a time for mourning the snubs, realizing you were way offbase or right on the money in your predictions, and immediate impressions. Leave them in the comments. For the full nomination list and links to more information click here --you know you want to.


Paxton Hernandez said...

Salma Hayek needed to pull herself together! Woman, control yourself!

That scream was inappropiate when Penelope nom was announced.

Anonymous said...

Um, hooray for Greengrass, I guess. What a snoozer of a lineup. No surprises.

Paxton Hernandez said...

Cannot believe they nominates Santaolalla for the Babel recycled score! Are they fucking kidding me?!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Dreamgirls was snubbed. An overhyped mediocre movie with good performances by Murphy and Hudson. The Academy was wise to their game...

Anonymous said...

Umm...Dreamgirls with 3 nominated song...the whole cast is gonna have to perform without any BP nomination...

Yaseen Ali said...

Even more disappointing re: score is Desplat getting in for The Queen instead of The Painted Veil.

Paxton Hernandez said...

Yeah, they're gonna be happy at all during those perfomances. 3 noms it's too much.

Paxton Hernandez said...

Babel robbed the Alexander Desplat nod for Original Score.

Craig Hickman said...

Oh well. I still love Dreamgirls.

I guess this means Jennifer Hudson won't win either.


Paxton Hernandez said...

She'll win. Unless the Academy decides to get on the Babel bandwagon.

douglas said...

Babel, best picture?!!!!

John T said...

I don't think this costs Jennifer Hudson (who takes it? Blanchett just won, the Babel ladies split it, and Breslin's too young). However, this may be the angle that would take Arkin to the victory-he's the only aging actor in the category (with Jack out).

Did anyone else notice that, despite being nominated for Best Picture and Director, Letters From Iwa Jima wasn't the most nominated Foreign Film? Pan's got six, Letters got four.

Ooh, and ten first-time nominees! The Academy sure has been welcoming in the last two years!

Beau said...
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Beau said...

YAY for:
-Mark Wahlberg, for the Best Supporting Actor performance of the year. BRAVO!!!
-Paul Greengrass, for his meticulous attention to detail and bravura filmmaking in "United 93". (Him, Cuaron or Del Toro I would've been incredibly happy with...)

BOO for:
-No Clint Mansell for 'The Fountain' score
-No 'Children of Men' for Art Direction?? Are you f***ing kidding me??!??! THE PRESTIGE for that?!? Ugh.

"Dreamgirls"s snub was shocking to me, I felt it had a better chance of retaining that BP nom above Babel and Little Miss Sunshine. I was wrong, apparently.
So now I have to see "Letters From Iwo Jima".
And pray to God it's not mediocrity mislabeled masterpiece like that first bimbo-fest, 'Flags".

I just wish there would have been more love for "Children of Men" or "Pan's Labyrinth", quite honestly. Inarritu did well with 'Babel', but in my mind the film was the weak link out of those three amigos. The other two wowed me and shocked me. Babel didn't do as much, but is still more worthy of that nom than some other things that were released this year.

And no Blunt???
Girlfriend can shove her Prada boots straight up your ass and then go buy herself some new ones because

...that's all.

Anonymous said...

What was with the Volver snub??

Is that why Salma looked like she was about to cry?

Anonymous said...

Where the f... is volver??? Why everybody seems so enthusiastic about (the simple) Pan´s laberynth?? Spain gets 1actress nomination, 2 short films + the 6 of Pan (shared with Mexico)!!!

Anonymous said...

How fucking great is that Letters counter-attack?




- cal roth

Paxton Hernandez said...

No, she look liked that because her all time girl friend, Penelope, was in.

Paxton Hernandez said...

The Spanish Academy should be f'cking pissed as hell.

Anonymous said...

What a weird mix of surprises and the same old thing.

Weird that Dreamgirls in the nominations leader, without Pic/Director/Screenplay noms - seems unfair somehow, even though I only mildly enjoyed the movie.

