Monday, December 15, 2008

For Your Consideration Corner

Glenn here again for another installment of For Your Consideration Corner. What movies are tapping my brain this week? All images sourced from Awards Daily unless otherwise noted.

Just earlier this week I discussed movies that come out of nowhere at this time of the year with misplaced hopes and dreams of Oscar. So, for this week's look at the For Your Consideration campaigns I thought I would take another trip towards this territory. Ads for these movies generally focus on specialty categories - your Best Animation Feature and acting categories mostly - because they know they're not getting anywhere near Best Picture.

One film that got my attention was The Yellow Handkerchief, which stars William Hurt and Maria Bello - a History of Violence reunion of sorts - that I had literally never heard of before. Not in festival lineups or anything, a rare thing indeed. I actually quite like the ads, resembling National Geographic magazine covers and featuring really nice images. I may never actually see The Yellow Handkerchief, but these FYC ads captured my attention. What happened to Maria Bello's career though? Time for a new agent one must think.

Some obscure animated films, too, have had ads released on their behalf. The Australian/Israeli stop-motion title $9.99 continues it's bright and colourful marketing campaign. The images being used to advertise this little movie - based on the short stories of Etgar Keret - are smart because they make it stand out from the pack of CGI titles that bombard the animation department every year. There have only ever been two claymation films submitted to the Academy and both ended up with Oscar nominations (quick, name them!) I don't necessarily expect the same for $9.99, but it's nice to imagine. Oscar winner Adam Elliot's clay feature Mary & Max is due in 2009 too, which is bound to be a major player in the Best Animated Feature category.

Another animated title is something by the name of Dragon Hunters - "With the voice of Forest Whitaker", apparently. Unfortunately the images used for this French/German co-production make it look like a Spyro the Dragon rip-off with cheap slave labor CGI and overt quirkiness. Clearly I am not - nor, I would imagine, anybody in the Academy - the target audience for this children's tale, and I suppose they're at least giving their film a fighting chance, even if they haven't got a hope. Although for all I know, Dragon Hunters is another Tekkonkinkreet, a film I saw merely because it was on last year's shortlist and ended up being quite excellent. Go figure!

For Your Consideration ad of the Week

What is there to say other than this is simply stunning and gorgeous. I haven't seen the film - obviously, we mere mortals haven't been deigned worthy enough until we've gorged ourselves with turkey and ham - but this image destills everything that the film is apparently all about. The tenderness and the visual forwardness in one elegant beautiful image.


Anonymous said...

You could also say that BB ad is creepy and icky as well.

Pablete said...

Just eleven letters are needed to describe "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button":


Anonymous said...

Argh. Pet peeve: not all stop-motion is claymation. In particular, Corpse Bride isn't.

Emma said...

I saw a rather tacky one for The Dark Knight, where they'd superimposed a picture of an Oscar into the jokers' hand. It looked bad.

Brian Darr said...

The Yellow Handkerchief has been in a number of festivals, including Sundance and San Francisco.

The short film that $9.99 was developed out of is technically impressive- it'd be interesting to find out how it works as a feature.


the title only sounded vaguely familiar to me as well and I pay close attention ... so it definitely hasn't had publicity that would warrant spending money on an Oscar campaign!

Glenn said...

Notluke, I admit my knowledge on the subject is vague. Apologies, but I imagine most people would make the same mistake.

Emma, that one is from an "underground" campaign being run by - surely - the studio, but sort of as a parallel to their actual campaign. and there are a few of them scattered around the internet. I like this one a lot.

Marshall said...

I think they should have held back on YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF, it sounds like a decent film it's a shame to send it to slaughter like this. When the hell was it even released?

Anonymous said...

Kinda like this FYC ad for Tennesee:

Funny though, LA Times singled it out as a contender. Helps it since it's actually sung in the film as opposed to over the end credits or playing over a scene. Probably what brought on the ad.