Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Showers, Sean Penn

april showers, daily @ 11

A mischievous devil sent me these snaps of Sean Penn showering for Oliver Stone's U Turn (yes I'm liable to use pics if you send any) I assume this is a hint to discuss it, but I haven't seen the movie.

What, pray tell, is with the canted overhead shot of his body? And why does Sean appearing to be swallowing the water in both shots? Is he washing out his mouth after offending someone? He's never been one to hold his tongue so it's a definite possibility.

<--- Penn all washed up.

Or maybe it's just an odd shot because it's part of Oliver Stone's lost period. Some people feel he lost his way after JFK, but I'm inclined to believe that NBK was even better and worked precisely because of its delirium, a filmmaker unhinged. But what's been going on since? U-Turn, Any Given Sunday, World Trade Center, Alexander? And why was "W." so weirdly tentative about so many of its impulses, both satiric and otherwise?

And Sean Penn. Do you fancy him gritty or cleaned up?


ashley said...

Sean Penn's butt is so underrated, it deserves a good pounding

Seeking Amy said...


Fox said...

Speaking of "pounding" I fondly remember that scene in U-Turn where Penn and Lopez are having outdoor sex and she pushes him away before he finishes so then her must... uh, go finish himself.

That scene left an impression on me.

rosengje said...

Totally off topic, but I was working on my Oscar predictions and I had the most wonderful thought. What if Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron were both nominated for Best Director? The Hurt Locker to me is the quintessential "lone director" entry and I can see Avatar being rewarded in some large way if it is as groundbreaking as everyone is hoping.

Regardless, The Hurt Locker deserves major attention. The most thrilling and tense movie-watching experience I have had.

Rob said...

You really should see U-Turn. It's a deliriously entertaining dark thriller/comedy with a rotted soul, and really fun performances from a truly awesome ensemble cast.

Marshall said...

NIXON and ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, with all its warts, deserve to be held with Stone's best. U-TURN is fascinating crap that should be watched once. And it recalls a simpler time when Billy Bob was pudgy and interesting, as opposed to skinny and off-putting.

ashley said...

I love U-Turn !

That being said, Billy Bob Thornton should also get pounded more often, he need it badly methinks

Paul Outlaw said...

Sean Penn -- gritty, cleaned up, whatever: I'm all over that.

U-Turn: Penn, Nolte, JLo, Powers Boothe, Danes, Joaquin Phoenix, Voight, Billy Bob, Benrubi, Bo Hopkins, Julie Hagerty, Laurie Metcalf, Liv Tyler...what's not to like? ;-)
(I also enjoyed Robert Richardson's cinematography and the Morricone score.)

Glenn said...

Oh man, I freakin' LOVE U-Turn. It is so deranged, but done in a way that didn't feel as instantly hipster as I thought Natural Born Killers was. It's not for everybody (in fact, it's not for many people at all) but I just love it. I really dig movies set in those sort of small desert towns too, strangely.

And it was also back when Jennifer Lopez had an interesting screen presence.

Oh, and yeah, if Sean wants to be dirty or clean I'll take him either way. Yum.

Cinesnatch said...

All I remember is J. lo was really hot and Claire Danes had a horrible accent.

jahs34 said...

U-turn is a rip-off of Red Rock West, which is so much better.

Anonymous said...

Back in those days JLO looked like a latina, that's why she had more presence than now

Rob said...

DANES: Why do you think Patsy Cline don't put out no more new records?

PENN: Because she's dead.


DANES: Don't that make you sad?

PENN: I've had time to get over it.


Chris Na Taraja said...

What was MadDonna thinking to ever leave him!

Glenn said...

Jah, it's like Red Rock West on acid.

Anon, that's too true.