Monday, December 08, 2008

X-Files Winners

Thanks to all who entered the X-Files: I Want to Believe contest. The following four readers have won in the random drawing. Here are their "I want to believe" statements.

"I Want to Believe...
  • ... I wasn't the only one watching The Lone Gunmen spinoff." [Christopher in New Jersey]
  • ...Michelle Pfeiffer will win the Oscar in 2010." [Tom in Minnesota]
  • ...that a third movie is a possibility." [Carmen in New York]
  • ...that I'll be making great movies someday. (that's movie related, right?)" [Julienne in the Philippines]


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathaniel! I finally won something (I suppose not alot of people even wanted the movie-but I'm a sucker for X-Files). I knew that Michelle Pfeiffer comment would be a plus....start praying now to make it happen!!


Tom... yours was actually the first name drawn but the Pfeiffer comment merely happy coincidence. Of course I loved reading it ;)

i do the very scientific method of closing my eyes and pointing at the clutch of contest entries... wherever my finger lands, prizes!

Julienne said...

i won! Thanks Nathaniel! I know someone who'd be so jealous right now heeeee and to think i joined for her =D


chris said...

Wow, thanks Nathaniel! I've been reading your predictions/blog for the past couple of years now, and I've really enjoyed it all.

And now I REALLY love your blog! I actually didn't end up getting a chance to see the new X-Files Movie this summer because...well...I was weeks away from my wedding! Definitely a bit busy at the time of its release (of course, nothing would stop my wife and I from seeing The Dark Knight on our honeymoon), so I'm completely excited to watch the new X-Files on DVD!

Plus, my dad (the only OTHER viewer of The Lone Gunmen series!) is going to be thrilled about this. Thanks again, Nathaniel!