Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pop Quiz

Question: What was the weirdest movie of 2006?

a: the one by Mel Gibson that's about torturing Jesus ancient peoples
b: the one where Björk and her boyfriend wear squids, play with petroleum jelly and saw off each others limbs
c: the one where Gong Li refrains from eating her sherbet flavored castle but still manages to chew scenery whilst encased in gold
d: the one where Ron Howards daughter pretends she's Daryl Hannah in Splash and M Night Shyamalan declares himself genius and savior of the entire world (which totally pisses Mel Gibson off by the way...)
e: the one by David Lynch
f: the CG musical about penguins

Answer: (highlight to read after you guess)
The Answer is F because seriously... Happy What the Fu** is more like it. Busby Berkley dance numbers, hiphop moves, robin williams voice from multiple bodies, malevolent alien humans, heartsongs, wide environmentalist reform, wholesale Moulin Rouge! lifts, Brittany Murphy loving Elijah Wood (!), hispanic penguins, that sudden jump cut zoom out to outer space. That was some freaky freaky shit. I'm late seeing it but why didn't anyone warn me. George Miller is a nut.


J.D. said...


Yeah, "Happy Feet" really does suck. It's slightly adequate, but mostly stupid, confusing, and has too many secret agendas.

Oh, and apparently, Mumble is gay. he has a birth defect, though.

FOX News should not be trusted. They once said that the dems couldn't take congress because San Francisco scares people, and they would make laws against straight people. Seriously.

WTF is with the Bjork choice?

StinkyLulu said...

Ditto, Nat.

Hopefully it's not to too much of an omen that it was the very first movie I saw in 2007.

Paxton Hernandez said...

So glad I avoided that crap like the plague. Never had a good feeling about it!

In the other hand, great quiz! Love the Gibson bashing =-).

Glenn Dunks said...

Considering Nat gave the movie a B/B- grade he hardly hates it.

I, on the other hand, loved it. Stunning animation, fun, great musical sequences, and I even liked Robin Williams. I agree that the movie is fucked up, but it's good fucked up. We've always known George Miller is a bit off in the head.

And the critical concensus is that it's actually good, so I hope people aren't confusing themselves.

But by pure virtue of it's being, it's a very devisive film so it doesn't really matter.

Anonymous said...



Boring at the start, picks up around the 20 minute mark, then clean sailing until the last 15 minutes.

* Robin Williams
* The 'Barry White' character
* George Miller - never content to let a 'kid's film' pass without a few challenging images, even for adults.
* Some dark material indeed - hardline Presbyterian church stuff from Hugo Weaving, crash zooms out from the zoo, horrific images indeed. This stuff sets this film apart from most of its ilk.
* The subtle irony of the conclusion (before the not-so-subtle irony of the global 'human' montage).
* John Powell mostly on the ball in between the numbers.

* Boring set-up feels like a return to that horrible 'documentary' MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. Neither funny nor moving.
* The ending feels very tacked on. The jump from the zoo to Mumble's return is out-of-keeping with the rest of the storytelling, and even if that had to happen, the story probably should have ended with the performance for the helicopter men before the global montage.
* Not really a musical fan - found it hard to get into the music, especially the first few songs.

5 out of 10 for the first twenty minutes and last ten minutes.
8 out of 10 for the intervening period - ie. most of the film.
7 on balance.
So mixed indeed. As it was for Babe: Pig in the City.

c.p. iñor said...

I agree... IT'S WEIRD... but I kinda like it, I think it should've been 15 minutes shorter but I don't know.... there was something about it...

Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoyed Happy Feet more than Cars and more than any other animated film this year.

I really enjoyed the environmentalism that was kind of "tacked on" at the end, since it is personally very close to my own agenda. It's like a movie made for me!

Musicals and cuddly penguins aren't for everyone, but who doesn't love a gay penguin who can sing showtunes (it's so close to my own life...)?

adam k. said...

Mumble can't sing. And since when is he gay? Like, more than metaphorically?

Also, where does it say in this post that Happy Feet is actually the weirdest? I'm so confused.

I basically liked it, though. I was kinda like "WTF" for most of it, but everyone was having fun, and there were enough inspired touches of lunacy that the less inspired ones were worth sitting through. And it gets kudos for being environmentally relevant, even if it did kinda come outta nowhere. Fun movie.

I've only seen it and Monster House (as animation goes), and I can't decide which I liked better.

Anonymous said...

The movie kept my kids entertained. They had fun and that's all that matters to me. Good for "Happy Feet".

Jason Adams said...

I know there's not gonna be any Babe: Pig in the City bashing going on here! Or I'm gonna have to thrown down.

Glenn Dunks said...

Adam, if you highlight the bottom of the post, it says it there.

And yeah, where the hell is this "Mumbles is gay" stuff coming from? He's trying to win the affections of a female penguin! And he can't sing!

Is tap dancing exclusively a gay form of dance now?

Anonymous said...

You know what I loved it. Saw it with my 3 daughters aged 13, 10 & 8 They loved it too. But right at the begigning with the Marilyn/Nic penguin singing with the Elvis/Hugh penguin spinning around I was so ready to hear "And I, will always love you...How wonderful life is now your in the world" Turned to daughter No 1. Is this Penguin Moulin Rouge or what?!!!

Any way I thought it was a great ride, literally in some places where the penguins were sliding down the ice and diving madly through the water.

Secret agendas. LOL there was no secret about them agendas!!

It was beautiful to watch and as my girls are tap dancers we were all shuffle-hop-tap-stepping out of the theatre!

3 cheers for crazy Aussie directors!!

Glenn Dunks said...

Definitely agreed on the "secret" or "hidden" agendas. They're right out there for everyone to see.

BTW, Happy Feet is on it's way to become the highest grossing Australian film of all time, which is crazy.