Friday, February 06, 2009

Comic Con

<-- The Black Cat isn't smiling. She probably knows she's never going to make it into a Spider-Man movie. I know in my heart of hearts that she's just a Catwoman ripoff but I love her anyway.

As I am not strictly an entertainment "journalist" so much as a chatterbox cinematic diarist (?) I shan't berate myself about not have much news to share about the first day at the annual NY Comic Con. There's something about the intensity and insularity of conventions -- no matter what their subject -- that puts me in a sort of aimless drone state. I wander without purpose, completely aware of my otherness. I love comic books as an art form but I don't read them regularly enough to understand what the hell is going on. What knowledge I do have is continually undone by the annoying frequent rewriting / undermining of the original mythologies.

I didn't even understand the titles of some of the Comic Con panels and I assure you I can read English. That said, obsessive fannishness brings me joy. I don't even need to share the obsession. Have you ever seen a website devoted to an actor or movie that is totally half-assed and hasn't been updated in two years? It's depressing. You know that the fancy was fleeting and that just ain't right. If you're going to love someone / something, love it with everything you've got. Geek out on it! Live for it.

If you love The Dark Knight which is better:
  • bitching about how Oscar ignored it for Best Picture? OR
  • dressing up as Batman's rogue gallery for a night out with friends?

???, The Riddle, Scarecrow, The Penguin, The Joker and Poison Ivy

The correct answer is b. Anyone can bitch. Playing dress up is geekier and it shows creativity and commitment.


Anonymous said...

Who is that guy dressed up as? One of the Frog Brothers from the Lost Boys?

Saltire Flower said...

Is that guy even in a costume? If he's a Batman villain I would guess the guy who killed Bruce's parents. Can't really tell who else it could be.

Katey said...

And that is why, despite being dressed like a normal New Yorker, I wind up feeling like the loser at Comic Con. Until someone comes to hang out with me, that is :)


i actually think he's the mad hatter -- there was a sort of number thing in the headband... only without the hat, it's a problem. oops.

Karen said...

I went to a comic con last year but I didn't dress in costume. It's fun watching the other people parade around in theirs though.

Anonymous said...

After looking over all the batman villians on line, because I have nothing better today, it looks like that guy might be Abatoir or possibly Ghoul.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

b, always. that's how i spent halloween, anyway. i once tried to go to a sci-fi convention, but that entrance fee was mind-blowing.

Neel Mehta said...

Oh, he's going as "young Brendan Gleeson."

Anonymous said...

I met one of the writers of Batman today! I told him to check out Film experience. Maybe he'll take a look and help us all out.