Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December. It's a Wrap

Happy New Year !

We're not really done with the 2008 film year yet. You know how cinema years tend to reach into late February what with that low key industry shindig that happens @ the Hollywood and Highland Center... you know the one. We've got one more month of intense coverage on the best of 2008 ~ the FiLM BiTCH Awards coming right up.

But here are ten highlights from December here on the blog --in case you missed any.

"You blew out my light!" Meryl Streep sure can work the Q&A
Meet Me in St. Louis I had a lovely time revisiting this holiday classic. I hope you gave it a spin
20 Actress Meme wow but this took off like a rocket. People are still doing their lists (go to the comments and see...) I already desperately want to change my list
Podcast The long abandoned podcast kept on thriving this month with Bill Irwin (love) and a giggly Golden Globe conversation. I'm glad y'all are enjoying. More in about a week's time.
Uma & Annie boogie down with the goddesses
"David Fincher, Can We Talk?" nobody got this Sharon Stone joke but maybe after you've screen Benjamin Button you'll appreciated. Ahead of its time!
Year in Review wheeeeee

and I have to take a moment to thank my wonderful guest bloggers who helped me keep up during the plentiful critics awards. Thanks guys. Big hugs...
"She will go insane..." JA's Beetlejuice question was so eminently askable I'm surprised nobody has ever asked it before. Go to MNPP for more from JA
Signatures Isn't Adam (of Club Silencio) doing a great job with this series? Great actress choices, too. He doesn't warn me in advance and I can't wait to see who is next.
For Your Consideration Corner this Oscar campaign dissection is coming atcha by way of Glenn from Stale Popcorn.

Coming in January...
Oscar nomination jamboree and, therefore, more on
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Dark Knight, Slumdog, Frost/Nixon, WALL•E and other beloved pictures

Also, though I've been a bit remiss in my normal "series" here on the blog we'll get back to a regular posting schedule any second now. Stay tuned!


Glenn said...

Happy new year etc.

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Catherine said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Carl Joseph Papa said...

happy new year!!

Esther said...

Hey Nathaniel,
Happy new year! I've only been reading your blog for a couple of months but I really enjoy it and the great conversation you get in the comments. All the best for 2009!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !!! and Nathaniel, thank you for all you do for us movie fans...

sophomorecritic said...

I like your blog more and more lately, nathaniel.

But answer me this:
You claim that too many films are released in December because there are too many film writers obsessed with speculating the oscars, isn't that what you're site is all about. There are a lot of movie sites that have more balance of oscar prediction, and film reviewing