Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm Still Link

PC World Dr Manhattan... is blue (hee)
YMFY Japanese poster for Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary. love. [thx]
/Film Helena Bonham-Carter's role in Terminator Salvation (beware spoilers. Will there be ANY secrets left about this movie by the time it comes out? I know so much about it)
Guardian on Joe Wright and Keira Knightley's jolting anti-abuse ad and its debt to Peter Greenaway

NY Post some Cannes lineup rumors
NewNowNext Sex & the City 2: Now With Actual Release Date. Once a movie has one of those you know it's actually going to happen. Weirdness.
Just Jared has the Moet & Chandon Scarlett Johansson ads. Maybe she was always meant to be seen in still photos, ever luscious. There's no chance she's ever wrong for that part.
Getty Images
Stritch Style!

Remember that ABSOLUTELY NON-COMPREHENSIVE favorite film characters post I did? I tagged five people and 80% of them answered and I lurve their answers. You must go read what Adam, Dave, Fox and JA said, okay? It's totally good read. I pinky swear. Okay? Okay. Peace and out.


Jim T said...

Why did you put the Bale picture in such small size? Who are you and what have you done to Nate?

Christian Bale said...

Jim, you and I are done professionally! I'm not acting in my underwear anymore. F*** YOU

Emma said...

Links are bung. *reads them*

Shawn said...

Dang. Now you're making me want to do this 10 character meme thing. When will I find the time? I *will* find the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate, can you do a series of you Top 10 Fav Movies, performances and stuff. if you ahev, can you post a link. Thanks