Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cat Bath

Film Experience regular E Dot sent me this photo of his bathroom from his stay at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Catwoman thinks she'll give herself a bath.... right here.

I didn't know that they had movie star themed room (I have eaten in Planet Hollywood but once and avoid tourist traps when travelling) but had I known that if I stayed there Michelle Pfeiffer might be bathing with me? ...change of plans.

<-- On the other hand, La Pfeiff once had some terrifying paralytic trouble in a tub by way of evil schemer Harrison Ford (or was she just paralyzed by the memory of sharing a hot tub with crazy Mel?) so perhaps a bathroom isn't the best place to celebrate her.

Pssst. In other 'jpgs in my inbox' news, a friend from London recently sent me a photo of Tilda Swinton's leg saucily dangling over a blushing journalist at a party in London. I'm not allowed to post it (privacy is so annoying!) but it made me love Tilda even more. Possible?!? Apparently so.


Mariposa said...

I wanna see that Tilda pic !!! Come ooooooon !

Katey said...

Between that and my Golden Girls-themed mirrored headboard at the Tropicana, Las Vegas hotel rooms are seeming all kinds of crazy.


Katey i must hear more. CALL ME.

mike rodd said...

Tilda needs a dild(a)

(i'm so lame)

Katey said...

Nathaniel, you've seen the photo! You at least put the idea in my head, via Twitter, that all the wood would fall off the thing and stab me in my sleep. (it didn't)



i had successfully shoved that image out of my head but now it is back. Thankfully you're not a vampire so perhaps a stake through the heart wouldn't kill you?