Thursday, April 30, 2009

April. It's a Wrap

If this blog had skin, it'd be all pruney after a whole month in those April Showers. If you didn't enjoy that series you were probably cursing the blog. It's safe to come back in the room. We've towelled off. Here were ten dry highlights of the month that was.

Nicole and Rabbit Hole some thoughts on the great actress and her eclectic filmography
Movie Themed Easter Eggs Watchmen and more... I was feeling crafty
Nashville Film Festival my narrow Nicole Kidman miss and some interesting films: zombie picture Make-Out with Violence, future romcom hit (500) Days of Summer, lost 70s gem Girlfriends and the jolting transgendered doc Prodigal Sons.
Foolish Oscar Predictions
the first round. Can't wait to see how year develops
Thinky Sci-Fi two new pictures falling on the brainier side or conceptual side of the sci-fi genre
Cannes LineUp or 'What Everyone Will Be Talking About in May'

I had much help from guest bloggers this month
Whatever Works Rosengje took in Woody Allen's latest at ShoWest and liked what she saw. Particularly in regards to the ever wonderful Patty Clarkson.
Chlöe Sevigny Adam's take on her secretive screen presence
The Art of Self-Advertising Adam on Almodóvar on Almodóvar
British Films in the 00s Dave's choices for the best of the Brit-flicks

Coming in May
<--- April showers bring... May Flowers. Plus: Hugh Jackman, lots of Terminator nonsense (I'm sorry. I love the franchise... why aren't any of you with me on this?), my various issues with Star Trek, Tilda Swinton in Julia and Pixar's Up. And finally, *hopefully* a return to those previously regularly scheduled blog series I've been neglecting (sigh)


Anonymous said...
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DJ said...

I'm excited for Terminator - the trailer looks very promising!

FrenchGirl said...

On Terminator,i'm with you!

Hayden said...

This really was a fantastic Film Experience month.

Jesper L said...

I don't care about Terminator. All I anticipate right now is STAR TREK!

Derreck said...

haha, Nicole looking at Bale's naked body. hilarious.

Anyways, i seriously enjoyed April Showers. A fun feature. May Flowers looks promising too.

and i'm oddly excited for Terminator. I think it's because of the theme song though. That theme always gets to me. It promises that there will be metal and action.

Anonymous said...

christian bale is overrated

Anonymous said...

christian bale is overrated


derreck -- i LOVE the Terminator theme, too. I can't believe it's not more well regarded.Too me it's like the JAWS of the 80s and 90s.

anon --- i'll agree that he's overrated at the moment (no longer much variety in his performances) but the acclaim really was justified for a good long while.

luke said...

Hmm, looks like Kidman is slowly taking over the Film Experience.

But then we saw that coming. She campaigned hard to become Nat's Actress of the aughts.


luke... Streep will take over in June.

The jury is out on which actress will rule May ;)

FrenchGirl said...

i like Bale in Rescue Dawn,Yuma,I'm not there,.... it's true he's not really great in The Dark knight but Batman isn't his best performance!