Thursday, January 04, 2007

SAG Nominations (What is an Ensemble?)

Best Ensemble
The Departed
Little Miss Sunshine

Many awards watchers would love it if the Academy Awards added a “best ensemble” category to their annual prizes. I would hate it mostly because people (including the voting actors) don’t usually stop to consider what “ensemble” really means. For example: Does the strength of Dreamgirls come from the group acting, the interplay between its stars, or is it in the musical performances and the production values which sell all the star wattage?

MORE HERE Grumpy thoughts on each category


Billy McLellan said...

i hate djimon and blood diamond. that movie needs to go away.

c.p. iñor said...

where the f**k is emily blunt?

Neel Mehta said...

Has anyone started talking about the distinct possibility that Peter O'Toole might actually WIN the SAG Award and/or Oscar?

Billy McLellan said...

god i hope o'toole doesn't win.

Anonymous said...

I hope that doesn't mean Nicholson is out of the game... Well I suppose he isn't.

And I think O'Toole is positively a serious concern for Whitaker...

Anonymous said...

And I repeat what c.p. iñor said, where the F**K IS EMILY BLUNT????

Anonymous said...

I hope O'Toole wins - it's a lovely performance and even though I think Whitaker and DiCaprio (in 'The Departed' not 'Blood Diamond') are better, I am totally up for giving a career oscar to O'Toole.
If John Wayne and Henry Fonda can get them for subpar performances, surely O'Toole should get one considering he is a better actor than either.

Other comments:
I hope to GOD that someone beats Helen Mirren - pls pls pls let Streep or Dench win (I know the lovely, unlucky Winslet hasn't a chance).
Will BLOOD DIAMOND pls F*CK OFF already - especially Djimoun F*cking Hounsou - I'm sorry but he can't act - he just always plays the saint in every movie he is in regardless of the role.
Very disappointed that there is no love for the superb Catherine O'Hara and the superb Emily Blunt - would much rather have them in than Rinko Kikuchi


ugh on Blood Diamond again. I mean all it is is a lecture. woulda been completely forgotten if it had opened even three weeks earlier. which just means that the studios will continue this awful December fixation. stupid voters.

I love Hounsou but really all he is doing in this particular role is running and screaming.


Anonymous said...

Where is Mark? Where is Emily? =(

(Then again, Breslin finally got nominated. I can accept this. Somehow.)

If O'Toole wins and says that he will dedicate the Oscar win to Richard Burton oh hell the Academy will want to capture that.

And if Scorsese gives a "For Alfred, for Stanley, for Robert..." speech at the Globes then Oscar WILL be listening.


Anonymous said...

Bleh, Bobby for Best Ensemble?

Just because you cram famous people into a film doesn't mean it is particularly well acted.

Le sigh.

I am sad for Emily Blunt not getting nominated, but not at the expense of either of the Babel ladies - there were great in that movie.

Haven't seen the Blood Diamond yet, but I suppose I'm going to have to go and see it now.

I really wanted Maggie Gyllenhaal to get nominated for Sherrybaby. The performance was so fierce! Best actress is really crowded though, and I can't really cut anyone though I haven't seen Notes on a Scandal yet.

Good for Gosling though.

Danzumees said...

Where is JACK ??????

Anonymous said...

I forgot this in my original post

Why is Michael Sheen not getting any precursor love? He was magnificient in The Queen, and he matched Mirren IMO on most of her scenes.


c.p. iñor said...

Well Moses I think Adriana Barraza totally deserve her nom... Kikuchi I don't think so (that's what I think), also Blanchett (iugh... why didn't everybody nominate her for her better performances before? why everyone wants to "rocognize" her now?) and JHud, well I can't really say anyhing cuz I haven't seen Dreamgirls. Breslin it's ok with me.

But BLUNT should have been there instead of KIKUCHI or BLANCHETT.

c.p. iñor said...

and I know that Blanchett got a lot of noms and awards for Elizabeth and The Aviator... but I mean she was way better in Heaven, Coffee & Cigarettes, Veronica Guerin adn The Man Who Cried than in Notes on a Scandal.

