Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Link Ness Monster

Jane Fonda's Blog!!! Why is it that it took me 29 whole days to discover that she was writing a blog? I lurve me some Fonda. Topics so far have included the inauguration, her father as Abraham Lincoln, dreams of Bob Redford, her dog, her dressing room (she's rehearsing for a play) and Danny Boyle --yes, Slumdog Millionaire has invaded ever nook and cranny of everything. I am pretty sure that Slumdog Millionaire was appearing in some way on every channel on my cable box yesterday and every website I visited, too. I think I accidentally sprinkled some Slumdog Millionaire on my pizza today. If you cut me I would bleed Slumdog Millionaire. (February 23rd can't come quickly enough!)

Mighty God King defines "nerdy". It needed to be done
TMZ assaults Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins with questions at the airport. I don't think he's used to this treatment, god bless.
Slant insightful piece on Oscar's best score category
Erik Lundegaard gives out "Lundys", a fun award for the best review of each Best Picture nominee
Pop Elegantarium Harold and Maude finger puppets? I'm dying here

popbytes Scarjo is blonde no more!
The Bad and the Ugly brings together all the Dollhouse promos. Eliza Dushku makes me drool. Drooling is not good for keyboards
Ephemerist on the preparations for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack
The Carpetbagger amused by Jon Stewart's take on Benjamin Button. Have you seen it? So funny.
Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves Poor Puppy Bale. Daddy is a mean one

..and a couple of Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue photoshoots for Australia and The Wrestler

Here are some photos if that vid is not enough... and how could it be since there's no ... COVER. Argh.


crossoverman said...

Oooh, Fonda Blog!

And in case you missed it - Carrie Fisher Blog (!):

Kim said...

I do love all those Actor and Director shots in the VF portfolio. Sigh.

Cinesnatch said...

I just took a sewing class with one of the Dollhouse actors. Crazy.

Devin D said...

Carrie Fisher... Nate and Claire Fisher... crossoverman, what a great picture you have there.

Anonymous said...

Another link for you (if you haven't seen it yet):
They stream all press conferences, as well as some of the other events, live (times are given in CET) on the Berlinale website. I watched some of the conferences last year and it worked just fine.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the press conference with the international jury and Tilda is a goddess.

Anonymous said...

I love that VF photo with Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes. She looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jon Stewart... You let me down

Anonymous said...

both sophia loren and annie leibowitz have "man faces".

Anonymous said...

"Slumdog Millionaire" 4-EVA! I love it.

Billy Held An Oscar said...
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