Friday, December 05, 2008

Go Link and Multiply

Candy Kirby Madonna the Muppet Slayer
Burbanked the Wolverine photo you haven't seen yet. Hee
Black Book a big piece on James Franco. He sure has been getting around. Does ubiquity = Oscar nomination?
Lazy Eye Theater is celebrating another birthday with some very drunk guests
Bright Lights After Dark loves Daryl Hannah as much as I

Listen Eggroll Mike D'Angelo writes a letter to the other members of the NYFCC. They vote next week on the "best" of the year. He makes great points. I've often bitched about the various critical circles and associations never looking beyond Oscar suspects. What is the point of critics awards existing if they're just Oscar predictions?
Hollywood Elsewhere Wells weighs in on that controversial piece on The Reader I mentioned
IFC has observations on the Sundance lineup
MTV Movies Josh theorizes about a conversation with SigWeavey in regards to Aliens
In Contention Fox Searchlight is showing The Wrestler with both Raging Bull and On the Waterfront and calling it "Contenders". Indisputably a brave move but very savvy I think. At the very least it reeks of confidence rather than flop sweat.

And finally... Rain (Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin) performed this past week at the Korean Film Awards which you can watch below. The Oscars never get performances with this much hip thrusting. At least not since... since... I think I've blocked it out. Help me out here...

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Oh yes, Rob Lowe and Snow White.

Only Rob Lowe didn't tear his shirt off at the end as far as I recall. In case you care the big winners of the night were The Chaser (Best Picture, Director, Actor ... being remade in English already) and Crush and Blush (two actress prizes)


Michael B. said...

These girls in my spanish class last year, thought it would be cool to sneak into the UCLA class that Franco was an aid in.

I also missed him by thismuch when I took Creative Writing @ Columbia this last summer.

But I think its very big of him to take school seriously, and I think more people will respect him for that. I definetely do after reading that article and watching Milk.

Anonymous said...

Re James Franco; Last year, everyone talked about what a good job Marion Cotillard did of charming everyone and being accessible. Franco has done the equivalent this year.

I mean, a year ago, I thought of him as impossibly beautiful but distant, a versatile actor and someone who was not a genre snob. I respected him. But now, he's one of my favorites, he's a role model and a regular guy, funny and modest and accessible. He's done the first step of the Paul Newman long-term career thing: convinced us that an utterly gorgeous guy is really just a normal guy.

And yet people think that Josh Brolin will get nominated in Milk instead of Franco. Wake up. Franco is everything a young actor should and could be.

Anonymous said...

Crush and Blush is a wonderful comedy. I think it's very similar with Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky.

- Chris

Anonymous said...

angelina appears to have boney old-white-lady-legs. ick.

Katey said...

I will do my part to shake up the NYFCO awards by nominating Danny McBride for Breakthrough Performance (Foot Fist Way AND Pineapple Express AND Tropic Thunder in one year??) We'll see how far that takes me.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on D'Angelo's piece, but he lost me at Russell Brand.