Friday, February 06, 2009

We Can't Wait #15 Away We Go

Directed by Mr. Kate Winslet
Starring John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Daniels, Catherine O'Hara, Josh Hamilton, Melanie Lynskey, Allison Janney and Maggie Gyllenhaal
Synopsis a young pregnant couple travel the US "in search of a place to put down roots"
Brought to you by Focus Features
Expected Release Date June 5th

Nathaniel: I put this on my list for the curiousity factor: Sam Mendes, lover of dramatic angst and crushing profundities (Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road, American Beauty, Jarhead) is doing a comedy. It might be just the thing to shake that monkey (let's call it "Oscar") off his back. He really needs to try something different, looser and funkier. I hope this is it.

JA: That list of names... those are like a thousand of my favorite things right there. I mean, Catherine O'Hara alone, but Janney, Rudolph, Gyllenhaal and Lynskey! Brain-freeze. If I were gonna play that game where one chooses who you'd like to have dinner with, five famous people, living or dead, well you wouldn't go very wrong with choosing these names.

So yeah, I could stand to be stuck in a car with these folks for a bit.

Whitney: I'm always a little scared of movies involving pregnancy. Not because of anything the movies do or don't do, but just because babies freak me the fuck out.

Fox: In the way that Nathaniel is a little bit scared of Drag Me To Hell, I'm pretty terrified to hear that Sam Mendes already has another film coming out after he made us ("me") suffer through Revolutionary Road. At least three years were allowed to pass between Jarhead and RR (same for the time in between Road to Perdition and Jarhead). So, Sam, how about taking your family on vacation for a while and canning this one until 2011, 'kay?

That cast, though... I'd like to see Krasinski and Rudolph in more big screen comedies.

Joe: I don't know what it is about Sam Mendes that keeps me loyal to him despite the fact that I'm not crazy-in-love with ANY of his movies. Like most people, American Beauty has faded in its esteem for me in recent years. Jarhead was good but (Santa hat "OPP" dance sequence notwithstanding) fell way short of expectations, and I outright hated Revolutionary Road. I did like Road to Perdition more than many people did, but it's not like I'm cuckoo bananas crazy for it or anything. And yet I'm always all "New Sam Mendes movie!" Maybe it's the Winslet fan in me.

How fun is this cast? a) extremely b) very c) quite d) yes

And it's a damn fine cast he's got here. I've heard rumblings that it's a dark comedy that might be a shade too dark (i.e. depressing) to let the laughs squeak out, but I remain hopeful. Particular with regard to the breakthrough potential for one Ms. Maya Rudolph, who I think is just so insanely talented. Here's your time to shine, lady!

Nathaniel: I hope she does. Road trip comedies can be divine. If it's as funny as Flirting With Disaster it's going to be a big smart highlight of 2009. And it better be since that's my birthday weekend!

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Anonymous said...

How could almost all of you hate Revolutionary Road?

Anonymous said...

Who Is that to the right of Jeff Daniels in box of portrait pics? I thought it was Cheryl Hines at first, I MUST need new glasses! Who is it?

Murtada said...

i hear ya anon, rev road was fantastic, and had great performances all around, including the best of the year in winslet

Anonymous said...

Anyone who gives Catherine O'Hara a chance to do her thing is forgiven. Besides, Rev. Road wasn't that bad, just a tad uninspired.

I'm just waiting for Mendes to get cracking on that "Follies" project. I mean, the thing's been in development hell since my parents were in grade school.

- Michael Shetina

changetheworld360 said...

Screw the Rev Road haters. just kidding :)
Anyway, it's nice to see Mendes branching out, as well as the lovely Maya Rudolph and charming John Krasinski finally getting some legit film roles. And, the supporting cast = love. YAY.


wayne b that is cheryl hines, yes.

all I'm a big meh on Rev Rd the second time killed it for me.

Fastest fades of '08:
Rev Rd & Ben Button

michael I love Follies but I do worry that Mendes sometimes goes too shallow emotionally and Follies is so exquisitely rich and nuanced. The movie could be a masterpiece but they'll have to be very careful/inspired

Anonymous said...


I'm just grateful that SOMEONE, ANYONE has expressed an interest in resurrecting the project. And if they go big, big, big with the casting for Phyllis, maybe they could do the right thing and give Sally to Catherine O'Hara...

Not gonna happen, but I can dream.

- Michael Shetina

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Office and maintain that Jim Halpert is the lead and best written and acted character on the show. I dont get why John Krasinski isnt huge

Katey said...

What do y'all have against Krasinksi, leaving him out of the photo montage! No other Office fans here? I fully expect him to charm the pants right off me, even if he's not Jim Halpert.

Jason Adams said...

I liked Rev Road very much; I should've defended it! My bad.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't think I can anticipate this at all until I see something about it. Sam Mendes, as much as I liked Rev Road but just barely, is indeed in a funk, but sometimes these sort of wildly off course projects can prove even more fatal.

Great cast though, that is true.

Fox said...


On defending Rev. Road... actually, I was thining we could do a best 3-out-of-5 thumb wars competition and put it up on web cam for the kids. The loser has to love/hate the movie for the rest of their lives!!! Bwa HA HA!!

Whaddya think?

Fox said...


I'm with you on the John K. love.

I don't watch The Office (no reflection of the show, I just don't see much TV...) but I thought he was great in both Smiley Face and Leatherheads even though I didn't care for either film. I think he has a real comic presense that could blossom as the years come.

Anonymous said...

Excellently cast, and looking forward to the script as well--I believe this was penned by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, so I expect good things.

Anonymous said...

But American Beauty is comedy, except for the last act? How can't you laugh hard at these evil lines, Lester's quitting, Carolyn's stupidness, that drive thru scene and many more. Super funny - but the drama sucks.



oh and katey krasinski got his own photo up top so you know, overkill to include him below. Especially when i already had to leave people out.

Anonymous said...

Sam Mendes is behind two masterpieces in American Beauty and Road to Perdition, a damn near masterpiece in Revolutionary Road and a fine and entertaining Jarhead. To get a new film from him two years in a row is a treat. Really looking forward to see what he has done with this material.

Karen said...

The overall cast doesn't excite me, John/Jim is fun though.

Lucas Dantas said...

i loooooooove this cast!! maya rudolfph is ALWAYS a must-see for me and i'm always up for some maggie gylenhaal. she should appear more than her annoying brother.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow C.Hines is gonna be in it! Now I'm definitely gonna see this one.