Sunday, December 14, 2008

Overheard at a Party This Weekend

Two guys discussing the Golden Globes
Guy #1: Well, the Globes do that. They like to pick movies or people who need an Oscar push -- try to help them out.
Guy #2: Back in '95 they tried to help Sharon Stone but Sharon Stone couldn't help herself.
Ha! True on so many levels... Naturally I joined the conversation after that quip.


Glenn said...

But... Sharon Stone got an Oscar nod!

Anonymous said...

nat are you saying she didn't deserve it,i have seen every lead 95 female kidman,stone,sarandon,shue and streep as the winner make my top 5.

Hayden said...

As God as my witness, I will throw a rock if you are correct about Angelina Jolie.


hayden where are you throwing that rock. Please aim elsewhere.

Hayden said...

Oh, not at you. More likely at my twin brother who is suddenly interested in following the Best Actress race after witnessing her "brilliance" in Changeling.

The fact that Jolie has made it this far (that BFCA nod is offensive) makes me wish Nicole Kidman were somehow still in the race. The Globes really should have cut her a break.

Even though she won't make my end-of-year lineup, Kidman's performance is easy top 10 material. I'm so excited to rewatch.