Disappointing that The Departed seemed to get shafted. Marty better win that damn Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson will win Supporting Actres...but Eddie Murphy is now vulnerable...I think the reason for the Dreamgirls snub was that it didn't have enough #1's or everyone just placed it in their 2nd and 3rd picks....

Paxton Hernandez said...

And Where all this love for mediocre Blood Diamond is coming from? 4 noms for that crapfest!

Yaseen Ali said...

Blood Diamond actually has five.

Supporting Actor
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing

Paxton Hernandez said...



Anonymous said...

Dreamgirls with no best pic nod. That just made my morning. Seriously. I can't complain about anything else because that just makes me so happy :D

Blood diamond noms are confusing me however.....

Beau said...

WAYYY too many for Blood Diamond.

I have to give a shout-out to Vilmos Zsigmond though for his wonderful work on 'The Black Dahlia', only thing about that film I could truly categorize as being wonderful. (I honestly don't think I got what De Palma was going for...)

I'm still in shock over 'Volver'.

Anonymous said...

So... trivia time. When was the last time the movie with the most nominations didn't get a Best Pic nom?

And, given that the film with the most Oscars almost always takes Best Picture, who does that make the frontrunner? My money is still on the Departed. Suddenly I wonder if the Queen is a threat.

And no, I'm refusing to acknowledge Letters from Iwo Jima as a potential winner.

Craig Hickman said...

Breslin isn't too young. If Tatum and Anna can win...

I have a sneaking suspicion Dreamgirls is going to go home empty-handed now.

If Jennifer doesn't when the SAG, well, then...it's all over.

Paxton Hernandez said...

Actually, the Best Picture race has NOW become interesting. Every nominee has a chance to win? Isn't that exciting?

John T said...

And in the category of, the more things change, the more things stay the same-Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, Milena Canonero, Thelma Schoonmaker, Michael Minkler, and John Frazier all gain another in a long series of nominations.

Oh, and no Prince in Best Song? Plus, anyone think that Dreamgirls will split the category and Melissa Etheridge will win?

And, the weirdest nomination of all-Click for Best Makeup? Seriously? The Adam Sandler movie?

John T said...

Oh God, what if Clint wins again? Not only would he have stolen from Marty, but it'd be the first Foreign Language Film to win Best Picture!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is up with Oscar recognizing ensemble performances? It seems like whenever a movie with a stellar cast performance comes out they can only seem to flesh out a tiny supporting actor/actress nom. Look at Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Departed.

Seriously, Blood Diamond? Can Oscar not nominate characters involved in an ensemble project? Do they always have to honor sub-par films with definite leads and supporting? So frustrating.

Also frustrating are the studios that owned Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men? Are you guys idiots? An earlier release would have most definitely assured nominations in the directorial or picture categories.

Finally, I am so happy to be one of the few back in June who thought Dreamgirls might not hold up. I think Dreamgirls had negative buzz going against it. When a movie is packaged as a forerunner before its released, the hype can backfire enormously. Lesson to Dreamgirls studio: Don't hype mediocre films.

This year really seems to be the case of indecision. I don't think Oscar is being dumb or vengeful here. I really just don't think any one film has enough traction, and as a result votes are being split. That makes the post-nomination interesting, because right now its all speculation.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea why anyone is especially unhappy with this list. I LOVE it. Then again, I’m of the opinion that there weren’t very many “special films” on the margins this year—at least, none that ever had a remotely realistic shot at getting nominated for jack shit. I think most of the year’s best and most interesting mainstream films were in contention.

