Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nashville Star

Guess what? I'm on a plane to the Nashville Film Festival for jury duty (festival jury duty -- different 'cuz you don't dread the jury notice). I got no job, no money, a replacement phone due to that recent misfortune, but I'm flying west to jury at a film festival. My life is strange.

I'm going to remain determined and anthemically zen (or self-deluding depending on your perception). Barbara Harris as "Albuquerque" is my spirit guide for this particular journey. Pass the mic'.
You may say that I ain't free.
But it don't worry me.
I will be blogging from Nasvhille but I'm not entirely sure how much. So you'll also have guest stars this next week. So a big round of applause for Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum, Dave from Victim of the Time and my regular godsends and magical elves JA from My New Plaid Pants and Adam from Club Silencio for agreeing to pop in on occasion to keep things hopping right here.



Wayne B. said...

That's a lot of movies to squeeze into one week! "500 Days Of Summer" looks like an intriguing opening night pick. Are you on the panel discussing "the Oscar Legacy?" Enjoy Nashville

Chris Na Taraja said...

Hey Nat, I just had a dream that I was traveling with very little money. I was scrapping together my bills just to be able to tip some of the people who served me along the way, and a little nervous about getting back. But all was fine.

I'll take this as a sign that you'll be fine. Have a blast!

KEVIN M. said...

Any time someone can invoke "Nashville" (my all-time fave), and Barbara Harris in particular, it's a good morning.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Have a great time!

Come back with lots of fun anectdotes about the jury work, some interesting reviews and a plastic fly swatter with a red dots.

btw in your sidebar picture you're a serious contender to the baby kittens on the cute things top fifty.

CrazyCris said...

Bon voyage! Have a good time and tell us lots of fun anecdotes while you're there! :o)

Fernando Moss said...

Have a great tiem at Nashville Nat!!!!

I wish you lots of filmgasms. ;)