Saturday, April 11, 2009

Movie Themed Easter Eggs

Easter is here. Are you feeling festive? Time for Arts & Crafts! In the past we've made Pan'scakes and Spider-Man cookies. Time for easter eggs. All holidays lend themselves to movie obsessing and Easter is no exception. Think of the long history of bunnies in the movies. Plus, who doesn't love brightly colored edibles? Here are a few movie themed easter eggs you can make with your kids, godchildren, nephews, nieces or your adult friends who behave like children.

Movie Themed Easter Eggs

Materials needed: eggs, food dye, vinegar, water and the ability to measure and boil it, spoons, glasses, white crayons, black crayon or black marker, red candle, hand/eye coordination and some degree of artistic ability.

Get started! Boil water. Insert eggs (leave boiling for 10-12 minutes). Take water off stove without burning self. Rinse eggs in cold water. Put eggs on cooling rack. Leave for a few hours. Return. Mix different colors of dye into glasses (1/4 tsp food coloring / 1 tbsp white vinegar / 3/4th cup hot water) into which you can dip zee eggs. Ready... and GO.

This is the first "character" easter egg I ever made. I love Spidey. Before you dye Spidey, use your white crayon to heavily draw in those crazy big pointed eyes. If you want him edible after you're done draw in the webbing with a white crayon, too (this part is optional but it looks color than what I've done here). If you don't plan to eat the egg just do the eyes before dropping him in the red dye. While you're doing all of this you should be reciting the following phrase "Spider-Man 2 is better than The Dark Knight" until the phrase feels natural and true. Because it is. You've been brainwashed otherwise so this is like counter-programming. It's a public service from The Film Experience.

You need to leave Spidey in the dye a long time because he comes out too orange otherwise. Wait until he's good and red and remove him from the dye. If you've opted for edible spidey, you're done! If you've opted for the more photo-realistic spidey (er...) you have to draw in the webbing with your black marker. Voila!

Dr. Manhattan and Watchmen
It's good to have something contemporary. "You know, for kids" (Watchmen is so child appropriate don't you think? my review) Most of the characters are difficult to transfer into egg form. I'm guessing you could figure out Roscharch but I opted for Dr. Manhattan. White out the eyes like you did for Spidey only more oval like. Drop in blue dye. Leave Dr. Manhattan in that blue dye for a long time. He needs to look radioactive. Remove and ink on his symbol.

You should make multiple Dr. Manhattans. He can't be bound into just one body!

The other Watchmen option is the famous logo.

Drop your white egg in the yellow dye for a long while. Get it bright yellow. The smiley face you'll need to draw on either before (with black crayon) or after with a marker. Then light your red candle. Once it gets warm, tip the candle and let the wax drip on the egg. It doesn't always go where you want it but it'll make a blood splash / streak. Give it to someone you saw Watchmen with or merely throw it on a wet city sidewalk in the rain and admire or relive the movie.

This one is messier and I don't think I really pulled it off. But what the hell... do you wanna know how I got these scars multi-colored fingers? Too much playing with eggs and food dye is how! If one of your eggs cracks a bit while boiling and looks icky, you can still use it though you definitely shouldn't eat it! This egg is perfect for a zombie or for Edward Scissorhands (I screwed up on those eggs so I can't show them. Disgraced!). If you want to do the Joker leave the hard boiled egg white and just draw on his makeup with black marker or crayons. Remember that red candle trick we used on the Watchmen logo? Same thing applies here to form that sickly mutilated smile. Messy works. The last step is to blow out the candle, dip some green easter egg grass (very small amount) into the hot wax and immediately smoosh it on the top of the egg to make his stringy green hair.

Yes, you'll probably burn yourself but what is art without sacrifice?

Brainstorm in the comments. What excellent egg remains to be made? If you make any you're proud of send me photos and I'll do a follow up post. Best egg wins... our admiration. We are destitute and have nothing to give away.

If you'd like to share these Movie Eggs for Easter with someone who might love them please email this post their way OR download any of these jpg postcards I've made below and just attach 'em to your emails! Wheeeeeee. Instant holiday fun.

Easter from the Film Experience


Peter Chan said...

it'd be pretty hard to top your easter eggs. they're flawless. the only other recent movie character i can think of 'easter egg'-ing is EVE.

hope your easter egg activities have brightened up your weekend a little bit. :)

adam k. said...

Eve would indeed make a brilliant easter egg. It seems like a pretty easy process, too. Isn't she basically white and egg-shaped anyway?

Very cute eggs.

Kurtis O said...

Eggs-ellent! I laughed out loud at the sight of the "Watchmen" egg in the gutter. I've always appreciated the artisitic flair of TFE and have tried to bring a similar somethin'-extra to my own blog. From one crafty film buff to another: Happy Easter!

Fernando Moss said...

I actually like The Joker egg A LOT... and I mean A LOT! It's great.

Good job Nat.

Unknown said...

Here's some someone should definitely post online:

I think EVEster eggs are far more appropriate than The Joker or Watchmen eggs, not only is it well done but it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I think you're obsessed with Dr. Manhattan!?!?

Phaedra said...

Fabulous Nat. You fun eggs make me want to celebrate Easter again.


anon 9:16... i have just realized that I am, yes. I've always had a thing for blue characters... what can I say? Nightcrawler was also my favorite member of X-Men.

as a child i loved the Smurfs.

what does it all mean????

Peter -- Eve was a great idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Check out this list of the worst movies ever. Some bad eggs (wink) it's pretty spot on!

I actually saw WATERWORLD in the movies, and felt it was the worst movie I had ever seen.

I would also put COOL WORLD on this list.

This list included some other gems like PLUTO NASH, ISHTAR and DUNE

Alex Constantin said...

the Joker one is fierce :)

great work!

Howler said...

Your Spidey egg totally rocks (deserves an Oscar), but nope, "Spider-Man 2" is not better than "The Dark Knight" ;P (sadly none of these "feel-like-kid" things worked for me).
Happy Easter!

Howler said...

Duh. Your Easter Eggs would obviously make me feel like a kid (I wish I had time to make some of these. Mine were cooked in onion - old-fashioned and dull), but the film does not, though I tried hard to love it.
I might have been brainwashed!

StinkyLulu said...

so crafty.