Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm Linking As Fast As I Can

TFE minor oscar prediction update fussing. Plus a new poll
CNN lookie --Baz Luhrmann on Sydney
Oscar Watch my girl Susan P talks to the great Maggie G
Cinemarati's Catherine Cantieri investigates "the musical (acting) dilemma"
Solace in Cinema tells us vikings are hot in tinseltown. Who knew?
Hairspray Michelle go "bang" -a new still
Buffy Season 8 -MNPP has a peak at the comic.
Buffy Season 8. Part 2 and Reel Fanatic has snippets of an interview.
Brevity is Wit investigates the DGA's female nominees over the years on account of that husband and wife Little Miss Sunshine nomination
Jeffrey Wells on the DGA Nom snubs. I kinda wish people would stop blaming screener issues for last minute releases not getting votes. It's clearly the studios fault for withholding both late blooming critical champs (Children of Men & Pan's Labyrinth) until the Oscar field was already set.


Anonymous said...

You must have seen the pics of Michelle in HAIRSPRAY on trent's blog.

Anonymous said...

I want to know Michelle's secrets! lol...she's 48?!?! sweet jesus

Anonymous said...

I know... she must drink the blood of children

Anonymous said...

Do you really think "Little Miss Sunshine", "Babel" and "Dreamgirls" are doing so well?
I still think "United 93" is going to make it to the shortlist. And I'd say "Pan's Labirynth" because if I were a voter, I wouldn't resist to vote for a foreign film that has probably the biggest chances since "Talk to her".

SusanP said...

Woo hoo! I'm Nathaniel's "girl" *does happy dance*

Thanks for the linkage!

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh sweet jesus I wanna jump on Michelle right now. Not to do anything dirty, but she just looks jumpable.


Neel Mehta said...

Echoing thanks for the linkage. The DGA announcement was one small step for woman, one giant leap for ampersands.