Thursday, February 05, 2009

Breakfast With ... Thelma & Louise

Just coffee and girl talk.
(I hope it's decaf. Thelma is already bouncing off the walls)
Thelma: Hiiii-iiiii
Louise: What happened to your hair?
Thelma: Nothing. It got messed up.

Louise: Thelma. What's wrong with you?
Thelma: Nothing. Why. Do I seem different?
Louise: Well... now that you mention it, yeah, you -- you seem like you're crazy or you're on drugs.

Thelma: Well, I'm not on drugs
.>>>>>>... But I might be CRAAZZZZZY!

I don't think I've ever properly expressed how much I love Thelma & Louise but let me just say that this movie makes me as happy as Brad Pitt's hitchhiking cowboy made Geena Davis's Thelma!

(In other words: When I saw this movie in 1991 it was like I "finally got laid properly")


Anonymous said...

One of my all-time favorite films -- I love that scene.

Such iconic work from both women, possibly even career best for both...

adam k. said...

I LOVE Thelma & Louise too. I have been known to call it my favorite film when pressed. It seems the easiest to defend, among my favorites, in terms of why I think it's so amazing. I actually wrote about it when I had to describe my favorite film on my film school application.

You should do a piece on it or something, Nathaniel. What happened to the 100 films list???

Anonymous said...

OMG, I watched this just last night for the 2nd time, and isn't it great? Sooo funny. I had to not watch it for a while though because I had to see Ramsay's Kitchen nightmares, but got to see the ending. Brilliant! I loved La Sarandon's constant bitching.


Matt -- i do think it's career best for both women.

Anonymous said...

For Geena Davis, yes, this was definitely her career best.

but Susan Sarandon? it was good for her, but what about Dead Man Walking? Bull Durham? The Hunger? Even Rocky Horror (although that counts more as a cult phenomena)

The witches of eastwick, was fun, but not career defining.What about The Banger Sisters?

Actually, it's going to be a tie for me between The Hunger and Thelma and Louise.


for me with sarandon the Trinity is

bull durham
dead man walking
thelma & louise

.... all of them would be respectable as Oscar winners so thank goodness she won for one and was nominated for the other. But i still think the snub for Bull Durham was one of the worst calls the Oscars made in an entire decade's worth of movies. Because I think it's probably in the top 10 leading female performances of the 80s.

Catherine said...

A friend of mine has an obsession with Geena Davis' mouth. Look at that last still!

Janice said...

//Matt -- i do think it's career best for both women.//

Agreed. I saw this film when it first came out - and I first came out as a lesbian in my late 20's in college - and LOVED it. And more recently I've seen it five times in as many years and everytime I watch it I find something new in these truly "force of nature" performances, that remain two of my favorite perfs by women in any film.

My film prof said dismissely "Why do you like it? It's just a rip-off of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" What work of art or entertainment doesnt "rip off"/borrow from what came before? And isn't that the point - to switch genders in a well-known buddy/adventure story and see what changes occur and thus turn the whole genre on it's head?

In any case, I'm glad both women have Oscars but they both deserved it for this - I'm 100% with you on that. I found Geena a trifle underwhelming in The Accidental Tourist (Kathleen Turner did so much more with so much less and remained a haunting presence; Geena by contrast was a collection of tics and quirks that never quite cohered into a whole for me). And Susan (a goddess) was noble in Dead Men Walking - and terribly boring in that "prestige" way that the Academy likes to use to congratulate itself with.

Or perhaps more charitably, her win for DMW was the "we goofed, sorry" gesture for NOT giving her the statue for T&L.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot that Geena Davis did "A Leage of Their Own", and "Accidental Tourist" ...hmm. No, T & L is still her best.

I still have to say, just my own personal favs for Geena would be

Thelma and Louise
Earth Girls Are Easy

Anonymous said...

I've only seen this once but I remember falling a little in love with Geena Davis after this scene. She had me giggling the entire time. If it wasn't for Foster, I'd say Oscar should've been Davis' in '91.