Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Link Fever

Zoom-In Online has a lot of new Sundance coverage. This film The Savages (starring 'the lovely laura linney') sounds good
Jesus Hearts Music Beyoncé's daddy thinks she lost the Golden Globe because of racism. Try not to crack up laughing. He must'a missed that last 30 years on Planet Earth in which La Streep was (repeatedly) anointed the greatest actress ever. [src]
100 Films 100-- no make that 5, a top 5 for 2006
The Hot Blog intrigues me w/ a description of Samantha Morton's new film.
LA Observed more ink for Mirren (and a great photo) and apparently the Wells vs. Poland business also gets print coverage
Cinematical what's next for Scorsese?
Pajiba's First Annual Shit List: Featuring Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and my favorite "People Who Waited Until 2006 to Start Hating Mel Gibson" -hee.
Cinemarati have begun their 2006 'best of the year' countdown which will be going on daily for the next week. Check in and join the discussions.


Paxton Hernandez said...

Thanks for the link. Gotta love the Pajiba posting and the fact that I didn't know them! Until now. They are smart and funny, without the self-righteousness and Holier-than-Thou attitude from the guys over in Slant Magazine; though I'm a big fan of them.

Lucas said...

thanks for the link, Nathaniel.

hell of a nice blog you've got here.