Friday, December 12, 2008

She Will Go Insane, And She Will Take Him With Her


JA from MNPP here, with a question: How do you suppose Beetlejuice's Delia (Catherine O'Hara) and Charles Deetz (Jeffrey Jones) met? His first wife had died. So he meets Delia somewhere somehow, yadda yadda they get married, and then soon enough he's had a nervous breakdown and moved the family to the country (and into the home of poor dead Adam and Barbara).

I can certainly understand having a nervous breakdown after marrying Delia, but I just never really understood what those two saw in each other in the first place. She with her leather glove headbands and her insect-like sculptures and her Otho, he with his button-down shirts and congenial grin and general befuddlement whenever in her presence. What's their deal?



Chris Na Taraja said...

Maybe he liked t sing and dance...

six foot, seven foot eight foot BUNCH!
Daylight come and me wanna go home.
Hide the deadly black tarantula
Daylight come and me want to go home.

Maybe he had a thing for bugs.

Don't question love, man!

Jason Adams said...

I will question love when it seems inexplicable to me!

I bet if they made a Beetlejuice 2 that house full of husbands and wives would have had some swapping going on. Of the same sex sort! Lydia would've totally talked Barbara out of her Laura Ashley floral prints at some point.

Anonymous said...

Don't question floral prints, man!

Bailey said...

Hahaha, this is awesome.

They supposedly moved to Winter River, CT, after the father started breaking down in NYC. They clearly have a ton of money, so I'm guessing the father worked some high-stress finance position.

What would draw them together? On one hand, you have a high-powered professional with a lot of cash and, from what they show in the movie, a pushover personality. Delia is clearly in with the art crowd, and is a 'personality.'

She is attractive, and I'm sure that drew him in. The fact that she is dominant and different for him is probably a relief for him, as he likely makes stressful decisions at his job all the time and stuff. Many rich, powerful men are pussycats when it comes to relationships.

Why is she with him? Money.

At least that's how I see it!

Jason Adams said...

I think you pretty much broke it down to a tee there, Bailey. Good job!

J.J. said...

This is a great topic for a post. They're one of the most memorable screen couples ever.


Bailey said...

Haha thanks JA. I love this movie, and random posts like this are what make this blog so fantastic. (I pity any online movie fan who doesn't read it.)

That you noted some of my favorite details (the leather glove headband!!! Barbara's Laura Ashley florals!!!) seriously made my Friday.