Friday, January 19, 2007

Get Me Wardrobe

Some new editions to the FiLM BiTCH Awards in a few technical categories

Best Costume Design
Don't try wearing any of the year's best costumes at home. Unless you're a Chinese empress, a frivolous dauphine of France, a member of a girl group or just a top drawer drag queen, you'll never be able to pull it off. And I'm betting you're not. One of those things I mean. If you are please e-mail me

My nominees are also up for Animated Film (zzz) and less glitzy categories like Original Score, Original Song, Adapted Screenplay, Sound and Sound Effects are on their way as the day progresses (I gotta finish by Monday) so just refresh on occassion if you're desperate to see the kudos.

Return and discuss in the comments and imagine yourself wearing a movie costume while doing so. And please share that mental image. You know, for fun.


Sid said...

Perfect list! Though I'd like to replace one of them with Volver. But dunno which one?

J.D. said...

Very daring nominees.

5 noms for Penelope Cruz? 5 for Steve Carell? 5 for Adriana Barraza?

Very daring and unpredictable, just nomming them.


Sid said...

I would suggest watching A Scanner Darkly asap. It was easily my favorite animated film last year -- I was happy to see it doing well on the indiewire critics poll. Monster House would be my runner-up.

I thought Happy Feet was incredibly overrated. I LOVE Kidman but I thought her voice work was excruciating in the film!


J.D. You funny. obviously i'm not finished yet ;)

Sid said...

Sorry for posting like crazy -- but just saw the acting page! YAY for Steve Carell. He was my favorite in the film and I continue to be surprised by the lack of awards buzz around that particular performance. He nailed it!

Paxton Hernandez said...

So glad the wonderful Over the Hedge made your final cut! Yey! I don't think I had more fun with any other film, animated or live action. I almost pissed my pants! So much fun...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Penelope has five noms :D

Just joking. Is Jennifer Hudson going to be lead or supporting?


i consider her a lead. Her and Beyonce are the leads in my eyes. first act: Jennifer. Second act: Beyonce but it's about them and every character revolves around them or is reacting to one ideal (artistry --the pure voice) or the other (commerce --the "star")

DL said...

Very nice to see Steve Carell in the Supporting Actor line-up instead of Alan Arkin. I still stand by my initial opinion that Carell was best in show in Little Miss Sunshine and I just don't understand why the best part about the movie is the only thing that's not getting any awards traction.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you have an animated category. Years like this one just makes it seems so frivolous.

Adam Luis said...

As much as I am going to love the eventual Oscar nominees for Best Actress, I hope we're going to see a slightly different version of it on this site (but please keep Penelope and Kate). It would be nice to see Kirsten Dunst, as well as Gong Li, who hasn't been this good in a movie for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I like the score list... I might have gone with some mixture of the following brilliant scores...

- The Queen (Desplat)
- United 93 (Powell)
- Black Dahlia (Isham)
- The Painted Veil (Desplat)
- The Good German (Newman)
- The Nativity Story (Danna)
- Volver (Iglesias)

With in reserve:
- Happy Feet (Powell)
- Perfume: Story of a Murderer (Tykwer/Klimek/Heil)
- Fountain (Mansell)
- Pan's Labyrinth (Navarette)
- Firewall (Desplat)

Best use of classical music in a film:
-Plato's Phaedrus - a breathtaking student film based on a movement from a Mozard piano concerto

Anonymous said...

Slightly ammendation to the above...

Can't believe I left James Newton Howard's touching work on LADY IN THE WATER off my score list. I truly wanted to like the film better for the sake of that score.

adam k. said...

Woo! According to the full ranked list, Little Miss Sunshine has been bumped to a B+! I heart you, Nathaniel.

Anonymous said...

Carell (oh, those eyes) & Barraza (oh, that maternal warmth). Fully deserving nominees.