Nothing and no one who was a likely nominee, but didn’t make the cut, is someone I’m losing sleep over. I adore Half Nelson, so I’m thrilled for Gosling. I am absolutely jumping for joy that they passed over Jack Nicholson’s lousy coasting in order to recognize Mark Wahlberrg, who delivers my favourite nominated performance (and has been so fucking good recently in other stuff that I’m convinced he’s a hell of an actor in general.) DiCaprio for BD is better than no DiCaprio at all. Emily Blunt’s a fantastic actress, but she’ll have her moment in the sun later, once she’s turned into Helen Mirren or Glenda Jackson. I love Pedro a lot, but Volver itself I was lukewarm on (I know, I know, I wasn’t happy to be), and given that Pedro already has an Oscar (Pedro Almodovar has a screenwriting Oscar… isn’t that beauteous?). I’m also the type of person who goes mad with joy whenever a favourite actor is nominated, even if the performance is kinda wack, so I’m happy Hounsou got a second nom, really I am. I’m also happy for Del Toro and Jackie Earle Haley and Happy Feet and Iraq In Fragments. The only thing I’m at all annoyed over is that Running With Scissors wasn’t a masterpiece, and that Brian Cox wasn’t a lock for an Oscar nomination. He will get one someday. Mark my words. I hope.

I’m not terribly fazed. The Devil Wears Parada’s screenplay was mercifully ignored. (Like Mean Girls a few years ago, I really don’t think I could have taken it if that ended up on the shortlist. I want only the best comedies recognized, dammit! Wack fluff comedies don’t deserve traction!) Borat didn’t beat Gosling for Actor, but didn’t get ignored, Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth, To be real with you, nothing here vexes me as much as the exclusion of I Heart Huckabees in 2004. Or of The Station Agent in 2003, which was otherwise the best nomination list in recent memory by far. Or of both Tilda Swinton and Steve Buscemi, whose performances were miraculous and wonderful, in 2001. Frankly, the fact that Steve Buscemi does not have a single Oscar nomination riles me way more than any choice here does. There’s nothing that’s an oversight on that level anywhere here.

I have no idea why everyone picked Letters From Iwo Jima as the one likely to miss the Best Picture lineup. I reckon the likelihood is it’ll win. It’s been declared a masterpiece by plenty of folks. I’m not big on the Clint-worship either, man, but I don’t think Clint-worship even comes into it on this one—it’s a fly film, complex and compelling, and I’m glad it’s done well for itself. My only complaint is that Koji Yakusho, who’s in Babel, and the pimp Issey Ogata, who’s in Yi Yi, did not feature in it in roles large enough to get Oscar nominations. I love them both.

Anonymous said...

All I could think was... "waddaya MEAN, Canada"?! when they were announcing Foreign Lanugage Film. Surely there's a mistake. Surely you meant to say Spain? Surely?

Of course, maybe they're being wise. I haven't seen 4/5 of the Foreign Films they nominated. Perhaps I shouldn't judge.

Still think Volver knocks the bejeezus out of Pan's though...


Anonymous said...

Will Smith gets another nomination for the role he played, not the performance he gave. Two words, people: Fresh Prince. This man cannot act. Weak year for the men.

PS No Espana? Are you effing kidding me?

douglas said...

the departed vs. babel

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rob. I liked Pan's Labyrinth, but it didn't wow me at all. Maribel Verdú was great though. On the other hand, Volver was a wonderful surprise after Talk to Her and Bad Education, two (well-made) films that didn't do much for me.

Anonymous said...

Obvious question, but I don't think it's been addressed now:
Who's the hell is frontrunner?


yeah the foreign films are frustrating. I can't think of one way. Not one. in which Water is superior to Volver. Not a one. not cinematography, not writing, not acting, not directing, not anything.


i'm excited to see After the Wedding though. You got your James Bond villain in the lead. You got an amazing director (Bier) behind the camera. etc...

Anonymous said...


The Best Foreign Film list is the best part of the nominations (well, second, after Wahlberg.) They snubbed France (YES!), ignored wack-looking Dutch and Swiss joints, and passed over Volver (good film, but Pedro already has two Oscars, people! And a directing nod! They love him enough!). They acknowledged Pan's, made room for a darling little film from my hometown heroine Deepa Mehta, nominated Algeria for the first time in ages, and did it up righteous-style for Susanner Bier. AWESOME.

