Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Showers, Singin' in the Rain

april showers, evenings @ 11

If someone invokes the title Singin' in the Rain you're probably instantly transported to memories of the arguably the most famous dance in film history, as Gene Kelly joyously splashes through the streets, a fool in love grin plastered all over his face. But the greatest thing about Singin' in the Rain is that you don't even have to wait 67 minutes and 48 seconds for the title song and the joy it imparts. You don't even have to wait twenty seconds.

Singin' in the Rain
is so generous of spirit that it just hands you the joy the moment the MGM lion stops roaring. And it hands you the title song as soon as the stars names have flashed on their umbrellas in its wicked fun gleefully literal intro.

Here's your stars. They're dancing and singin' in the rain. After all, why make the audience wait? If your movie is overflowing with classic sequences, perfect moments, and exuberant performances you can get away with a lot. There's no need to worry about peaking too early, outstaying your welcome.

It's bliss from frame one on. The bliss increases exponentially. Once Gene () starts splashing around again sixty-seven minutes later, it's become the happiest movie of all time.


Wayne B. said...

Y'know I can honestly I haven't seen even one minute of this movie. I feel like I'm missing out :(

Glenn said...

I actually didn't care for it initially but then I watched it again on a cold wintery day inside and I was blown away.

Chris Na Taraja said...

just saw this the other night. Turned it one right as Donald O'conner was singing "Make em Laugh", which, for some odd reason, is not funny at all. Isn't that strange? Does anyone find that song remotely funny? The film has some great moments, but "Make 'em Laugh" just isn't one of them.

Maybe it's becuase they totally stole that song from Cole Porters "Be a Clown"

erin_d said...

When the curtains are pulled and Debbie Renolds is revealed as the real singer behind that annoying blond women...love it!

Boyd said...

Me <3 this movie!

And @Glenn: to continue the childhood memories, my first theatre performance was in the Gene Kelly role in the infamous dance sequence. I think I must have been about eight or so at the time... and look where that's taken me ;-)

Alex said...

After seeing "Wishful Drinking" I can never look at Debbie the same way. I still love her though :)

Alison Flynn said...

Arguably the best musical film ever made, in my opinion, although Easter Parade is right up there with it. :)

nothingiswritten said...

This is the movie I always pop in whenever I'm sick as a dog. It never fails to cheer me up! It's a wonderful sendup of old Hollywood, and show business in general. Jean Hagen is such a hoot -- "And I cyaan't styaand him" is such a useful line in life, I've found.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

I am embarrassed to say that I have not seen this film.

Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn said...

i hadn't seen this movie until my 2 1/2 year old decided he liked musicals, especially the dancing...then we got him a gene kelly box set. i'm awed by the number of show-stoppers, one after another. (make em laugh is astonishing...and my son adores moses supposes). huge fun. and i love the movie trivia that goes along...like the fact that kelly had a high fever the day they shot the singin' in the rain scene, and that he was (according to him) horrible to DF during the shooting.
-elizabeth (http://www.bagelandamovie.blogspot.com)

Mike Ash said...

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