Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Different Women. Each Living a Lie

Six years ago today The Hours had its red carpet premiere stateside before strolling on to Oscar glory with stones in its pockets and flowers it had bought itself. To celebrate enjoy this brilliant music video riff...

Thanks to Nick for pointing it out two months back. I revisited too often not to eventually share it here. Even if you've already seen it, one viewing can't possibly be enough.


Anonymous said...

I am still upset that Kidman won over Julianne Moore.
By the way, could you please tell me if it's true that there will be no Honorary Award recipient this year. Only Jerry Lewis is set to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Both previous years’ recipients Ennio Morricone (2006) and Robert Boyle (2007) were already announced on December 12. If that's the case I think its descanting and kind of ''No one deserves it or good enough for it''. It’s also pretty pathetic that there have been no female recipients in 14 years. I think it is about time to give one to a woman for a change. But I guess they want to let everyone die before acknowledging their contributions to film. Thanks in advance!))

Anonymous said...

i still cannot believe that kidman won an oscar for this movie. unbelievable. the movie though was one of my favorites that year. julianne moore and meryl streep were outstanding in this film.

ryansumera said...

anyone seen this?

Cinesnatch said...

no better way to celebrate a 6th anniversary!

Cengiz said...

Will- I completly agree. I think it's high time for a woman to get it and what better woman than Angela Lansbury. Three Oscar Nominations, she SHOULD have won for The Manchurian Candidate. She would be perfect, if only to see the montage of all her memorable work, including Beauty and the Beast.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember why Streep wasn 't nominated for Oscar?

Her name was mistakenly left off of the list for those in contention. ( She might not have been nominated anyway, but she was the best of the three. Kidman getting the Oscar was a joke... and her past "acting" after The Hours proves it to me!!!

Cinesnatch said...

Streep got a GG-lead drama nod. The category was uber competitive that year:

Kidman, Hours
Zellweger, Chicago
Moore, Heaven

And both Diane Lane and Selma Hayek had strong campaigns behind sound work.

It was just one of those years where it's hard to knock one of them out. I would have loved to see Streep in the lead category (although she already was in supporting), but I don't know who'd I'd take out.

Sam Brooks said...

Yay! The Hours! I love The Hours because it's one of the few movies where I have a different view on scenes or performances each time and all of them, from Kidman to Atkins spiral up and down in my head.

And that's why I watch it over and over again.

I also have nothing against Kidman's win. It's not awful, but it's not amazing. It's a perfectly serviceable win.

Anonymous said...

Screen and stage legend Angela Lansbury is a great actress. Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate is not only her best screen performance, but also one of the greatest female performances ever. It’s a shame she lost her third Oscar nomination to Patty Duke (great performance, but she was LEAD).
I think that Ms. Lansbury deserves to be recognized with an Honorary Oscar for her outstanding contribution to the art of film.

So far only eight women have been recognized for their cinematic contributions with The Academy Honorary Award: Greta Garbo (1955), Lillian Gish (1971), Mary Pickford (1976), editor Margaret Booth (1978), Barbara Stanwyck (1982), Myrna Loy (1991), Sophia Loren (1991), and Deborah Kerr (1994).

Some other very deserving women who never won or have never been nominated:

Jeanne Moreau - BAFTA Award-winning legendary actress and singer
Lauren Bacall - Academy Award-nominated and two-time Tony Award-winning iconic actress
Doris Day - Academy Award-nominated legendary actress and singer
Eleanor Parker - Three-time Academy Award-nominated legendary actress
Maureen O'Hara - Irish legendary actress and singer
Liv Ullmann - Two-time Academy Award-nominated legendary actress
Jean Simmons- Two-time Academy Award-nominated actress
Debbie Reynolds - Academy Award-nominated legendary actress, singer, and dancer
Marni Nixon - American singer and actress, singing voice behind leading ladies in The King and I, An Affair to Remember, West Side Story, My Fair Lady
Monica Vitti - BAFTA Award-nominated legendary actress
Danielle Darrieux - French legendary actress and singer
Catherine Deneuve - Academy Award-nominated iconic actress
Gina Lollobrigida - Golden Globe Award-winning legendary actress
Gena Rowlands - Two-time Academy Award-nominated actress
Leslie Caron - Two-time Academy Award-nominated legendary actress
Michele Morgan - French legendary actress
Dede Allen - Three-time Academy Award-nominated film editor

Murtada said...

can't believe it's been six years since the hours was released, love it

and i love laura brown, her melancholy, her madness, her desperation ....

Anonymous said...

I love this movie.. and I don't care what anyone say. Kidman deserved that Oscar

Anonymous said...

I love Adam & Joe. The Hours, not so much.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I've been piping off for years that Rowlands and Ullmann should be singled out for honorary awards. Dede Allen would also be a great choice, though I'm more hopeful that she could still win a competitive one.


who are "adam & joe" ... i'm lost

Anonymous said...

Adam & Joe are/were a TV comedy duo in England on Channel 4 who did a show which basically revolved around spoofs of popular culture, and they are the ones who made this song. You should look up some of their "toy movies", some of them are pretty damn funny.

Anonymous said...

strangely, i can watch this movie over and over again. so compelling. love the music too. i get a bit upset when people say its depressing therefore boring. well maybe it is somewhat depressing but its still worth a view.

Anonymous said...


And what a tremendous film. Kidman was very deserving of her win here; if nothing else than for the look she gives Leonard at the beginning as he chastises her for not eating enough. There entire marriage is summed up in that one glance.

I also never saw The Hours as depressing. "Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more." In its portrayal of these characters, many at the end of their lives, it helps us to rediscover the zest in ours


i've never understood "depressing" as a pejorative when it comes to storytelling.

shouldn't there be room for all sorts of emotions in stories?

Bailey said...

I do not like Nicole Kidman at all, but I have no real issues with her win here. I think it was sufficiently dramatic and well-acted (even if it did smack a bit of the "I am pretty and made myself ugly, I deserve an Oscar" school of thought).

I cringe that so many people support a Streep nomination for this film. Her role (and performance) was the most boring of the three. Then again, Meryl Streep could walk on screen and take a dump and her rabid fans would shower her with adulation for a 'brave' and 'honest' performance, so...yeah. Can we stop nominating Meryl for 98% of her roles, regardless of how average a lot of them actually are? (*cough*coughDevilWearsPrada*cough) Thanks. (I'm surprised she didn't win for SHE-DEVIL, lol.)

Anonymous said...

i am sorry... but nicole deserved the award and she won it, thankfully...