Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Can't Hurry Link (No, You Just Had to Wait)

And Your Little Blog, Too attends a Wrestler event with Rourke & Aronofsky taking questions
Burbanked's insightful nervous look at the Terminator: Salvation trailer
Public School Intelligentsia the most vicious review of Changeling since at least the NYFF
IFC top ten lists spreadsheet
Sunset Gun great influential fashions onscreen
AV Club 17 worst films of 2008

The House Next Door a positive review of Revolutionary Road that doubles as a book review
The Big Picture translates the letter to Twilight fans from the franchises' new director Chris Weitz (American Pie, The Golden Compass)
Art of the Title on Raging Bull (1980)
The Hot Blog Steven Soderbergh talks to a semi-hostile crowd at Che
Guardian is Guy Ritchie sexing up Sherlock Holmes?
Ephemerist "first" diagrammed

and the Wolverine trailer because you should all love Mr. Jackman, with or without the pointy claws...


Anonymous said...

Hello, Nathaniel.

I know this post is about another topic but I just read today your Sunday post about Annie Lennox and Uma Thurman dancing together in Norway and I have enjoyed it so much that I really need to share my feelings…

I have always loved Uma Thurman, she is an incredibly special actress to me because she embodies the beginning of my own film experience.

I love Uma’s face due to the complexity and unconventionality of its structure but my fascination for her is not merely physical, I actually believe in her potential as an actress and I widely enjoy the varied dimensions of her colossal (but underrated) talent when it is displayed in the right material.

Of course, I don’t think she’s perfect (her career has flows… God, I know that!) but most of the time I find her very interesting… actually far more interesting than most of nowadays overrated actresses.

Thanks for that post, Nathaniel… I really enjoyed it.

If I ever danced with UMA I would request “Nasty Girl” for soundtrack accompaniment (not for the lyrics, just because it is a funny song and because I am as bad dancer as Steve Carell in “Dan in Real Life”).

Janice said...

I'm sure the fanboys are psyched but that wolverine trailer bored me and I don't think that's the effect they were hoping for. (I had a good chuckle at the "wars over the centuries" bit Fashions, uniforms, weapons and tactics may change, but the sideburns are forever *lol*)

then again given the hot mess that is "Australia", the 20th C. Fox logo doesn't hold a lot of currency right now (at least with me.) Perhaps they should consider joining the 21st century, rather than making do with the last century's leftovers?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the trailer is a bit dodgy, to be honest. Especially the last bit where you see him leaping off a motorbike onto the helicopter in slow motion. I really don 't get the obsession with that technique that's always used now in hollywood films. Its just unrealistic and actually takes the audience out of the fil.

Anonymous said...

hey! great to finally see on-screen that helicopter blowing up! I was on-site they day before they did it! I'm sooo going ot enjoy this movie, and not just for Hugh, but trying to identify parts of the New Zealand landscape posing as British Columbia! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the fanboys are psyched but that wolverine trailer bored me and I don't think that's the effect they were hoping for.

I have to agree. Ewwwwww, X-Blandfolk.

Jackman continues to sorely unimpress in the THIS IS SRS BIZNESS department.

Going by that trailer, Schreiber looks like he's going to be the only remotely tolerable thing about the finished film and given what his character is, that still won't be nearly enough - this manufactured shit is so beneath him but he gots to get paid, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I'm incredibly happy to say that "Gran Torino" is terrible ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it every bit the Clint's campy scowlfest its trailer promises, replete with select Asians who have a long way to go at this acting thing?

Anonymous said...

Last Samurai '08? Since that movie was terrible whitebread-grows-to-love-squinteyed cack.

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

I wasn't sure if you saw this yet or not considering your feelings on Slumdog Millionaire, but I thought it was really funny.


PIPER said...

If the new Wolverine movie involves a scene where a cat licks milk off the end of one of his claws, I'm leaving the theater and setting fire to it.