Cruz (her best work to date... thanks to Pedro... um... PLEASE DON'T SNUB KATE)

* PS. I'm anxious to see all your acting nominees but I actually prefer / LOVE how you’re only revealing one at a time per category! It spreads out the excitement... and increases the nail biting!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it: have you nominated Steve Carell because he plays a gay and you just wanted to convince yourself it's great?
That "I-am-acting-so-well-with-my-eyes" thing did nothing for me, I've seen it before. And talking about relationship with Dwayne, I think grandpa-Olive relationship is a lot more interesting.
I like the other choices very much.

Anonymous said...

My nominees for the…

Best Costume Design of 2006:
DREAMGIRLS – Sharen Davis
MARIE ANTOINETTE – Milena Canonero

Best Music (Original Score) of 2006:
BABEL – Gustavo Santaolalla
THE FOUNTAIN – Clint Mansell
THE PAINTED VEIL – Alexandre Desplat

Best Music (Original Song) of 2006:
BORAT- “O Kazakhstan”
CASINO ROYALE- “You Know My Name”
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE- “Till the End of Time”
SHORTBUS- “In the End”

Best Animated Film of 2006:
CARS (Disney/Pixar)
MONSTER HOUSE (Sony Pictures)

Anonymous said...

I knew you wouldn't recognize that not only Scarlett looks greater than ever in The Black Dahlia. Hilary Swank is amazingly beautiful.

- cal roth

Anonymous said...

The Little Children score has not been heard enough or used enough during the movie for people to notice it, but I got a For Your Consideration CD for it when I went to the BAFTA/LA party and it's GREAT!!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

That Costume Design list looks pretty darn snappy. As does the original score list. God, so delicious. Glad you included The Black Dahlia's score.

I love the inclusion of "O Kazahkstan" by the way. But can I ask what the alternate "Soda Shop" is from? It doesn't say.

Yay for Penelope and Steve! Steve was the best in Little Miss Sunshine I thought. The only performance I will unquivically rave about without hesitation.

Anon, jeez. Just because Steve plays someone who's gay doesn't mean he gets an automatic nomination.

J.D. said...


For nomming I NEED TO WAKE UP! I LOVE YOU! Uh, not that way. LOL.

just listened to LOVE YOU I DO, and I have to admit it's good. Certainly more appropriate with the film. Sounds just like it comes from slightly pre-Disco R&B.

Very good.

Upset with Borat. I hate him. Yet I don't with SBC. Suckish character. It looks stupid and unfunny to me. IMO, of course. Song + Me = Estupido.

And I know you didn't see The Da Vinci Code, Nat, but it is very good in my opinion. Audrey Tautou is very good. So is McKellen, obviously. He's Ian McKellen. But the star of the film, since Hanks sucked in it, was Hans Zimmer's score. Loved him since The Lion King, in my mind one of the greatest film scores in history. I hoped he get nommed at the only thing that's important.

Paxton Hernandez said...


Actually you're darn right. The Academy doesn't vote on the technical aspect of the tech categories, they vote on artistic merit as you did.

Yaseen Ali said...

I'm hoping that Winslet, Mol and Watts fill out those last three spots, but I don't think the latter two will place. Helen Mirren will be a finalist, I'm thinking.

Only question is whether Nathaniel decided to move Streep to Supporting or not.

Craig Hickman said...

I'd nominate Dreamgirls for hair and makeup as well. Sure, Eddie's and Jamie's early wigs were a bit much, but they were more than offset by Beyonce's incredible hair and makeup in the photo shoot montage. The image of the bronzed Cleopatra remains quite vivid in my mind's eye.

Glenn Dunks said...

I reckon Streep will be lead for Prada, but he could easily put her in Supporting for that and Prairie and vacate a Best Actress slot to somebody else.

As it stands, I think it's Cruz, Dench, Streep, Winslet, Mol. Although those last two could easily be something else.

Glenn Dunks said...

Channing Tatum? Really? But you haven't seen Saints!

Love the rest, even though I'd considered Blunt and Breslin breakthroughs (for me) in other years. I adored Breslin in Signs and Blunt in My Summer of Love.

It's weird though how things work. I could've sworn Maggie Gyllenhaal would have more attention this year. But, I suppose it was just not to be.