Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Vs. Evil: 'White Bread' Teachers

If you're wondering why I haven't yet seen Freedom Writers, you just haven't been paying attention, have you? A: Hilary Swank and B: Hilary Swank. And, truth be told, I didn't even like this movie 12 years ago when it was called Dangerous Minds even though it starred my living goddess. Plus I don't ever want to go back to high school again. The only way I'm going is if Michelle Pfeiffer comes with and throws candy bars my way every time I get the answer right.

Anyway I already know that Michelle Pfeiffer was greater in the role of "Ms. Erin LouAnne Gruwell Johnson" than Beelzebub Hilary Swank could ever hope to be even without seeing the remake. For one, she's La Pfeiffer and if you're going to play a saint it's easier to pull that kind of role off if you're already godlike. And for two, Pfeiffer is sooooo much cooler than Swank. Swank may boogie down with her students in Freedom Writers but Pfeiffer shook her stuff with both her students and Coolio in Dangerous Minds. I rest my case.

Good wins this round. But the eternal battle rages on...

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Anonymous said...

You are the greatest man that ever lived. We hate all the same people (Was it just me, or did Renee insert her crack down the wrong pipes on Globe night?). More on this later.

~James (AwardsGreenhouse guy, who needs to start blogging again)~

OhMyTrill said...

Hilary Swank is just wrong.

Glenn Dunks said...

teehee. This made me laugh. I remember liking Dangerous Minds when I saw it, like, seven years ago. I wonder if I still would.

"Gangsta's Paradise" is still pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Minds is one of my favforites. It's great movie an d I love High School!

Tonio Kruger said...

"Dangerous Minds" wasn't that great. Consider this a minority opinion if you wish, but I could not help but maintain an air of disbelief throughout that whole movie. And I found it ironic that when a black co-worker of mine mentioned seeing it, the only comment she made about it was that it was corny.

But, hey, some people like corn...