That's just MY OPINION.

ps. I LOVE BLANCHETT (but not in Notes)

Anonymous said...


1.) Just for the record, in what categorey have you placed DiCaprio in for FB Award consideration? (Personally, I really think he and Damon are both leads and all the others boys supporting)

2.) At this point, what do you think is the most likly outcome for DiCaprio's Oscar chances?

a) Get nominated in lead for "Departed"
b) Get 2 nods: lead for "Diamond" / supp. for "Departed" AND WIN
c) Just get nominated in supp. for "Departed"
d) (God forbid) Just get a nodded for "Diamond"
d) (God forbid) Split his votes and get no nomination

russtifer said...

Ryan Gosling and Jackie Earle Haley are small bright spots in an otherwise dreary lineup.

Anonymous said...

has the sag voters got crazy? maybe they should think about it twice because in the past 12 years of history of the sag awards have make some several mistakes. how could they possible think to put dicaprio for support for the departed and lead for blood diamond? and, i am gonna be frankly, what in the name of god could they think to put little miss sunshine for suuport actor and actress, and ensemble? hellllllooooooo? not another station agent junk¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ this movie will never gonna get an Oscar best pic nom. and of course, where´s jack nicholson.

For respect to the voters, they always make good decision on the list of best actress, they always are 80% sure that these 5 prestigious actress are gonna be nominated for an Oscar.

adam k. said...

DiCaprio's vote splitting is really unfortunate. They should've just put him in lead from the beginning.

But I think he'll still just get nodded for The Departed. It's not like Scarlett in that they were actually pushing her for supporting in ads the whole time, whereas with this, it's just a case of the early indecisive campaigning coming back to haunt them. Also, Leo's a huge huge star, and the sentiment for a nod seems to be there.

adam k. said...

And I think Will Smith will win lead, and Leo will win supporting. With votes being split by steamrolling Whitaker and overdue O'Toole, Smith might jump in and take it, since everyone in the world has seen his movie. It's kind of reminiscent of 2003, when Murray won all the critics awards and the globe, but Penn ultimately won the oscar, and popular favorite Depp got the SAG.

John T said...

With the SAG nods in, I think we have our Best Actress nominees. Mirren is unstoppable this year, Cruz is making good on the career Hollywood presented on a platter, and Streep, Winslet, & Dench are Academy darlings. Gyllenhaal and Beyonce will have some supporters, but I don't see either having the momentum to crack into the Top 5.

Best Supporting Actress gives us the Babel twins, which could cause vote-splitting, but this is a category that likes to reward double-dipping (like Almost Famous, Gosford Park, & Chicago in recent years). Blanchett and Hudson have basically locked up nominations. As for the fifth slot, it's going to be close, but Breslin's film will be seen by all and is incredibly Academy-friendly-her closest competitors (Farmiga & Blunt), will be seen as too slight.

Best Actor also looks likely to mimic SAG, as Gosling is more serious than Baron Cohen, who really needed a SAG nod to boost his chances (though the Globe speech could help, and I'm not completely discounting him). The race for the win between Smith, Whitaker, and O'Toole will be interesting (particularly if there's a Globe/SAG split), but they are all headed to the main event. As for DiCaprio, if he gets nominated for Blood Diamond, I suspect that Marty will go home empty-handed on Oscar night.

Supporting Actor is much trickier. Murphy, Arkin, & the snubbed Jack are all going to head to Oscar's main event, but the other two slots are anybody's guess. Earle Haley seems like a SAG only phenom (child actors everywhere voted for his comeback), the Academy is probably still-smarting about Ben Affleck being able to call himself Academy-Award winning after the career that ensued from that victory, and Pitt seems to have fallen by the wayside. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may end up being Sheen and Honsou come nominations morning, but this is by far the most difficult category to call.

As for Best Picture, I'm waiting until the DGA's are announced, but is anyone else a little nervous with Bobby having both a Globe nod for Best Picture and a SAG nod for Best Ensemble...

Anonymous said...

