Saturday, January 13, 2007

Run, Glenn, Run

True story. I woke up very early this morning on account of a nightmare. In the dream I had to save Glenn of Stale Popcorn from a serial killer living in my apartment building. So Glenn, you owe me!

Um ... you're still alive, right?

whew good. OK, if you see anyone who looks like this


Yes, must run away.

Even if they look like this


Glenn Dunks said...

Oh sweet baby Jesus!

See, when I have dreams that I am being chased by a serial killer it's usually Scarlett Johansson dressed as a nun holding a butcher's knife (i've dreamed that twice, so I'm not sure what that really means).

It's kinda scary cause you've met me in real life and now you're imagining me being chased by a serial killer. *screams*

Patrick Bateman though... umm... I sorta wouldn't mind dying.

adam k. said...

Glenn, have you ever seen that episode of "The Practice" where they reveal that this serial killer who's been killing people is actually this man who wears a nun's outfit, and (I think) stabs people with knives??? It was a big long story arc that finally got concluded in, I think, the season premiere of the 3rd season.

That would explain the nun uniform and the butcher's knife, anyway. Can't help you with the Scarlett Johansson thing, though...

J.D. said...

That was random.

I once had a dream that there was Michael Jackson sitting in a room. He was motioning me to come over to him. I started walking, and he was shot in the head. I ran the other way and the walls started bleeding. Then there was nothing. It was like the universe, for a brief second, stopped. Time stopped. I was floating in white. Then the bubble I was floating in burst. I fell and fell and fell, and then landed through a sharp spiral, it piercing my chest. I was bleeding peanut butter, not blood, and I saw blue, then yellow, then a City of Gold. My wound was healed and I walked around. But I huge wave, at least 350 metres in height, was coming towards me. I closed my eyes, and woke up.

I HAVE NO IDEA. It scares me.

Scarlett Johansson dressed as a nun holding a butcher's knife? And twice? Hmm. I am to guess you are not a fan of ScarJo? And you went to catholic school?

Glenn Dunks said...

1. Big fan of Scarlett
2. I'm not relgious at all
3. I went to a state school
4. I hate Nuns on the Run


And, yes Adam I know it very well. It's one of my favourite individual story arcs from a tv show. Strange, but true.

J.D. said...

" 1. Big fan of Scarlett
2. I'm not relgious at all
3. I went to a state school
4. I hate Nuns on the Run

Okay, I'm confused. Maybe you subconsciencely are scared of her (probably from The Island or Scoop) and your mind latched on the "The Practice" story arc and never let go.

Just a theory.

Paxton Hernandez said...

I would love to see Scarlett in my dream. Running. To me. What a babe!

I've never understood the hate the Film Experience comunity has always expressed to her. I can understand La Skank and That Whose Name We Do Not Speak. But hutchy mamma ScarJo? Loosen up a bit.

J.D. said...

Good point..

I sorta get La Skank and Hellbegger, but ScarJo?

Lost in Translation?

Girl With a Pearl Earring?

Match Point?

(to some extent and opinions) Scoop?

(to anyone that saw it, probably) A Love Song for Bobbly Long?
(the GG nom proves Actress in '04 was weak)

Ghost World?

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie?

Uh... Home Alone 3?(?)

Okay, she's one of my favorite actresses, and obviously, she is hotter than Bitch A and Bitch B together times 800,313,152.

How did we get here?

Anonymous said...

I just had to post this:

Jennifer Hudson singing "AND I'M TELLING YOU" actually from the looks like somebody uploaded a screener but it looks good!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

I thought Scarlett was popular around here? I know sure as hell love her to bits, even if she does pop up in my dreams and tries to kill me while wearing a nun's habit.

I wish it was Christian Bale sans clothes chasing me.

Beau said...

who doesn't?


i love scarjo?! how did i give any other impression

i devoted umpteen posts to her. she got a whole week of posts!

adam k. said...

Nat, you do bitch a lot about how she's in too many movies and how she was bad in The Black Dahlia and overrated in Match Point.

But I think the ScarJo hate thing was referring to the readers of your site, not you, particularly. I dunno.

And Glenn, I am like 90% sure the Practice episode has something to do with that dream. Maybe since you love ScarJo, just as Eleanor kinda loved the killer, you're scared that maybe underneath it all, she's really a psychotic killer? Just a thought.

And I also wish naked Christian Bale were chasing me right now.


yeah i sometimes get that... that people think if i criticize someone i don't like them. But hellooo. even Julianne Moore takes hits when she's bad.

and Michelle Pfeiffer. I don't like to talk about this but that Up Close and Personal performance. yikes.

ScarJo will recover from her 'taking too many roles she's unsuited for' phase just as Cate Blanchett will. The question is: when. And will they wise up before the public gets sick of them. Which admittedly hasn't happened yet so they're safe for now

Anonymous said...

I actually thought Michelle was perfectly OK in Up Close. As for The Story Of Us though? Oy oy oy!


Glenn Dunks said...

I can't stop staring at that picture of Christian Bale. It's so god damn freakin' sexy.