Monday, April 27, 2009

"but what I really want to do is link"

Hollywood Reporter acquisition talks at Tribeca for The Eclipse, Don McKay (with Thomas Hayden Church & Elisabeth Shue!) and Serious Moonlight
Disturbia "Bateman" Ts. Love it
Coming Soon More Lovely Bones photos
LA Times answers the question I've been asking forever: what the hell is going on with Kenneth Lonergan's Margaret (now three years in post-production)?

Cigarettes and Red Vines check out this marquee for There Will Be Blood. Hee
OMG a sequel to Clueless??? Be careful what you wish for
StinkyLulu Smackdown 1959
Pop Elegantiarum Grace Kelly "Ice-Cold"
Sunset Gun on David Cronenberg and JG Ballard's Crash
Nerdcore unites icons Kirk & Leia. I wish I'd thought of this photo mashup


Anonymous said...

Very excited with those Lovely Bones photos, even with Wahlberg's dumbfounded look. I know he can be great with the right director.


I don't know if i'd just forgotten this but the 60s look surprised me. I didn't remember that from the book.

Rob said...

Interesting Tribeca article. I liked THE ECLIPSE a lot more than you did, and I think it could conceivably be a minor hit (i.e. $5-10 million with the proper nurturing).

DON MCKAY I liked a lot, though it needed time for me to really get a hold on what it was doing. Thomas Haden Church, Elisabeth Shue and Melissa Leo are all awesome in it -- I don't see it being hugely commercial though.

SERIOUS MOONLIGHT was really lame, though I feel bad talking shit about it, given the Shelly situation. Really thin and tedious and just not particularly funny. A bit unintentionally misogynistic as well.

Andrew David said...

Hahahaha, There Will Definitely Be Blood Maybe.

Wayne B. said...

Clueless sequel? Don't know whether to be excited or terrified. :)

Andrew K. said...

Nathaniel, this is off topic but I want your opinion. I was looking at Gaslight the other night - last night actually. I've had the DVD for over a year, but I never watched (shame on me, I know). Anyway, I was really impressed it was a great film &etc. Two questions - A) What do you think of it... Do you like Ingrid Bergman.

B) And more importantly, I don't like remakes, but I was stunned at how much Ingrid reminded of Nicole K. I'd actually kill to see her do this role. Opinions?

Fernando Moss said...

Damn! I've been waiting for MARGARET (or more specifically, for another Lonergan film) since You Can Count On Me's credits started...

Rodrigo the Hated One said...

Nathaniel. Did you/would you have the chance of attend to a TiMER screening? If so, please let us know what you think about.

Here are photos from the premiere

rosengje said...

The Margaret article just confused and frustrated me even more. How can Lonergan not be done with the movie yet? All this time I assumed he was being harangued by some Fox Searchlight corporate brass but the article definitely made him sound actively complicit in the film's stalled release.

RC said...

Those pictures from the lovely bones are certainly interesting.

Every year I'm surprised to see Margaret on people's Oscar pick list -- there's so much hope - it almost makes you want it to be delayed another year so it can make some 2010 list - why not?

Glenn said...

Searchlight aren't the Weinsteins. If they had good product they'd release it. I have a feeling that Lonergan just can't quite wrap his own head around his material.

Unknown said...

re: Margaret

just release the cut Scorsese praised so Paquin gets her second Oscar. Lol.