Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Best Week Ever hilariously points at the critical plunge for those execrable Movie Movies.
Everything I Know... checks out Whoopi Goldberg in Broadway's Xanadu. This particular bit o' casting ends this weekend.
Buzz Sugar Don LaFontaine (RIP). "In a world where..."
Out in Hollywood chats briefly with Ellen Burstyn. We love her, don't we.
Bauer Griffin Madonna and Guy rock it out at the RocknRolla premiere

Some Came Running a great lengthy post on late summer movie season in... 1986! Wheeee. "Get away from her you bitch!"
Darren Aronofsky loves the tune Springsteen wrote him for The Wrestler. Oscar nom?
i09 ponders the possibly deleted scenes from The Incredible Hulk
The Advocate an article on self-image and bodies. This has nothing to do with the movies but the concept of the piece is interesting
Lazy Circles has succinct but fun takedowns of Sarah Palin.
Defamer also breaks out the funny with the GOP ticket.

And as you bid another link post adieu, wave goodbye to the greatest heavily freckled movie star in the world (pictured here @ the Brazilian premiere of Blindness)


Bye Julie! See you soon at the movie theater


Adam said...

Yay! I worked on one of those Ellen Burstyn movies showing at Toronto. It's one of my greatest pleasures to have met her and watched her up close and personal doing those big dramatic moments. She's stunning, and I'm glad I had the restraint to not quote her Sara Goldfarb monologue while she was in close vicinity.

ryansumera said...

totally random but woud'nt it be great if someone wrote Alien: The Musical?

...in space no one can hear you sing!

cinecatastrophe said...

wave goodbye to the greatest heavily freckled movie star in the world

Um, shouldn't you be using a picture of Isabel Hupert?


shall I add "arguably" ;) ?