Thursday, February 05, 2009

Be Patient and Enjoy

I know I'm really late wrapping up the FiLM BiTCH Awards. All the pages are now up but several categories have yet to be announced. If you still wanna FYC in the comments for those, it's your last chance. This'll somehow all be done by Feb 21st before the Oscars hit. Time is super tight. Until more of that is ready enjoy We Can't Wait, Oscar coverage, new interviews (Amy Adams coming at'cha next) and notes from the NY Comic Con (tomorrow through Sunday) --I'm hoping to get a look at Pixar's Up among other things.


Marcello Talone said...

I still can't believe you didn't give any attention to Rebecca Hall performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.


she just missed a bunch of lists!

but i did thoroughly enjoy her in it and I hope to see her in other good roles soon

Anonymous said...

I may have posted these with my suggestions last time you asked for FYC but just in case:

Best Cameo Male:

Dylan Baker - Revolutionary Road

Best Line Reading

Eddie Marsan - Happy-Go-Lucky:

"Same time next week?"(I may off on the exact wording)

Anonymous said...



Catherine Deneuve - A Christmas Tale / Julianne Moore - Savage Grace
Ludivine Sagnier - A Girl Cut in Two
Benoit Magimel - A Girl Cut in Two


Julianne Moore - Blindness


Ludivine Sagnier (on her knees): A Girl Cut in Two


Winslet (the funny/tragic) car scene in RR

Anonymous said...

Here's me campaigning for a double Jason Segel nod for best musical sequence in a non-musical film.

And I didn't even like that film.

Robert said...

Please no Reader for Sex Scene. Everyone talked about how steamy it was... really?

Unending missionary position filmed from the waist up... yeah, steamy.

RobUK said...

Again, I'm throwing an Individual Line [Word?] Reading FYC to Kristen Davis's "No. No!" to Big in S&TC: The Movie after he bails on the wedding.

Her eyes are scary-good in that moment, and she's completely in character whilst selling the line.

Anonymous said...

Justin Long

Limited Performance Male:

Justin Long, "Zack and Miri..."

Limited Performance Female:

Cleo King, "Pineapple Express"

Top Dozen Scenes of the Year:

The Monologue, "JCVD"


well Robert you have to give The Reader points for actual nudity don't you? i mean even in sex scenes these days that's rare

Anonymous said...

Best Individual Line Reading
"Orange fucking County."
Emile Hirsch, Milk

I know Penelope Cruz is a shoo-in for "Gee-nee-us." :)

Anonymous said...

For best scene I hope you consider The Ram and Stephanie's final scene together. Hits close to the nerves, both Rourke and Wood feel real in it.

Also best individual line reading: " Good night, Baby." Queenie to Benjamin after Thomas reveals the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have a feeling that Penelope's "Gee-ne-us" will win Best Individual Line Reading?
Although Marsan's "Enrahah", and Ledger's "Why so serious?" were pretty memorable as well.

Anonymous said...

A couple of FYCs:

Best Individual Line Reading

* "En-ra-ha!" - Eddie Marsan in HGL. Comedic gold.
* The part about being "broken down piece of meat" in The Wrestler. You can see in Randy's eyes how it is only his recent job that helped him come up with this metaphor.
* Basically anything the Joker utters in TDK, but especially "You com-pleee-te me". So unsettling because it seems he (the character, not the actor, of course) had been rehearsing his every line for hours. (Interesting to note that "Why so serious?" wouldn't really stand out to me in the film if we weren't overexposed to it in taglines and trailers.)
* Last words of Tony Stark before the credits roll. (Quoting them here would be a bit too spoilery, I guess.)
* "I thought you might be worried... about the security... of... your... shit!" - Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading
* "Waaall-eeee!"

Best Actor in a Limited or Cameo Role
JK Simmons in Burn After Reading, if it's limited enough

Diva of the Year
Mittens in Bolt
Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading

Best Adapted / Song Score
Waltz with Bashir (rock songs with appropriately changed lyrics, and good use of otherwise cliche pieces from Chopin and Beethoven)

Best Poster Design
The Strangers, The Happening, Blindness, The Wackness, Burn After Reading and TDK

Best Action Sequence
Just make sure to remember to consider The Dark Knight and Kung Fu Panda.

Top Dozen Scenes of the Year
* The pencil trick from TDK
* BOTH scenes in the meat store from The Wrestler
* The shot of commuters in near-identical hats and suits in Revolutionary Road

Joel said...

I love Pitt's reading of the 'Appearances...can be... deceptive...' line in Burn After Reading.
Some others i'd put forward for your consideration would be Colin Farrell in In Bruges - 'If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't.'

For sex scene, how can you go past the bathroom romp in The Wrestler. Which is followed by the funniest moment of the film when he wakes up.

Colin Low said...

I'd snub Colin Farrell's "If I grew up in a farm..." joke for his "I'm not allowed and you are? How's that fair?" Brilliant inflections.

Colin Low said...

Oh, and who would've guessed when Hello Dolly! came out and got panned, but Wall-E for Best Adapted/Song Score.

Wow. What good musicals have there been this year? I can't recall.