Friday, September 22, 2006


Anonymous said...

AWESOME. Awesome awesome awesome.

I heart Nathaniel.

Glenn Dunks said...


Dear Dolly,

Don't let the three-six mafia get you down. You're the best.



Anonymous said...

I think this was the last movie I ever saw at a drive in.

Anonymous said...

I used to think to myself "why does nathaniel post these movie stills?"

Now I understand why. You already know how I feel about this movie.

Anonymous said...

Truly an underrated and forgotten '80s relic, and P.S. Dolly Parton > Three-Six Mafia (which the tremendous applause she got after her 'Transamerica' number at the Academy Awards this year just goes to show).


Anonymous said...

It's hard out there for a country gal.

Beau said...

I love Lily Tomlin to no end.

Robb said...

One of my fave comedies of all time.My Mama loves Dolly Parton and took me to see this movie when I was a kid.Now I love Dolly, but my Mama's the real diva.

adam k. said...

OK, I really don't get the immense love for this film. Especially yours, Nathaniel. You have good taste!

I mean, 9 to 5 is OK. But to me, it's just... it's just that. The definition of "OK". I would give it a B-. It was pleasant enough, and Dolly was lotsa fun (deserved her globe nod), but for me, the film as a whole just didn't spark. It didn't pop. The comedy was not energized. It was just kinda there. It seemed so strained sometimes, too. I don't think Jane Fonda is a comedienne. And Lily Tomlin was just... kinda boring (please don't throw things at me!).

Really, I just don't see why people love this the way they do. I really don't.

Please offer me some explanations.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

I saw the film twice in a row upon its initial release, and it was a huge crowd pleaser, with Dolly and Lily stealing the show. Some of the jokes/situations are dumb, but Parton and Tomlin's work holds up through repeated viewings- Dolly's incredibly likable and proves herself a true screen natural in her movie star-making role, and Lily's a genius in one of her best roles (no one could've made the "I'm no fool, I've just killed the boss, you think they're not going to fire me for that?" and the subsequent body-snatching scene more hilarious or believable). Jane Fonda's capable playing the straight woman for her lively costars, but her meek character doesn't afford her as many opportunities to shine (the scene wherein timid Judy almost blows her a-hole boss to smithereens is a classic, though).

I think the A-one teamwork of the stars (Girl Power!), along with the fact that more than a few 9 to 5 fans have dealt with a boss from hell who has it coming ala the predicament "Hart the Fart" finds himself facing in the film, have blessed this harmless comedy with an enduring appeal.

Glenn Dunks said...

I think the movie acts more as a time capsule than as an actually as a great comedy. I mean it is funny, but back in 1980 this was seen as quite radical stuff. You can see it in the faces of Parton, Tomlin and Fonda I think.

Lucas Dantas said...

Ever since I read Jane Fonda's auto-bio I'm dying to see this movie!


i heart Jane Fonda in this. I understand why she's the least favorite but I will always lurve her

I do M&Ms!

Adam K --it's just one of those movies. The chemistry is so exactly right between all the players and it's so silly that it's pure F-U-N

adam k. said...

Well I was kinda disappointed by it, but OK.

Cinesnatch said...

9 to 5
Terms of Endearment
The Witches of Eastwick
Big Business (?never seen it)
Working Girl
Steel Magnolias
Thelma & Louise
Fried Green Tomatoes
Death Becomes Her
A League of Their Own
Boys on the Side (?never seen it)
First Wives Club (?never seen it)

really fun girl power movies from the 1980's (to early/mid '90's) with really great broads. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Glenn Dunks said...

Because Hollywood hates women (??)