Monday, August 04, 2008

A Mad Link Party

I'm back from my business trip. Wheeee

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And finally... it's neither here nor there but Dakota Fanning is now 14 years old and recently resurfaced at a HFPA function last Wednesday (pictured below)

14 going on 40. We haven't seen Dakota in a while but she's still tossing off that preternaturally mature vibe. When she's 28 will she come across like "Dame Dakota Fanning"? I mean, would she if she were British? Which she's --oh never mind.


Hayden said...

Knox and Viv look like....


...every other white baby in the history of babies. Seriously. You could just go to a maternity ward in Connecticut and take a picture of two random infants. Why pay millions of dollars? Nobody's gonna know the difference. Not even Angie.

Hayden said...

Oh, and I've never seen a more haggard looking fourteen-year-old in my life.


I wasn't implying "haggard" kind sir. Just that she always seems SO much older than she is. not in the looks way but just the way she carries herself. Or something.

she's freaky (but a fine actress I think, naysayers be damned)


oh and why pay millions of dollars? I bet that People issue becomes their biggest seller in years. I mean 19 pages of photos? or something. crazy.

also if i were a celebrity i would definitely auction off my offsprings photos as Brangie did because

1) charity money and lots of it
2) if you don't than you are hounded by dangerous paparazzi hoping to make millions off of the "first shot" and... that's got to be scary when you have newborns.

Hayden said...

I think everyone needs to follow the Cate Blanchett model of showing off newborns. Show up to a classy daytime event with tasteful cleavage and your babe in tow. Do it overseas, but just get it over with. No fuss. No feeding the tabloid machine you pretend to hate.

I just can't help but be a little disgusted by our obsession with ogling celebrity children. I guess it's just a perversion of the millennium.

But I still think DFanning is looking pretty careworn.

Hayden said...

This is how it's done, ladies. I guess I dreamed up the tasteful cleavage, though. I must have confused it with this recent shot:

Billy D said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the other Fanning sister may eventually dethrone Dakota as the Fanning sibling we will (for want of a better word) remember.

Anonymous said...

I think Meryl Streep's remarks on "The View" about show biz people showing their children in public is absolutely right on ..

If anyone cares to view the segment, go to :

Hayden said...

Meryl's comment is brilliant.

Anonymous said...


I just read your blog and I think you do a great job for one so young!! Keep up the good work.


i'm having trouble downloading that clip. what does Meryl say?

Hayden said...

"One thing I learned very early on is that when you're famous, you lose your rights to privacy, and when you promote your children, if you have them photographed for a magazine, so do they lose their rights. But if you do not have them photographed or sell them to OK Magazine, or whatever these things are, they have the right to retain the rights that you all have."

She's basically saying that when celebrities choose to exploit their children at such a ridiculously young age, they're forced to become public figures for the rest of their lives. I don't believe she thinks that's a choice for a parent to make.

Hayden said...

Oh, and Amanda Seyfried sat in for the interview, too, and she looked gorgeous and carried herself impeccably.


I love Meryl Streep but she never had to deal with what Brad and Angie have to deal with. When Meryl was becoming a celebrity in the late 70s and having children it wasn't like this at all.

The modern paparazzi can make life hell for supernova celebrities and the way I see it this photoshoot takes Brad and Angie's kids away from the danger that they'd face if all the paparazzi in the world were trying to get the first photos, knowing that they'd be millionaires if they did. I think it comes down to self preservation.

I mean, I know the paparazzi will still try to get photos but the Jolie-Pitts have probably dodged the truly crazy bullet by publishing the photos first.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hayden, for relaying the Streep interview.

Anonymous said...

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