Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Calling All Streep Fanatics

Apparently the New Jersey Hall of Fame is considering Meryl Streep for honors this year. You can click on this image to go vote for her.

If you're scratching your head wondering why she hasn't been honored already, well, it looks like this is the inaugural year for this Hall of Fame. La Streep is up against Bruce Springsteen. Apples and oranges but vote for Meryl! You know you want to.

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J.D. said...

That's pretty awesome. It really is nice of them to consider her.

But against Bruce? I have doubts of her honours this year. Maybe God liked Sophie's Choice more than Born in the U.S.A.?

That would be great.

SusanP said...

Yeah, Bruce will be tough to beat...honestly, I can't vote for one of them over the other. (Yes, I'm a Jersey Girl.)

Anonymous said...

in other Streep news, Meryl has just signed up for the lead role of Donna in the big screen version of Mamma Mia! she beat out Pfeiffer and a few others.

Glenn Dunks said...

As much as I love Meryl, Bruce is one of my three favourite celebrities EVER so, um, he gets my vote.

Bruce could play music for me all day long.

Middento said...

Wait, does this mean that they'll name a rest stop on the new Jersey Turnpike for her?

"Mooooom, I need to pee!"
"OK, honey, hang on. We're coming up to the Streep."
"All I have to say is that the Streep better be cleaner than Vince Lombardi."

Alanna said...

Hold on a sec... you think Meryl should win over Whitman or Einstein?!?

J.D. said...

Wait, why is Einstein a possibility?


Shouldn't it be lifetime NJers, even most life NJers?

Very odd.

Of people still alive, it's Bruce vs. Meryl. Dead people, I'd be happy with Thomas Edison. Come on, why not? Without him, we can't blog. Or watch TV. Or listen to music or watch movies. Damn. Okay, I vote Edison.