What has happened to award nominations? I know that they have been overtly political (like Machiavelli political) since Miramax's heyday, but the past couple of years have been insufferable. This notion of putting lead actors in supporting roles (DiCaprio is supporting in The Departed? Wha?) to give them a better chance, while hardly new, is ludicrous. And I am beginning to choke on the voters righteousness. Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness comes from the same safe, liberal (in its worst connotation) people who picked Crash for the Best Picture Oscar last year.

Anonymous said...

I keep having a nightmare about Oscar night, in which Martin Scorsese endures a repeat performance of what happened to him with "Gangs of New York."

None of the actors wins anything, even though it was the year's kickass ensemble. Clint Eastwood walks off with another directing prize. Everything else (Editing, Adapted Screenplay, whatever else) goes to "Dreamgirls."

All adding up to a big fat "zero" for a movie that, IMHO, was much better than "Gangs."

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people are still discussing O'Toole and Whittaker for the win when it seems obvious that it's going to be Will Smith. He is a big star that personally steered that movie to being a (moderate?) hit (I know it was number one in the charts) and is actually considered "due" in some circles. It's also total Oscar-bait.

Smith will win the Globe, the SAG and the Oscar.

Anonymous said...

In which circles is Will Smith considered "due" for an oscar. Let me know so I can avoid them.

J.D. said...

The Supporting Actor category defies contention. The only one that was a predicted nominee yesterday is Eddie! I'm confused.

AND WHERE THE &#@% IS JACK NICHOLSON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The most stable category is Best Actress. It'll probably be that on nomination day.

Djimon Hounsou? Why now?

Beau said...

No Wahlberg and no Blunt.
Her snub was more expected, his wasn't.
Alan Arkin? For a twenty-minutes role that was good, by all means, but hardly Oscar-worthy.

Happy for the 'Little Children' love, happy for Leo's double-billing, happy for America Fererra.

No happy for Sheen's snub for 'The Queen' and the aforementioned Blunt/Wahlberg ignorance.

Alan Arkin? Eddie Murphy? Really???
The two women from Babel deserved it, as did Hudson. Breslin was adorable and as much as I'd like to say 'Get her off the list!!', the little shit managed to warm my heart.
Damn it.

Craig Hickman said...

Emily Blunt is right where she should be.

I suggested at some other point that outside of the lead actress category, this awards season isn't as predictable as some would like to believe.

But I'm absolutely thrilled to see Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and the cast of Dreamgirls get exactly what it deserved.

For all the criticism that sensational film has received, at least their fellow actors know that conveying emotion, exhibiting inner character, and telling a story through song is still an acting performance at its core.

Michael Parsons said...

I am actually happy with these. Especially supporting actor, it shakes things up. Only Eddie transferred his Globe nod into a SAG nod (Also Leo if you include the category confusion). I love it when things are not black and white.
And I hope O'Toole does win. Who cares if the performance was not the BEST, he is an institution and imagine loosing a competative oscar 8 times.....not nice. then again Meryl has lost it 11 times, 9 since her last win....GO MERYL!!!

Anonymous said...

"As for Best Picture, I'm waiting until the DGA's are announced, but is anyone else a little nervous with Bobby having both a Globe nod for Best Picture and a SAG nod for Best Ensemble... "


Get over Emily Blunt, everyone. I mean, really. Cute performance. Rinko et al. smoked her.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Earle Haley :)

Anonymous said...

Kikuchi and Barraza made Babel for me. They deserve the nominations. I'm also happy to see Ryan Gosling and Jackie Earle Haley recognized.

Lucas Dantas said...

all this will smith love just makes me sad. and no love for emily blunt was a huge disappointment, even though I loved to see breslin there. I haven't seen Babel yet, but I have a foot behind about it, so the appreciation for its ladies is tasteless for me.

And G-d, oh G-d please may Meryl kick Mirren's ass!!

Anonymous said...

This Mirren backlash is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mirren backlash is indeed hilarious. We should be happy that awards bodies are praising where praise is due - even if it does get repetitive. That's a problem that lies in the polyvocality of the awards season, not the performance.

Wahlberg, Sheen, Blunt, Baron Cohen - all missing, thank god. As a previous poster said, Blunt was cute - but that's all it was. Come on, there was no range there to warrant a nom, even if some people did find her 'hilarious.'

