Saturday, December 06, 2008

Red Carpet Lineup

A random sampling of celebs from premieres, parties and events this past week...

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I made fun of Sharon Stone this week but I did it with love, I assure you. In truth I think the world would be a far better place if more celebrities tried as hard as she (still) does. Take Scarlett Johansson for example. This tent jacket is what she wears to her own premieres now? Sometimes she doesn't even try. You gotta try. It's Hollywood. Tinseltown... tinsel is, like, shiny -- get it Scarlett? No? Well, if you don't try on the red carpet at least try on screen. [sigh] I worry about that one... it's been 5 years since a particularly memorable pair of performances made her A List. So many films since then and so little to remember from them. If I were King of Hollywood, I would appoint Sharon as Headmistress of the Academy for Aspiring Movie Stars and I would warn her that Scarjo is a natural who just ain't applying herself.

A private message to both Kerry Washington and Jay Hernandez: Please start making some movies I'd actually like to see because you're extraordinarily scrumptious. Pleez & thx, - N.

Rachel Weisz loves zebras and Darren Aronofsky so she has reasonably good taste. I'm hoping you'll see her at the Oscars... because that would mean her auteur husband was finally recognized for something and why not start with The Wrestler. It's so good... I'm next to finished with all the big ticket Oscar hopefuls and The Wrestler just keeps looking better and better in comparison. Luca Argentero... I had some reason for including him but it's already escaped me. Ciao Italia. Angelina Jolie would love to stay and chat but she's busy. busybusybusy. The question is will she & Brad stay so active red carpet wise once the multiple global Changeling and Benjamin Button premieres are over? Will we see them at the Globes and Oscars? That depends on the fates of their vehicles, his & hers.


Anonymous said...

I seem to get the impression that Scarlett has given up at all things involving her career, that's if she still has one. There was a time not so long ago when Scarlett was actually RED HOT! (Pun intended) She'd always make headlines for her red carpet appearances and was alway rumoured/attached to this film and that film. Now it's just a bit lacklustre.

James Colon said...

In totally unrelated news, finally saw Australia yesterday. I went into it with some fairly low expectations, but I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Sure, the melodrama is a little gratuitous, and the CGI effects pretty cheesy at times, but I felt myself engaged for every minute.

Anonymous said...

i think scarlett was overhyped in 2003 and could not deliver also her project choices have been v iffy and i dont think she was that good in match point either esp her first scene she is so off.

and 2003 lost in translation where should she be lead or support,who will answer that one.

Anonymous said...

I remembered being crazy about Scarlett circa 2003, thinking she was the next big thing.. and then she made poor choices and gave bad performances..

still, it's less painful than that Kidman betrayal... I hope Nine is a big hit and an Oscar contender

Anonymous said...

Kerry will be in a movie called Mother & Child with Naomi Watts, Annette Bening and Shareeka Epps. It starts filming early next year.