StinkyLulu said...

I actually think the generalized Dreamgirls snub actually fortifies Hudson's (and to a lesser extent Murphy's) likelihood of taking a trophy home... (If Barraza or Breslin wins SAG, it'll be a tighter contest but I still expect it to go to Hudson.)

J.D. said...

I think I snapped.

I got 3 complete categories correct, and they're the ones everyone got right: Actress, S. Actress, and Animated Film!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Blood Diamond, so I can't decide. For me, the most frustrating nomination was that damned screenplay for Little Children. Kate Winselt, fine, Jackie Earl Haley, sure why not? He had a lot of balls to play that character the way he did. but that damn script. It didn't go anywhere. It backed itself into a corner, and then it stayed there until it backed itself into an even more narrow corner.

Paxton Hernandez said...

About the Foreign Film category.

Too bad they snubbed Paul Verhoeven, sniff!

Too good they snubbed France!

And Water is a very good film, but that's about it. Nothing special, nothing great.

Craig Hickman said...

Lulu, I hope you're right, but at this point, I'll believe it when I see it.

Middento said...

I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the foreign film category. With the change this year for the nomination process, it appears that people actually watched the movies this time instead of simply writing down "France" because it's the only thing they know. Despite the general love for Pan's Labyrinth, I actually think either the German or Algerian film now has a chance in that category.

By the way, why hasn't Nathaniel been jumping up and down for the Marie Antoinette nom? Expected, perhaps, but still...

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock that Dreamgirls did not get a Best Picture nomination. It's hard for me to even think straight because that film was amazing. J. Hud and Eddie better win as compensation for this grave misjustice

Beau said...

I don't think it has anything to do with how many Oscars a person has that you can excuse their absence. Because Almodovar keeps doing great work, he should be shunned considering he already has some noms and statues?
'Volver' was, in my mind, one of the best films of the year, and it not getting in was a travesty. But I'll get on those FL films before hating on them... they definetely deserve a chance.

On that note, I'd better keep tight-lipped on 'Letters' until I catch it tomorrow afternoon as well.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Maybe Dreamgirls is this year's Evita? Like Dreamgirls, Evita beat out an eventual Best Picture Oscar nominee in its Comedy/Musical category at the Globes (Fargo). Maybe this just reinforces that the HFPA go nuts over musicals in a way that the Academy doesn't?


douglas said...


par3182 said...

happy thought: academy award nominee melissa etheridge

random thought: i remember another hudson who was a sure thing for best supporting actress...even after her film didn't make the best picture line up

we all know what happened there..

Michael Parsons said...

I likes Salma's scream....they are friends, and she was happy, good for her.
I guess people were confused with Leo. They wanted to nominate him but didn't know for which category for The Departed, so they went with Blood Diamond as that was clear.
I was hoping Toni would pull a surprise. I guess I am the most upset with the Sunshine team and no Volver.

Actually I take that back. I am most upset with the Clint love....but not surprised.

Beau said...

...par, i'm brainfarting right here. (or it could just be that i got a measly 4 hours of sleep and have been up for 2 1/2 hours, mind boggling since the noms.
of whom is this actress that you speak?

douglas said...

happy yet i feel bad for:

- volver?!! missing !?!?!?!!?!?!
- blood diamond love ??!!
- babel love ?!?!
- Litters from Iwo Jima?
- clint Eastwood?!
- no the fountain?!

Michael Parsons said...

Who is the front runner for Best Picture. Babel has the most nods - 7, does that mean it is likely? I actually think it will be either The Departed or Little Miss Sunshine (even without a directors nod)

J.D. said...

Everyone is talking about Clint, but what about the other one?

Clint Mansell. [sighs] I guess the score was too good be be recognized as "good".

Who saw ANY noms for The Prestige?

Or CLICK????????? WTF??????