If only Smith, Streep and Arkin could go the same way. Not that it's ever gonna happen.

Gosling, Earle Haley, double DiCaprio, all the girlies 'cept Streep - all good in my books.

No Affleck or Pitt is a little disheartening.

And on the Breslin front - as much as I would've liked Diane Lane there, her phenomenal presence in 2005's Keane justifies any nominations this year imo.

Anonymous said...

Best Actress: GO PENELOPE!

Best Actor: GO RYAN!

Best Supporting Actress:
Where the hell is Miss Emily? UGH.

Best Supporting Actor: No Marky Mark? No Jack? ALAN ARKIN IS OVERRATED. And that's major Leonardo-DiCaprio-category-fraud. GO JACKIE!

Best Ensemble: Love the Bobby love.

Yaseen Ali said...

Ho-hum. Not much to say here except does anyone else think that we have our AMPAS Supporting Actress nominees right here?

Oh, and I totally called the Bobby ensemble nod. Doesn't anyone remember the rule that a hge cast = automatic nod?

Barry said...

For Best Actor I am happy with Whitaker, O'Toole, Gosling and Smith. DiCaprio....not so much. I would have rather had Sasha Baron Cohen in that slot. Hopefully come academy awards time, DiCaprio's true lead performance in The Departed will join the 4 good ones that I mentioned above.

Very happy with Best Actress. This is the Oscar lineup folks...and its a good one. Winslet, Cruz, Dench, Streep and Mirren all deserve to be here.

Also Very Happy with the Best Supporting Actress lineup. Hopefully come Oscar time this will be the official lineup. Barraza, Breslin, Kikuchi, Blanchett and Hudson all deserve to be here.

Supporting Actor is interesting. I hope this is the Oscar lineup minus 2 person. Djimon Hounsou does not deserve to be here and Leo DiCaprio is obviously in lead. For the Oscars I hope it is: Haley, Murphy, Arkin, Pitt & NICHOLSON! How could they NOT have nominated him here????

But anyways, that is wut I think of the SAG nominees. :)

Anonymous said...

does anyone know why "A Prairie Home Companion" has completely fallen out of the game. i though w/ Altam dying recently it would help push his last film to recognition and I thought SAG would definately honor Prairie (a more deserving star packed ensemble than Bobby)

any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt was awful in TDWP. Talk about over-egging the pudding. Geez, boys, don't you have any idea of how a real woman behaves?

Barry said...

I also wanted A Prairie Home Companion to get in to the best ensemble. It deserved it more than Bobby.


billy -here here on blood diamond
c.p. & gfh-blunt 4ever!
neel -o'toole might win but winning is still a long way off for anyone BUT Helen Mirren.
moses -exactly on the "big cast" equals ensemble is good stupidity

oh and my full comments on each race are posted here

Anonymous said...

really liked your introductory text. very well written. I disagree with you on the best ensemble issue. yes, if any movie manages to have at least 3 show- stopping moments/scenes because or at least 3 its cast, that would be enough to consider it a good ensemble film. i don´t think it should have to do with the number of actors in it(bobby). and I also think that a good scene should be enough to get you a nom. beatrice straight, judi dench, marisa tomei and others even won for it. So, it ok for djimon to be at least nominated. hudson, blanchett and di caprio are also in wrong categories.
well, those were just my two cents.

Drew said...

For real, Leo is supporting in The Departed? Who is he supporting? From any award body, SAG should be the one who should acknowledge this category fraud by not nominating him in supporting.

Bobby for best ensemble? I haven't checked but I am curious to know who will be excluded from the list. Can you imagine Nick Cannon, SAG winner? LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate "Blood diamond" noms and Leo supporting nom /it should definitely be lead/. I don't know what to think about "Bobby"'s and "Dreamgirls"' best ensemble. I haven't seen "Notes on a scandal".
Good for them.

evermoon said...

Alan Arkin's and Jackie Earle Haley's performances are easily among the most overrated this year. Aren't they getting these nominations just because of sentiment (for a veteran and for a comebacking actor)? I really hope their noms here don't translate into Oscar noms. Nicholson and Wahlberg should have gotten in. DiCaprio's performance in The Departed warrants a lead Actor nom. I hope the Academy sees it that way.

