Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cannes Lineup 2009

The following twenty films are competing for that coveted Palme D'Or.

Antichrist Lars Von Trier (Denmark-Sweden-France)
Bright Star
Jane Campion (Australia-UK-France)
Broken Embraces Pedro Almodovar (Spain)
<--- Enter the Void Gaspar Noe (France)
Expect cheer and happy endings!
Face Tsai Ming-Liang (France-Taiwan-Netherlands-Belgium)
  • The first three titles there, bunched up together, feel like some sort of pornographic love letter addressed to me. Not to you, to me. Mine. ALL MINE. Three of my favorite filmmakers with new completed films, one right after the other? Talk dirty to me on the Croisette, Cannes programmers. Talk dirty to me.
Fish Tank Andrea Arnold (U.K.-Netherlands)
Les Herbes Folles Alain Resnais (France-Italy)
In the Beginning Xavier Giannoli (France)
Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino (US)
Kinatay Brillante Mendoza (Philippines)
  • Brillante (right) sure is prolific. His last film Serbis was a difficult sit. I continually felt like I was missing something having little knowledge of Pinoy film or culture. But, that said, it wasn't a fast fade either. I still find myself thinking about it: the goat in the movie theater, the aggravating weary repeat walks up and down those enormous staircases, the family unable to deal. Resnais is 86 years old and still making movies but his presence is another reminder that Cannes is pretty conservative with their choices. Reading through the list of films reminds us that Cannes is more likely to stick with laureled auteurs in the main field. The new talent generally has to battle it out in other sidebars.
Looking for Eric Ken Loach (U.K.-France-Belgium-Italy)
<--- Map of the Sounds of Tokyo Isabel Coixet (Spain)
a dual identity drama starring Rinko Kikuchi
A Prophet Jacques Audiard (France)
Spring Fever Lou Ye (China-France)
Taking Woodstock Ang Lee (US)
  • Why am I not more excited for new films from both Ang Lee and Quentin Tarantino? My best guess is that the comedic nature of Woodstock is throwing off my general Angthusiasm and the extreme violence of Basterds -- not to mention its trouble with spelling -- is putting a damper on the latter. I'll see both of course.
Thirst Park Chan-wook (South Korea-US)
The Time That Remains Elia Suleiman (Israel-France-Belgium-Italy)
Vengeance Johnnie To (Hong Kong-France-US)
Vincere Marco Bellocchio (Italy-France) --->
Starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno as Mussolini's secret lover Ida Dalser
The White Ribbon Michael Haneke (Germany-Austria-France)
  • More Cannes regulars.
Some potentially exciting titles outside of the main competition include: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Terry Gilliam), Agora (Alejandro Amenabar), Tales from the Golden Age which is an omnibus film from Romania (Cristian Mungiu of 4 Months... fame has two segments), Drag Me To Hell (Sam Raimi) and Push/Precious/Untitled/Based on Book by Sapphire.

The congested world famous festival runs May 13th-24th in France.


Pivo said...

Notable snubs: The Coen Bros. (A serious man), Jim Jarmusch (The limits of control)and Bruno Dumont (Hadewijch).

Special Milkman said...

It's A WONDERFUL SURPRISE that Coixet, Almodovar and Amenabar, with 3 spanish movies, will be there!!!!!!!!

Best Actress Prize is so going to be Rinko vs. Penelope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting list.

Enter The Void will probably get enough attention ;D

Peter Nellhaus said...

It's great that Alain Resnais is still active.

Carl Joseph Papa said...

yehey for Philippines for making it again! not to mention that this is another Brillante Mendoza film! I am so excited!

Nick M. said...

Almodovar, Resnais, Haneke, and Tsai?

I want to go to there.

reassurance said...

Dumont not showing up was probably the biggest surprise for me. I'm really looking forward to the new Andrea Arnold film.

Tim said...

Man, the French are hard for Quentin Tarantino.

I tease. There's a lot of exciting stuff here for sure - it was not 48 hours ago that I was bitching that we hadn't seen anything new by Tsai Ming-Liang in ages, and now I find that he's made a film with Mathieu Amalric! I'm in pretentious person heaven.

Other than Isabelle Huppert as President (the first woman to hold that position), do you happen to know the make-up of the jury?

Jason Adams said...

That list broke my brain.

Nick M. said...

Jury (which, when gleaned, makes one positive that the film with the most unique view on sexuality will win the Palme d'Or):

Isabelle Huppert (Présidente)
Asia Argento
Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Lee Chang-Dong
James Gray
Hanif Kureishi
Shu Qi
Robin Wright Penn

Jury de la Cinéfondation:

John Boorman (président)
Bertrand Bonello
Ferid Boughedir
Leonor Silveira
Zhang Ziyi

Boyd said...

@Tim: Huppert is not the first female president of the jury, Jeanne Moreau was jury prez in the mid-1990s (not sure if that was the first time or not).

Also on the jury this year: Asia Argento, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, James Gray, Lee Chang-Dong, Hanif Kureishi, Robin Wright Penn and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi. There's one more name that hasn't been announced yet...