And Borat, wasn't that more funny [oy] in it's improved moments? And it's adapted because of a character? That's horribly semantical.

Blood Diamond? In more places than one?

Marie Antoinette better win Costumes.

For complete WTF status, go to my blog.



[smiles wide and runs]

Anonymous said...

What's with the Eastwood worship? Christ, that has got to stop! It's beyond ridiculous now. If he wins I swear I'm going to hurl. My greatest hope is that Marty will win and Eastwood will get nothing but will be there just so we can witness him dropping that smug expression on his face... for once!

Anonymous said...

I liked the fact that Dreamgirls was snubbed (although I thought Babel deserved the snub even more). I may be in the minority on this one, but I really am not feeling the Pan's Labyrinth love (it's cool, but I still don't feel that the fantasy and "real" elements of the film connect) so I wasn't too pleased with its Original Screenplay nomination over Volver and Stranger than Fiction (the screenplay is far better than the movie and was more worthy of a nomination than Pan's or Babel).

Foreign Film was a HUGE disappointment. I was too excited about the remote possibility of Paul Verhoeven's second Foreign Film Oscar nomination to even entertain the thought of Volver's snub and then it was like a double blow.

While I think Children of Men deserved more nominations and what chances it had were destroyed by Universal's pisspoor handling of it, I am not sure that it really would have recieved that many more. The only thing I think it really lost out on was Best Director, which with a marginally competent campaign and release strategy it could have had. Though its Art Direction is head and shoulders above anything else, it was probably too subtle (It's value is not readily apparent until you pick up on the brilliant formal strategy of doing most of the exposistion work in the production design. I didn't even realize how great it was until really late in the film) and muted (read gray and bleak instead of bright and opulent) for the Academy's taste. I also don't think it ever stood a chance at Best Picture either. I know there is a first time for everything, but has a bleak dystopian film/a movie who's major selling points are its astonishing formal inventiveness EVER been nominated for Best Picture? I don't think so. Even with the better handling, I don't think Children of Men could have surmounted the middlebrow likes of Babel or the snubbed Dreamgirls or the similar, but less successful form-over-content driven United 93.

Finally, to bring this over-long comment to a close, Original Song once again proves its worthlessness as a category (only a year after showing some signs of life by giving the award to the Three 6 Mafia) by allowing Dreamgirls to proclaim itself as the most-nominated movie of the year with its three nominations. While Listen (despite its relative merits as a song) actually allowed the movie to improve on the original musical's second act IMHO did the movie really need 3 nominations? I hope the cast of Dreamgirls refuses to perform in protest of their Best Pic snub and the Academy is forced to bring back the interpretive dancers or something stupid. That would be hilarious.

par3182 said...

beau - kate hudson in almost famous


j.d. i love that song too but calm down w/ the linking. how many times you gonna promote it ;)

rob the academy has a long history of loving musicals. It isn't a genre they hate (like say, sci-fi or comedy) it was probably a just barelyl miss without enough #1 placements. And MAYBE there was a little backlash given the year long buildup to it "winning" --i think the only reason that Clint escaped that backlash is that a) he's Clint and b) he had two films so it could be a 'comeback' feel good about voting for an always frontrunner. blah

par wouldn't worry about Hudson. The Dreamgirls crowd will vote for it for sure. The other crowds will be split.

middento i'll jump up and down for costumes for Marie when it wins. But i think the mass voting body will give that oscar to dreamgirls since 80% of all peoples seem to hate MA. --- and besides i've just started talking about these noms.

more later obviously

Beau said...

Oh, that Hudson...


my poor, poor free-spirited babe. How I longed to see you get that award.

Anonymous said...

I have a sneaking feeling that Murphy or Hudson is going to lose. I want to say that Murphy is more vulnerable, but I'm having issues seeing any of the other nominees as the winner.