I'd love to see Emily Blunt bump off the adorable but also slightly overrated Abigail Breslin.

J.D. said...

Supporting is down to 5 of these 8, with no one else being able to pop up:

*Eddie Murphy* - Most Likely To Win

Brad Pitt

Jack Nicholson
Mark Wahlberg
Alan Arkin

Ben Affleck
Jackie Earle Haley

Djimon Hounsou

Anonymous said...

It would make me grumpy next year if I see:

Best Actress - Hilary Swank for Freedom Writers.

I think there is this overwhelming need from all the precursors to try and shake things up as much as they can so that they can better predict the Oscars. Last year almost everyone went with the deserved winner, Brokeback, and then the Oscars pulled a fast one on everyone and awarded Crash. So this year, if no one movie is really a front runner, no actor or actress (well not lead actress) is an OBVIOUS front runner - then anyone can be a "good" precursor for the Oscars.

It's all just a way for everyone to shaft the Internet for playing these prediction games.

Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt was cute in the movie , but the performance wasn't that great.

Haven't seen Blood Diamond, but I hear it's awful. Everyone seems to be raving about Leo though.

Why did "Pursuit of Happyness" make over 100 mill at the box office. I liked the movie , but I honestly didn't think it would make that much. I guess you should never underestimate the power of Will Smith.

Honestly I doubt he is a lock for the win (Oscar). It is O'Toole or Whitaker, both deservingly.

As for ensemble, I saw Dreamgirls and agree with most of the critics it was good, not great.

I'm not really sure what this award is about really.

Cate and Jhud are both or either locked for the win for supporting(Oscar). I haven't seen Notes, but there seems to be a lot of raving about her. JHud was good in Dreamgirls especially for her first role, but her performance is beatable (and Cate just might be the one to do that).

Haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine I will rent it next weekend.

As far as Best Actress-Helen is sure to win, although Judi Dench and Meryl will give her a run for her money. I just LOVE Kate Winslet better luck next year.

Supporting I was for sure Jack would win this one, but it looks like Eddie may take it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your point on Blanchett's casting in Notes on a Scandal. Surely you need an actress with a "screen presence" to counterbalance Judi Dench, otherwise the picutre wouldn't have worked. If Blanchett's character was just a stupid, fragile woman, the story would never have worked...

Glenn Dunks said...

"I thought SAG would definately honor Prairie (a more deserving star packed ensemble than Bobby)"

And they both featured Lindsay Lohan! How odd...

These nominations? Yeah, they're probably fine, but where were the SAG voters who not only nominated stuff like The Birdcage for best ensemble but VOTED IT TO WIN!? The Devil Wears Prada was totally deserving. I'd say more than any of the others bar, perhaps, LMS.

The LeoDi thing was when they were still campaigning him for supporting.

My current ensemble nods would be The Descent, The Devil Wears Prada, Jindabyne, A Prairie Home Companion and United 93. I am serious about The Descent, too.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and on Nat's issue of an Oscar Ensemble category, I agree. It would totally be a ghetto for the critics choice. Like, they'd be able to give The Departed the ensemble award while still giving the glitzy Dreamgirls the BP prize. It wouldn't be the "BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ENSEMBLE", it'd be "[second] BEST PICTURE!"

It'd be like the Best Editing category. 4/5 with BP and one bonus one thrown in to be unique.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and another thing

Brad Pitt"


If Pitt is a "near-lock" then I'm a Belgian chambermaid.

Anonymous said...

kamikaze camel, are you joking about Prada's ensemble being better than LMS's?
You've got to love it very much to say that.
If someone was to make room for Emily Blunt, it was Cate Blanchett or Jennifer Hudson, because they were leads.

Anonymous said...

The Devil Wears Prada has one excellent performance. Streep. Game, set, match. Stanley Tucci was "cute." Emily Blunt... blech.

Best Ensembles of the year:

Hollywoodland (Lois Smith, Bob Hoskins, Diane Lane, Joe Spano and yes, even Ben Affleck wipe the damn floor with Prada)
The Departed
Little Children
The Queen (minus the egregious Alec Jennings turn as Prince Charles)

Glenn Dunks said...

