Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All About My Weekend

I’m having a rough day today. I can still hear that evil giggling from the fourth frozen margarita last night. Oh yes, she knew she’d snuck past my three drink limit. Her cold heart probably cracked with glee as she went down, knowing she’d spend the entire next day f***ing me over.

Before she ruined the weekend, I watched a lot of moving pictures: Moulin Rouge! (well, pieces of it anyway…), Idlewild, Miami Vice, and an old drama with Irene Dunne, If I Were Free (1933). I even took in two episodes of the worst television series I think I’ve ever laid eyes upon, Dante’s Cove.

My favorite piece of the holiday’s weekend viewing was Pedro Almodovar’s Oscar winner All About My Mother. Nothing could mute the delight it gave; not the knowledge that Pedro would surpass it just three years later with Talk To Her, not that weirdly jumpy and protacted ending which I’ve always been puzzled by, not the theater filled with a particularly unruly elderly crowd (seriously it was like a geriatric brawl in there –total infighting about something or other), not the theater itself -- easily among the worst in Manhattan.

No, the only thing that managed to kill its lingering greatmovie buzz was that fourth ice queen. I couldn’t resist her. She was all gussied up with her trademark salt collar. Her friends had seemed so innocent and gone down so smoothly. She tasted great too, it’s true. But oh her poisonous heart.


Glenn Dunks said...

I rewatched Mother the other week, too. Albiet only on DVD. It's my favourite Almodovar.

Sounds like a fun weekend though!

Yaseen Ali said...

It's always interesting to see what gets other people quickly smashed. I don't find frozen margaritas all that potent on my system. Actually, I don't even like them all that much; maybe you get drunk on the stuff you actually like?

I just bought All About My Mother recently, and am planning a three feature marathon with his other two latest films.

adam k. said...

You think Mother is not as good as Talk to Her? I think I disagree. But I'd need to see both again.

And yeah, Nathaniel, you need to stop drinking.

Glenn Dunks said...

I've been a shocking drunk recently. Culminating in the last time where on the same night I lost my brand new mobile phone, chipped my friend's tooth with a glass and threw up inside a club and then threw up again in a taxi.

I rock.

mistyh92104 said...

As much as I adore "All About My Mother", I love "Talk to Her" just a lil' bit more (for whatever reasons). I'll have to join y'all in reviewing them both again, though. (Yippee!)