As for Hudson, I think her biggest competition is Abigail Breslin, and I frankly would rather see Little Miss Sunshine herself win over Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Dreamgirls is like the Cold Mountain of this year. A couple acting noms and a lot of techs. Cold Mountain missed Picture and Actress and Dreamgirls missed Picture. But a few people were starting to say "Renee is so going to loose now!" that year but she didn't.

Same thing is going to happen to Hudson. She still has it locked up right now unless she looses the SAG. Murphy on the other hand..... My guess Arkin will take it.

But YAY for Children of Men and Little Children's 3 noms!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best all-round nominating the academy has done in years .. with the exception of Volver not making it in FL nominations, the academy was right on .....

Anonymous said...

The noms are not right on, IMHO. BABEL, this year's CRASH, is further proof that awards voters- and possibly moviegoers in general- have their heads planted firmly up their arses. If I hear one more person say of BABEL "this is the only kind of film that should be made. It's so.... important!" (ARGHHH!!!) I'll seriously consider going postal. And what's with that screenplay nod for BORAT? Much as I liked the movie (far more "important" than BABEL, of course) this must be the first time in the history of awards voting that an outline for an improvised "script" has been nommed for an Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I'm with the consensus on all the pluses and all the bad bad snubs - nothing that hasn't already been said to death ie. Volver etc. etc. So happy DiCaprio made it in that I don't care what he was nominated for.

The only thing is ... Salma was totally entitled to yelp at Penelope's nom! That was human and lovely to see.

And I think she was on the verge of tears because of the sheer amount of Mexican/Latino/a nominees this year. Which is also lovely. Go girl! (Even though I wish I could take back your 2002 Best Actress nomination and give it to Jennifer Aniston.)


yeah i liked that moment. i think thos e moments are fine when announcing nominees.

i don't think they're fine if you're actually naming the winner. because then it kinda shows that you're dissing someone.

lylee said...

Hudson will still win, Murphy may not. As for actor/actress, we may as well crown Mirren and Whitaker now.

I still have *no* desire to see "Babel," but am beginning to feel pummeled into submission to see it. Thankfully, it is not a lock. Nothing is. Should be an interesting race.

I'm tired of the Clint love, too (mind you, I was hugely moved by "Million Dollar Baby," not so much by anything else he's done) - "Letters" was good but not great - the only reason it's in there is because of him. Still a better film than "Dreamgirls," though.

I think Marty may actually have a better shot at Director, though. "Departed" isn't perfect, but it's a far stronger film than any of his recent candidates.

Glenn Dunks said...

It was nice to see Salma choke back tears of joy as she announced Babel as a BP nominee. I think all the love for Penelope, Cuaron, Inarritu and del Toro just got the better of her.

I honestly can't believe how they could snub Volver. I mean... how did that happen? So strange.

But for all the bad stuff:
No Volver
No Dreamgirls
No DiCaprio for Departed
Blood Diamond
Clint Eastwood ascending officially to God

There was GREAT stuff:
Devil Wears Prada for Costume!!!!
United 93 and Greengrass for Director!!!
Children of Men love inc screenplay
Borat in screenplay
Happy Feet
Black Dahlia
The Prestige
Alexandre Desplat getting his first nomination (for the wrong film, but still - it's progress!)
No Nicholson, but Yes Wahlberg
The Cinematography, Costume and Art Director categories!!!!

Kate Hudson didn't win the SAG and her film wasn't loved outside of two categories, and she also had internal competition in Frances McDormand. I still reckon Arkin is taking the Supporting Actor prize though.

Happy that four Aussies got in. Blanchett, George Miller and the two guys behind Live Action Short The Savior.

God, what a surprising morning.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and I'm officially scared for Scorsese. If Eastwood was a lone director nominee then I wouldn't be, but... man.

And Paul Haggis is there again.

Glenn Dunks said...