The Little Miss Sunshine cast was good, but not exceptional. Collette doesn't really have anything to do, Kinnear is, well, Kinnear. Arkin is fun but disappears about halfway through and Breslin is adorable but it certainly ain't on the level of, say, Anna Paquin (in relation to other child/oscar scenarios). My favourite was Steve Carell.

I do really like The Devil Wears Prada. I'm taking a stand for the popcorn movie. Just cause it ain't masterpiece theatre, doesn't mean it can't be the best of the year.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that there is a little bit of Rinko Kikuchi backlash from some people on here!

I personally thought she was more affecting in Babel than Adrianna Bazzara, but like other people have stated, that is just my individual opinion.

I just think it unfair that a wonderful performance is being called gimmicky. I've seen deaf roles before, and none of them are as moving and tragic as this one. Well played by the actress who gets straight through to the character, rather than getting caught up in the gimmick of playing deaf.

Bazzara was great though as well. Babel is where it is at for best supporting actress. I'm not sure why everyone is so keen on Breslin either, she was adorable but I mean... that's what child actors do.

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm firmly in the Kikuchi team. Not necessarily because she was so great (i wouldn't nominate her), but she just had a lot more to do than Barraza. I mean, Barraza does what? She sighs a bunch, looks happy at a wedding and then screams hysterically at the end.

But then, I didn't think any of the Babel cast had much to other than than look pensive or scream a lot. I blame the fact that none of those characters had a third act. They all just ended at the second.

I wanted to know what happened between Brad and Cate's marriage. What happened to the maid in Mexico. What happened to the Japanese girl and her father? etc. But instead it just kind of ended and it annoyed me. Ugh. That film is so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who thinks that Oscar should have a Best Ensemble category. So what that if they have one they might abuse it? Don't they abuse most of the categories anyway? Or does that make me too cynical about the Oscars?

At least if they had a Best Ensemble category there would be a chance of them awarding great ensembles as a whole - how great would it have been for instance if the entire cast of Gosford Park had been nominated?

Neel Mehta said...

What is an ensemble?

It's pretty simple. Every (live action) film has an ensemble: a cast of principals that carry the primary story. They don't necessarily all have to work together. Sometimes, like in Hollywoodland and Babel, the principals are separated by time or geography and can't work together.

Ensembles can vary in size. They start with a baseline of essential actors, and other less essential actors may be added on a discretionary basis. For The Devil Wears Prada, the essential ensemble has to include protagonists Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, and Emily Blunt (and I would add non-protagonists Adrian Grenier and Simon Baker for playing integral parts in Andrea's development). Everyone else is a judgment call: Tracie Thoms (Lily)? Rich Sommer (Doug)? Daniel Sunjata (James Holt)? Tibor Feldman (Irv Ravitz)? Ask yourself whether they actively drive the story forward or are just supporters or foils. (Even Gisele Bundchen furthers the plot a little.)

To me, the best ensembles are the ones that DO get to work together. This seems to be more common in comedies than dramas. And it's why my choice for best ensemble of 2006 was Little Miss Sunshine. The screenwriter took an egalitarian approach so that almost every family member got to work with the other. And while Toni Collette didn't have much to do, she was more important than you'd think.

Finally, an Oscar for Best Ensemble would be a horrible idea. The SAG Award already demonstrates that Hollywood really has no clue as to identifying and rewarding ensembles, favoring bigger casts and bigger names and paying no attention to the story.

In that vein, I could argue that the best ensembles are mostly determined when the script is finalized, and the actors who play the roles are little more than finishing touches. I realize that the eventual movie will deviate from the script, and the actors can generate some unwritten chemistry, but you have to wonder how much of a good ensemble is preordained.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where the f**k is emily blunt?

Anonymous said...

aslo Ben Affleck... he did great job. He was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Ben Affleck is exactly where he should career purgatory.

Are the SAGs now the most legitimate and reliably predictive Oscar precursor? (Is that because actors make up the largest branch of AMPAS?) It just seems like actors nominated for Globes rarely if ever make the shortlist when the SAGs pass on them, but the reveerse often works very well in the Globe-snubbed actors' favor.

