Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pfeiffer Watch: It Could Never Be Our Movie

Y'all seriously now. I Could Never Be Your Woman, the long completed romantic comedy that stars Michelle Pfeiffer (absent from the screen for 5 soul-deadening years now after an egregious Oscar snub for one of her best performances ever) is still having release and distribution woes: That's due to lots of business problems for Bauer Martinez and MGM as reported in Variety. It's cursed!

I harbored no hopes that ICNBYW was going to be a blockbuster or an Oscar winner or even a critical triumph but my god: Michelle Pfreaking Pfeiffer. Get on it. Put that damn thing in theaters. I mean, geez louise, She Who Must Not Be Named gets distribution for a twee period flick that hasn't even crossed the million dollar mark after a Golden Globe nod but one of the best female stars of all time can't catch a break for a mainstream romantic comedy? God, I hate Hollywood sometimes.

Just as I was typing this (no, really) news came in that Free Style Releasing is the new distributor. The biggest success they've been involved with to date is The Illusionist which did, by most fields of reasonable measurement, shockingly well. But mostly their films have played for two seconds without much promotion like, say, Green Street Hooligans. They're eyeing, Coming Soon tells us, a February 16th release. That's incredibly soon given that there's been no promotion whatsoever. The other big February female star driven romantic comedies (Diane Keaton's la-dee-da in Because I Said So and cutesy poo Drew Barrymore in Music & Lyrics) are already so familiar with ubiquitous promotion that I feel like we're sharing a cycle. It's like their my new best friends.

Pfeiffer is a ginormous star. But she's also been gone for five years. Seems a shame that her return to theaters is likely to be greeted by a whisper instead of a loud parade.


Cinesnatch said...

Nate ~

I wish I could make it all better. I really do.

Glenn Dunks said...

In times like these you have to laugh.

...okay, I can't.

But I'm seeing The Fountain in a few hours so omgi'm excited.

Cinesnatch said...

I just read the article. There's a weird David E. Kelly connection to the three female stars appearing in those films put out by the producer guy who did jail time in France. ICNBYW, Calista Flockhart and Claire Danes (To Gillian)

Craig Hickman said...


From one Pfeiffer fanatic to another, did you like her performance in White Oleander better than Fabulous Baker Boys?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Her performance in "I am Sam," is easily one of the best supporting turns in recent memory. Hudson should have watched that and learned to to act.

Anonymous said...

wow, that comment about I am Sam is ...crazy lol. Michelle was very good in it but,

as for ICNBYW, its a damn shame. I have seen the film and it is VERY good. Bauer Martinez really screwed Pfeiffer and Heckerling. they must be steaming mad.

Anonymous said...

Aww Nat. Remember, you still have Stardust coming out soon! But I agree it's a shame. ICNBYW looks a lot better then Because I Said So.

You always wonder that if she had an oscar if it would make a difference. My guess is sadly, yes.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I don't really see 'White Oleander' as one of Pfeiffer's best. In the eye of the beholder, I suppose. My own ballot from that year would have included:

- Clarkson (Station Agent)
- Moore
- Richardson (I think you had her in '03)
- Streep
- Zeta-Jones

Don't get me wrong-I love her-but that particular role didn't do a whole lot for me beyond, "Wow she's much better than the film surrounding her." So was Zellweger, oddly enough. Anyway, she would've won two Oscars by now if I had my way, so I don't want to seem like I'm dissing her at all.

Glenn Dunks said...

The oddest thing about that I Am Sam comment is the backhand to Jennifer Hudson. Those two roles have nothing in common.

Plus, I am Sam is awful. Like, really awful.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Steve, she was brilliant in Oleander, what a fantastic characterization.

the movie itself was so watered down, the book was much darker, and the film left out so many important parts of the story that would have given you a much deeper, better idea of who Ingrid really was, and it would have also given Pfeiffer some better scenes. why they cut out the scene with her drugged up in jail is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I just realized, with Clarkson, that I confused '02 and '03. Obviously, she's in there for Far From Heaven.

And anon: As I said, "In the eye of the beholder." :)