Also, for the second year in the row the Picture/Editing nominees went 2/5. Way to go editors branch!


i wonder how long it will be until we can have all non-fiction acting winners quarter again --every year the frontrunners seem to be bios.

you guys it's been almost 7 hours and I'm still so freaked out about VOLVER. ugh.

it they're "pedro'd out" why aren't they "haggis'ed out" or "eastwood'd (?) out" or even "scorsese'd out"


anyway. not a great year for my favorite things but i knew that going in i suppose.

Glenn Dunks said...

I am moarning the loss of Volver (at least Penelope survived), but... Patricia Field! Paul Greengrass! Children of Men! Borat!

There's so many other things to get excited about.

Anonymous said...

I think someone should have told Salma that it wasn't about her today...

Anonymous said...

Now that Volver is out of competition for best foreign. can Pan lose it? and be the next amelie?

Anonymous said...

I think the Foreign Film award is likely to go to The Lives of Others.

Cinesnatch said...

Little Miss Sushine winning Best Picture? My only point of reference for that would be Driving Miss Daisy, another feel good film that lacked a Best Director nomination that went on to win Best Picture.

By the way, am I incorrect in thinking that only one of the directing team for LMS could have gotten nominated?


i doubt that Amelie's fate awaits Pan's. For one thing Amelie had many detractors as well as lovers. Pan's labyrinth has only a tiny fraction of people who don't dig it completely (I myself like it but no more --would never hand it the statue unless the rest of the nominees are as lackluster as Water in which case sure...)

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Murphy finally made the short list, thank God (I hope Steve Martin does it soon, as well) and I'm very happy for Arkin, coming 38 years since since his last Oscar nod. I'm wondering what !@#$#!&* clip the Academy could possibly use for Walberg, as I can't recall a moment his character isn't using very colorful language. I know Jack Valenti must be nervous.

I agree Hudson's pretty much locked up SA, and that she's almost as much of a sure thing as Mirren (who I think gives a wonderful, smart, sly performance which deserves to win, so there).

With Dreamgirls out of the (Best) Picture, I'm going with The Departed to win, to nicely match up with the Best Director victor (Marty should finally go home happy).

With all the Global Warming going on right now, it would be very cool if the fantastic Melissa Etheridge, who wrote a pretty fantastic song, could beat those other Dreamgirls.

I'm both joyful and worried for O'Toole, as it's great to see him back in the running, but Whitaker looks too good to beat right now.


L-S if someone tells Salma that today wasn't about her then someone also needs to travel back in time and tell Julia Roberts that almost everything from any Oscar ceremony wherein she did not win is not about her either ;)

remember how it was so about Julia when Denzel won? well at least to Julia it was.

Anonymous said...

The reason that Salma was crying was becuase she was good friends with all the nominees and she started to cry when she read the best picture list for Babel...

And if Hudson wins the BAFTAS and the SAG she's not losing...but Murphy has to win the SAG for him to win the Oscar...and I think that Dreamgirls is gonna lead with the winners and it's gonna win the 2 supporting and song...But for those of you who think it will cancel out...when was the last time that a movie with more then 1 best song nomination lost??? I couldn't find it but it helps Dreamgirl's chances...and I would put Jackie Earle Haley and Alan Arkin tied for second...they might be able to steal it from Murphy, but I hope that they don't take it from Hudson and give it to Breslin whose #2 and has the buzz...guess we're gonna have to see who wins the SAGS..

adam k. said...

Oh god, that was terrible:

"And the oscar goes to... I LOVE MY LIFE. Denzel Washington!"


And is this Salma announcement where she got emotional/cried/got stone-faced on YouTube or something? My TV wasn't working this morning! I need to see it!

Cinesnatch said...

Here you go Adam:


Adriana Barrazo (Salma coos)
Penelope Cruz (yes!)
Children of Men screenplay (bows head)
Pan's Labrynith (Foreign) (giggles)
No mention of Volver in Foreign ... (there was a reaction from the press, but nothing discernable from Salma ... but one could maybe note a notable palor in her demeanor for the rest of the nomination announcement)
Babel (Best Picture) (Salma chokes up)

P.S. LOVE the way Leonardo Dicaprio rolls off her tongue

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, Salma was all "From MEXICO PAN'S LABYRINTHOMGOMGOMOMGOMG!!!!*headexplodes* andfromcanadawaterNEXT"

Well, not really, but it strange. I still thought he was cute she kept getting caught up when announcing people like Inarrity, Cuaron and del Toro.

