Sunday, December 14, 2008

Golden Globe Giggles


This week's podcast isn't an interview, it's a free for all. Joe of Low Resolution, Nick of Nick's Flick Picks, Katey of Cinema Blend and myself gab about last week's mad rush of precursor awards and nominations. Topics blur and slam together, curious cases abound and new ways to honor Clint Eastwood are dreamt up. We get loopy. I get whiny. Joe recruits for Team Jolie and begs Meryl and Kate to reach across the aisle. Katey drinks Milk and refuses to love The Reader. Nick sneezes with pandas and makes a startling Best Pic prophecy. It's 45 minutes of rambling awards chatter. Intermission and popcorn not included.

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Anonymous said...

So, I couldn't tell Nick and Joe apart, so if I credit one with sonething another, apologies.

1. SPC has I've Loved You So Long, A Christmas Tale, and Waltz with Bashir alongside The Class, so it could be due to split focus.

2. Team Abacus? Awesome.

3. Too American? Moreso than Frost/Nixon

4. YES WE CAN BE SICK OF THE PENELOPE CRUZ THING. DeWitt was better. Graynor was better. Zegerman was better. Shygulla was better. Winge was better. Okay, the last four have no shot, but please.

5. I didn't think that Springsteen's song was all that great.

6. Re: Leigh's films - the ones that get nominated are warmer.

7. I think Langella could win.


1. ooh good observation. SPC has an embarassment of riches I guess. Too bad they can't give all of them ample pushes.

2. i know! Nick is so hilarious.

5. i'm not even a big Bruce person --not like Glenn -- but Ifreaking love it.

6. another good point --maybe YOU should be on the next podcast ;)

7. thanks for having my back there. I mean I don't think in the end he will but i think Best Actor is more of a toss up than practically any category.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I think I could be against Heath Ledger winning. It's an undeniably great performance, but if it went to someone else, I think I'd be all right with it. It's a little too weird for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and A Christmas Tale was IFC, so my bad. But even with the Cannes win, I think Waltz With Bashir (the animated foreign documentary hook) and I've Loved You So Long are higher profile, which helps in terms of critics.

Anonymous said...

i can't decide about winslet,cuz seems to have it sewn up,but streep seems to be loved and ready for another win but this perf is not universally loved i can't see jolie winning a 2nd or blanchett winning for a film which doesn't have her as the central character or when she just won,hawkins and leo are unknowns in small films,i can't see kristin taking it for a french film where she is not playing someone famous then there is hathaway who is a threat but would be more so if the film was going to get more.

so it does boil down to streep v winslet!!!!

so who nat will they want either 2 actresses to loose again!!!!

will they pass up bardem givig it to cruz.

adam k. said...

I don't think they can pass up Bardem giving it to Cruz. Especially since the globes are even more suckerish for that sh*t, and they're where the trend will begin.

But I do think SAG will go elsewhere, kind of like when Mira Sorvino lost to Winslet in 1995. I think it'll be either Winslet or Davis, depending on how things look with the two of them at the time.

Then I think the oscar will swing back to Cruz, but just barely. Meaning most likely, Winslet would win in lead.

Best actor IS really tight. I have a feeling it'll go to Penn, though, first at the globes, then at SAG, then oscar. He will most likely win SAG no matter who wins the globe, since he's never won one. Will the globes want his/hers statues for Leo and Kate? Or is Leo over since he's already won one from them? They loved Nixon, so the globe could even go to Langella. But Penn has the heat right now, and they may feel bad about leaving Milk out of everything else after it won NYFCC and everyone is loving it. So I think Penn starts the oscar train at the globes.

So I think right now it'll be...


...which I'd be more than fine with.

Anonymous said...

That podcast made my day!

Last week was a rollarcoaster and you guys provided the perfect commentary; entertaining, informative, wickedly funny… Nick Davis’s foreseeing himself “dying” during “Gran Torino”; LOL! Had men in stitches. And that Winslet bit was so killer (but no, seriously, she JUST has to win.) And Nathaniel… your bitching over Eastwood will NEVER get old- the man has near Streep-status and, to put it mildly, should never have come close… plus, he’s making a habit out of stealing award nods from directors, actors, producers. composers and now song writers! Ugh.

P.S. That Supporting Actress ‘08 video rocked (“Well hello beautiful”: Gyllenhaal cut to Tomei. Sweet.) Can’t wait to see who you pick.

Catherine said...

OhmiGAWD you guys, that was hilarious. Totally agree with Ryan, you had me in stitches. Oh, and for the record, just the other week a girl informed me she was on Team Aniston. ;)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. The four of you could start a comedy hour. These podcasts have to be a staple! Team abacus!!! Love it. And any complaints over Mira Sorvino's win makes my day. (Yeah, "clever" is a good to describe what that meh role was).

And I'm on TEAM PENELOPE! Woot! Get that Oscar win! I'm probably as shallow as Katie in wanting to see Javier Bardem hand Cruz an Oscar, but I did think she rocked in "VCB" and turned a good enough film into a great one. She just won Boston Film Critics too. And Penn. And Sally. And Heath. That could honestly be our final four in February.

rosengje said...

I completely agree with using "clever" as a means of describing competent but not exceptional performances, but I don't think the term describes Penelope Cruz at all. She was the best thing (close tie with Rebecca Hall-- my favorite Golden Globe nominee) in a good movie that represented a(nother) return to form for Woody Allen. She has been unanimously praised, and her performance is one of the few to have released earlier in the year and still maintained momentum. Sounds like a deserving winner to me.

I do agree that critics groups should try to avoid consensus voting, but this seems like a legitimate case of liking the performance rather than giving into popular pressure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sally's certainly doing well for herself, isn't she. A probable win at the Globes boosts her case immeasurably.

I thought Penelope Cruz turned an okay film into a good one. She was clearly the best thing about it (just her energy), but I don't want her to get a win for it. Maybe another nomination. She's in Almodovar's next and that can be her win.

Anonymous said...

I too have been watching with continued glee the increasingly strong position of my beloved Sally Hawkins, and suspect that the Globe win is fairly certain (she essentially has the category to herself), so therefore the Oscar nod looks increasingly likely.

But back to the podcast, and huge congratulations to all 4 of you for such an entertaining show. Can you please just get together and talk about anything-the-hell-you-like as regularly as is humanly possible? It was more entertaining than most of the movies I've sat through in 2008, so for that I thank you all.


Calum Reed said...

Really entertaining. Loved it.
Especially all the Clint Eastwood bitching. And I totally didn't know he was doing a Mandela film. Looks ominous for next year.

Missy said...

Loved the podcast, the Clint and Maniston bashing was sublime.