Pity this scenario didn't pan out for Michelle Pfeiffer in 'White Oleander' a few years back. Oy gevalt!


Paxton Hernandez said...

Just came back from seen Borat which just got released? May I ask, what the f'ck is so funny about it? Didn't mind the political incorrectness but that is not enough to make someone laugh. Sigh.

Hope the Academy will not buy into the trap of nominating Baron Cohen, especially because that would mean either Gosling or DiCaprio are out. Major award fellony.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand the thinking that says that because the Academy would likely make bad choices in the ensemble category, that it shouldn't exist at all. I think it should, if only to acknowlege that such a thing should be regarded. And sometimes they might get it right.

Anonymous said...

Ben was great in Hollywoodland. Period


jess -maybe you're right. they do screw up every category so what's one more?

but i feel if we need an award for groups it might be more appropriate for a best casting oscar to be introduced. casting directors do contribute A LOT to how a film turns out and they have no way to win an Oscar.

at least actors have other categories.

Anonymous said...

Aw hell, I'm sick of you pussies putting down a helluva performance by DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. Did I love the movie? Well, no. Did I love DiCaprio in that movie?--you're damn right. No less than Manohla Dargis thought it was his best sustained adult performance ever. And I agree. Does it matter that it wasn't in one of your or even "my" fave flicks of the year.
No way, a good performance is a good performance, period. And that was a very good perf.

Glenn Dunks said...

Nat, that makes much more sense. Plus, that way the Academy doesn't have to give out an extra stack of statues (isn't that one of the reasons they're cutting all the eligibility numbers down? so they don't give out as many statues)

adam k. said...

Glenn, I beg to differ. The LMS ensemble was indeed exceptional. Toni Collette had a LOT to do, it just wasn't showy. Greg Kinnear was amazingly perfect as the father. And I'm kind of in love with Abigail Breslin. Carrell of course was great, too.


anonymous. manohla dargis, like all critics (including me) is fallible.

Leo's best sustained adult performance is The Departed no contest.
I scratch my head how anyone could see them both and prefer his work in Blood Diamond... i don't see one significant thing about it that makes it stand out from any other able film carrying performance. is it the accent that's impressing people?

BUT i do agree with your point that a good performance is a good performance even if it's in a bad film. very true.

adam k. said...

What does "sustained" adult performance mean exactly? Other than that it doesn't have to better than his work in Gilbert Grape?


i believe "sustained" would imply being present in each scene and a clear through line/character arc... a full characterization.

that's my interpretation at least and i still say his Blood Diamond work is capable charismatic movie star stuff but totally unremarkable otherwise* --and would NEVER be in play if the film hadn't just opened. Such a shame because that only teaches Hollywood to keep backloading.

* and please note: I'm not a DiCaprio hater. I'm inclined to enjoy his work. Been a fan since This Boy's Life and I'd list Gangs of New York as his only subpar performance. I even thought he was good in The Beach

Anonymous said...

I never would have thought of a casting director award. That's a good idea though. They've got to be one of the few groups of people who have such a major impact on a movie and don't get nominations.
Maybe they don't because what they do is seen more as administration than craft?

jazzman86 said...

My predictions for the acting oscar nominees are:

Leonardo DiCaprio Ryan Gosling Peter O'Toole
Wills Smith
Forest Whitaker

Penelope Cruz
Judi Dench
Maggie Gyllenhaal (the academy sometimes surprising us)
Helen Mirren
Meryl Streep

Ben Affleck
Alan Arkin
Eddie Murphy
Jack Nicholson
Michael Sheen

Adriana Barraza
Cate Blanchett
Abigail Breslin
Jennifer Hudson
Rinko Kikuchi

And i really hope that Little Miss Sunshine take the SAG Ensemble

jazzman86 said...

Maggie Gyllenhaal will be nominated for Sherrybaby. Remember me. Academy loves surprising us. The Best Actres category will be...

Penelope Cruz (Volver)
Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (Sherrybaby)
Helen Mirren (The Queen)
Meryl Strep (The Devil Wears Prada)

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