Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming January 4th, 2009

Watch it. I know you have 62 seconds to spare!

If you're planning to participate in StinkyLulu's 3rd annual Supporting Actress blog-a-thon please place this teaser I created on your blog to let your readers know. Coming Soon! But, pssst, don't give away the goodies yet. Don't let people know who you're writing about. The best thing about this blog-a-thon is how surprising, diverse and fun the choices have been from around the 'sphere. If you're new to all this, check out The Class of 2006 and The Class of 2007 to see which women got placed in these fascinating scrapbooks previously. (I wrote about Streep the first time and Tomei the second. I still have no idea who I'll write up this year but it's coming at'cha on January 4th)

and yes new Oscar predictions are coming later this weekend


Anonymous said...

Eh? On StinkyLulu's blog the class of 2008 poster has got a pic from Cate Blanchett in Benjamin Button, but that's being pushed as a leadin role, right?

Calum Reed said...

"All the single ladiesss!"

Lovin it! Don't know who I'll write about yet either. Better get thinkin.


john, yes. but at the time the blogathon was announced people hadn't seen the movie and there was some belief that all the women were supporting only.

Anonymous said...

my favorite supporting ladies of the year in alphabetical order:

1) Joan Chen (The Sun also rises)
2) Penelope Cruz (Vicky Christina Barcelona)
3) Viola Davis (Doubt)
4) Rosemary DeWitt (Rachel getting married)
5) Gwyneth Paltrow (Iron-Man)
6) Konkona Sen Sharma (Life in a...Metro)
7) Tilda Swinton (Burn after reading)
8) Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler)
9) Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler)
10)Alexis Zagerman (Happy-go-lucky)

I'm sorry I haven't watched Henson, Farmiga, Okonedo and Beyoncè yet.
Frieda Pinto is astonishingly beautiful in SLUMDOG, but I'm not very confident that her perf could be ranked in the top 10.
I love Winslet deeply, but nobody will convince me she's supporting in THE READER...and I hope Academy follows the Satellite exemple and not Golden

-mirko s.-

Sally Belle said...

Love the teaser! Very cool.

Don't know who I'll pick either.

I have to get caught up with my movies first.

That's what the holidays are for!

Anonymous said...

it was nice to gwyneth i nthere she gets a bad wrap for her seriousness but i found her so engaging in iron man and up to now is vying for the top spot along with the african girl from the visitor whom ithought was far better than abbass.

Sally Belle said...

Okay...I give up. How do I get the teaser for my site?


sally go to its youtube page and in the right hand column you'll see an area that says "embed"

you copy that code and paste that code onto your web page or a post or whatever.

Sally Belle said...

Thanks....for some reason I couldn't find the Youtube page until you gave me the link.

I get videos there all the time, but, it wasn't giving up yours!

But, with the link, I got it, so...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on who you may write about Nathaniel?

Karen said...

LOL on Amy Adams clapping.


Jo not yet. but even if i did i wouldn't tell ;)

StinkyLulu said...

Thanks, Nat, for a gorgeous and hilarious advert.

And, to everything Nat's said about the rules, I will only add:

1) you can write about performances YOU think are supporting, whether or not they're being pushed as lead;

2) you can contribute as many posts as you like, just limit yourself to one performance per post;

3) have a great time celebrating even/especially obscure & non-contender performances.

It really is a "more the merrier" sort of party, so please do consider joining in!