Nat, let's not get silly and start blaming Water for the Volver loss. It's very well-liked and has been a major contender for months. If we need to look at anyone inparticular it should be Susanne Bier's After the Wedding, which wasn't among the five most likely contenders. Or do you just not wanna point that out cause you like Bier?

(unabashed Water fan here)

Anonymous said...

Mark Walhberg didn't deserve a damn thing for "The Departed." That nomination should have gone to Jack Nicholson for his brilliant work there instead. There was nothing "brilliant" or "smart" about that move. It was crap Academy, just like it was bullshit that "Dreamgirls" was snubbed in best picture and best picture for Clint's snorefest "Letters From Iwo Jima."

Emma said...

I'm telling myself Leo got nominated for another film as well. yes I am.

Anonymous said...


Technically speaking, no; Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins were both nominated in 1961. But they were both male, you recall. Given that Oscar is not exactly big on handing out nominations to women except when it has to, they might have denied Valerie Faris the citation, same as they denied Katia Lund the year City of God got the nom. Bastards.

I'm pretty happy for Sharen Davis, who, it appears, could turn into that rare thing-- a black woman who's a perpetual nominee! And for behind-the-scenes work, to boot!

I hope it's sewn up for Hudson, not because I think she's any better than Barrazza or Kikuchi (although I definitely prefer her performance to Breslin's) but because she'll likely be able to have the most fruitful career afterwards regardless. What the hell is the international community of filmmakers going to possibly do with either of the two Babel girls who give the finest nominated performances? I always feel awkward when someone who wins or gets nominated goes on to do exactly nothing (paging Jaye Davidson! Miyoshi Umeki!) But since those are two fantastic performances, it's hard to be pissed. I'm still sore over the realization that Hollywood is too stupid and blinkered to ever give Shohreh Aghdashloo the raft of amazing roles she uterrly deserves. If there's one international actor who ended up on Oscar's shortlist who I'd like to see in more and higher-profile films, it's her. She could well turn into one of the most magnificent actresses of our generation, if only they see fit to give her the chance.

Santaolalla is too cool for me to be overly frustrated at his inclusion for his now twice-recycled score work.

I agree with the frustration over the absence of Clint Mansell, but he's one of those magnificent composers whose very existence the Academy steadfastly denies (see also Carter Burwell, Angelo Badalamenti, Jo Hisaishi, and on and on and on and on and on.)

Does anyone else wish the Academy would've gotten wise to the hype game just a few years earlierm so that lousy Chicago movie they made a few years ago would've seen the same fate as Dreamgirls? I swear, if it weren't for Queen Latifah that thing would be worthless.


in terms of being wise to the hype game: are they really? i personally don't think so.

just witness the strong showing for lots of subpar work that's very well publicized right around voting time: Blood Diamond f'rinstance

or the year long: Give Clint a third Oscar push from certain factions of the media

i'm assuming Dreamgirls just barely missed and its only competitor in true lengthy hype this year was Clint Eastwood so they obviously just traded one piece of hype for another.

Anonymous said...

I loved Salma's happiness. I also quite liked Julia's reaction to Denzel's win. It makes these kinds of things fun when people react. I remember that uproar of cheering and applause when Beauty and the Beast was nominated in 91. So fun.

Glenn Dunks said...

Julia's excitement over Denzel still annoys me. Salma was expressing delight over Penelope's nomination, but Julia seemed really happy and Denzel beat four other guys for an Oscar.

Anonymous said...

After the Wedding is a fantastic movie....Watch it before crying for Volver