Pivo said...

Isabelle Adjani and Liv Ullman have already headed the jury too.

rosengje said...

So excited. I am attending through my university, and it will be my life mission to attend the premiere of Bright Star. Love Jane Campion. I am also very excited to see that Lee Daniels' Precious will be playing in the Un Certain Regard category.

Deborah said...

I hate von Trier with a passion beyond measure.

NicksFlickPicks said...

That is amazing that Dumont didn't make it, but I'm glad: the awards for Flanders seemed even crazier than the Humanité fever in '99.

There have been many more women jury presidents than four. Cannes has really scrambled the PR on this one; their own website says that Huppert is only the fourth woman to head a jury, after Françoise Sagan, Moreau, and Ullmann, which leaves out Adjani, Ingrid Bergman, Olivia de Havilland, Sophia Loren... Some of those women served long enough ago that maybe there's some technicality of vocabulary that named their position as something other than "Jury President," but that certainly wasn't the case with Adjani, at the very least.

So excited for the Campion, the Arnold, the Audiard, the Haneke... Don't know why Souleymane Cissé is yet the latest West African master whose film is showing out of the main competition instead of inside it, but some Cannes patterns seem never to go away (even though Cissé was a prize winner 20 years ago).

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Gainsbourg will get best Actress.

Anonymous said...

Best Actress contenders:

1. Rinko Kikuchi: Cannes likes Asian Actresses and Coixet's prestige is growing internationally. Plus: Kikuchi has Cannes and Oscars experience.
2. Giovanna Mezzogiorno: Maybe she's the same Sophia Loren's luck. Playing a real character (Wife of one of the most important italian figures)
3. Chalotte Gainsbourg: French actress. Daghter of two icons (Sergei gainsbourg and Jane Birkin) and Lars Von Trier gives to Bjork the actress award in 2000
4. Penelope Cruz: If she win this year she became the fifth actress winning twice here after Vanessa Redgrave, Barbara Hershey, Helen Mirren e Isabelle Huppert

Best Actor Contenders:

1. Ben Wisham: He's a rising british star and he's a great role (On paper). Maybe is also the return of Jane Campion.
2. Ulrich Tukur: Michael Haneke almost won awards every time he's in Cannes.
3. Andre Dussolier: He's a french veteran actor with a prolific career. Sometimes helps a lot.
4. Gerard Depardieu: I think he would be the first actor who win in Cannes twice. But we don't know how is the film.

Anonymous said...

"Enter the Void Gaspar Noe (France)
Expect cheer and happy endings"

Haha, indeed :D

Anonymous said...

Bright Star! I'm hoping for good things since I'm extremely excited for the film -- and I'm predicting Cornish for Actress. ;) *crosses fingers*

Also looking forward to the reviews of Agora (again, I have Weisz in my predictions).

Glenn said...

As great as most of these titles sound with their amazing directors, it's still disappointing to see so many familiar names put into the competition by default. I know they love Von Trier but is Antichrist really a Cannes film? Inglorious Basterds? I might've prefered titles like Precious or Samson and Delilah (both Un Certain Regard picks which I'm sure will win prizes) that have proven their worth already. Samson and Delilah was apparently in the comp list but got booted by one of those more famous directors' pieces. Of course. You'll never find the next Quentin Tarantino by choosing Quentin Tarantino each and ever time he makes a movie (and this is from someone who has given every QT movie either an A- or higher).

Andrea Arnold is one of the lesser known directors I'm looking forward too. Red Road was stunning.

Anonymous said...

Variety reviewed Coco Avant Chanel: pretty positive for the most part (especially for the cinematography, art direction, direction, and acting). They liked Tautou a lot, but it wasn't really a "rave".

rosengje said...

It is a different Chanel movie that is playing at the end of Cannes.

Wayne B. said...

Oh my goodness, I would do horrible depraved things to get a festival ticket to Cannes this year! The line-up looks AMAZING.

Bill_the_Bear said...

There's a really good Canadian film entitled "Polytechnique" playing in the "Quinzaine des réalisateurs." (In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if "Polytechnique" is the Canadian candidate for next year's Foreign Film Oscar.)

Reign Loleng said...

Brillante Mendoza's "Kinatay" is going to be controversial. It would sure be a hit or miss. It is about a group of hitmen who cut up the bodies of their victims into pieces. Sounds iffy.

But at least it stars the beautiful Coco Martin. I hope it gets a theatrical run here in Manila.

Regina said...

I hope Dante Mendoza will get much attention. I can really see hope for the dying movie industry of the Philippines. I also hope that his movie is eligible for next year's Oscars and will compensate for the disappointment of Ploning. I love Ploning and I'm sad that it didn't make it in the short list.

Samuel said...

Really interesting Cannes article:

Anonymous said...

thank you for featuring brillante mendoza! indeed serbis is not an easy movie to watch, being a filipino, i admit that its too real to watch onscreen...

the filipino people are beaming with pride for mendoza's achievement! 2 years in a row!

Unknown said...

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