Saturday, December 27, 2008

The First Links Club

Philadephia Inquirer man shot for talking during Benjamin Button!
Get the Big Picture on the best posters of the year. Yes, I'll do my own list veddy soon.
Stale Popcorn also goes there
<--- IMDB a court decision regarding those Watchmen battles is in and Warner Bros loses to Fox. Translation: That March 2009 release date is looking very subject to change
Art of the Title on Edward Scissorhands. God, I love those credits
In Contention looks briefly at the disparity between two sets of critical roundups on the year's best.
Harvey Fiertstein (the great) has some insightful words for Barack Obama
Best and Worst Musicals of the year courtesy of EIKILFM
'Sean Penn is not in Milk, as the credits suggest'
Huffington Post
all the celebrity divorces of the year. Awardage for best divorces, Madonnamony and whatnot
Moviefone has a list of the 50 best movies. They manage to include just about everything including a few really awful movies. The top ten is a please-everyone mix of superhero movies and Oscar hopefuls.

And while we're on the topic of top tens ... /Film wants to know why you read top 10 lists. This topic always makes me crazy because I get weirded out by the fairly common notion (which this article actually kicks off with) that individual lists that don't fit the larger consensus list are worthless. Ummm... isn't that a Bizarro world complaint. Isn't the joy in list-making and reading what's individual and idiosyncratic? For many I guess it isn't. I'm just trying to figure our where said joy is for those people --is there joy to be had in reading 100 lists that are virtually identical? I'm not trying to judge but to understand. Am I missing some hidden beauty in homogeny?

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