Monday, December 08, 2008


Go Fug Yourself this post on Twilight is bound to become a future classic. lol.
Pop Matters Matt looks at the moral ambiguities of The Reader
The Film Experience some updates to the compiling of interesting top ten lists
Aint It Cool has an interview with Michael Sheen of Frost / Nixon
Thompson on Hollywood "Why Australia is a Dud". Good piece on box office/budgets

Planet Fabulon has risen from the dead! Wheeee
The Guardian
Nina Foch RIP. How great was she in Executive Suite (1954)? So great
The New Yorker revisiting Revolutionary Road (the novel)
YeinJee's Asian Journal Rain is so shameless. He's now released a bare chested dance rehearsal
The Bad and Ugly on Jim Carrey in the I Love You Phillip Morris trailer
StinkyLulu and his pals take on Supporting Actress 1969. Great choice for winner

And a few for WALL•E...
Scanners I love this "scary parts" post. Don't we all feel empathy for pixels? long as they're in Pixar movie, that is
Movie City Indie How cute! It's WALL•E bento. Although I couldn't find the original source post @ the Bento Factory. [sniffle]
YouTube a request to the Academy to take the animated film seriously


Sally Belle said...

Kristen, Kristen, Kristen.

I think she is an angry little girl. I feel a big rebellion coming!

gabrieloak said...

Gotta love The New Yorker revisiting Revolutionary Road--the novel. Only they have the brains on their staff to do that.

Bob Turnbull said...

Hi Nathaniel...

Thought you might like one of my previous posts on WALL-E's closing credits. One of the best closing titles I've ever seen...

In return for linking myself like that, I'll try to put together my own list of 20 favourite actresses (only 20?).