Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Got The Cates Stuff... Baby

JA from MNPP here. The bizarre news this morning of a remake of Drop Dead Fred coming our way got me thinking on the loveliness that is Miss Phoebe Cates. I guess I was of the right age but my childhood was filled with her. On her I nursed one of those girl-crushes back at that age before I knew where my desires were leading me... what I mean is, being a gay-in-training, her infamous red-bikini moment in Fast Times at Ridgemont High never did anything for me like it did for my booby-admiring peers (although I did take a lesson or two from that scene with the carrot); rather I preferred her when she played it safe, cute and innocent, like the spunky yet neutered girlfriend Kate she played in the Gremlins films. Rosy-cheeked and always ready with a smile or a swift-kick to Gremlin crotch. She was my girl!

And then... poof! The mystery of Phoebe Cates disappearance haunts us all, doesn't it? She hasn't been in anything since her pals Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh dragged her in front of a camera for their "Look at us being real people with our real friends!" flick The Anniversary Party in 2001. She's apparently been content to just be Mrs. Kevin Kline and stay out of the spotlight... here's what she's been up to via her IMDb page:

"Since her 'retirement' from films, she and her movie star husband, Kevin Kline, divide their time between their country estate in upstate New York and their luxury penthouse in Manhattan's tony upper east side. When not supporting her husband's continuing fine stage and film work, she fills her time attending openings and benefits and her favorite activity, hosting dinner parties and 'dishing the dirt' with her celebrity friends."

That's the life! Or, it's a life. Woody Allen's, I think. Anyway, I miss her. The world misses her, don't we? She had something all her own, I think. Come back, Phoebe Cates! Put down the dirt-dishing and fine china and, hey here's a thought, do a Woody Allen movie! About dirt-dishing and fine china. It's perfect!


Erich Kuersten said...

I was just thinking about her a few weeks ago when I was dissing Kevin Kline for coming off in films as a self-satisfied sonofabitch... the kind, you know, who overdo all the mime exercises in acting class - just close your eyes and imagine Kline "pouring" an invisible cup of tea in a class exercise and there you are... his lips pursed, his eyes moist with tea-pouring intensity...how he's already tasting the tea in his mind. Will he add honey? Don't you want to slug him?

I'm sure he's very nice in person, but that he's hobbled our Cates, to "support his continued career" makes me mad. I'd rather have one Cates movie than three dozen Klines. No doubt he's fine with the arrangement.

I did think he was pretty good in Ice Storm and In/Out though, but then again those characters were unconscious to begin with, so it was perfect casting.

Karen said...

Yes! She was awesome in Gremlins. Phoebe come back!

matt said...

Cates in a Woody Allen movie? God, that would be awesome.

Mostly though - Phoebe in ANY movie? Awesomer.

Rodrigo the Hated One said...

I'd take Phoebe in anything.


Alexa said...

Phoebe also owns a gift shop on the Upper East Side.

Agustin said...

she should be encouraging his son, Owen Kline, to be in more movies
He was great in Squid and the Whale

ShoNuff Lives said...

don't forget her awful-fabulous performance in the "lace" miniseries...."which one of you bitches is my mother?"

Cinesnatch said...

Erich's post ... good one.

Even though he's obscenely talented, he's just as annoying. I swear we would all be better off if he did one film every five years. At least, then, we might be able to appreciate him.

She must not care for acting all that much anymore. Beatty and motherhood had The Bening on a leash, but look how short that was. And even Pfeiffer is coming back with a bit of a vengeance (in comparison to her absence). Cates probably has a career mindset to Jodie Foster and Jane Fonda. It just hit her at an earlier stage in her career ...

... maybe?

Anonymous said...

I will always remember Phoebe Cates in that red bikini- it's almost as prominent in my mind as Michelle Pfeiffer in that red dress. Speaking of which, it's La Pfeiffer's birthday tomorrow. I hope Nat has something special planned. ;)

jahs34 said...

How often does Kline makes movies anyway?, he might be the best comedic actor in Hollywood.

jiminy said...

Kevin Kline is straight ?

Where Have I been ?